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March 7, 1989


                                FACULTY SENATE


                                 7 March 1989


                           (approved 11 April 1989)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Conn, Cranford,

            deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Eiss, Eng, Farkas, Geller, Geyer, Goss,

            Grossman, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz, Marriott, Oliver, Polan,

            Salvaggio, Scanlon, Schug, Snoke, Sullins, Thompson, Wang,

            Gwazdauskas (alternate for Nielsen)


  Absent:   Senators Baumgartner, Bunce, Fine, Hansen, Killough, Morrill,

            White, Wokutch


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Trulove (SPECTRUM), Dr. Dennis Hinkle (Office of the

            Provost), Mr. Buddy Russell (Alumni Association), Mr. Cliff

            Cutchins (Board of Visitors), Dr. Joe Falkingham




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, welcomed guests,

      and suggested changing the order of the agenda so the guest speaker

      could make his presentation at the beginning of the meeting.  There be-

      ing no objection, President Conn introduced Mr. Cliff Cutchins of

      Sovran Financial Corporation, member of the Board of Visitors and

      Alumni Association Board of Directors and former member of the Virginia

      Tech Foundation and Student Aid Association (now, Virginia Tech Ath-

      letic Fund) Boards of Directors.  Mr. Cutchins, who graduated from VPI

      & SU in 1947, opened with a comment on his long and pleasant associ-

      ation with the university.  He noted that the Board of Visitors looks

      to the faculty for academic leadership in the university.  He explained

      the connection between the independent corporations and the university,

      and spoke in particular about the Virginia Tech Foundation, the Alumni

      Association, and the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund.  These corporations

      exist to undertake programs and activities on behalf of the university.

      Mr.  Cutchins acknowledged that efforts to improve communications be-

      tween the corporations and the faculty should be ongoing.


      Members of the Virginia Tech Foundation are those who have made large

      donations to the university; members elect the directors.  All requests

      for funds to VTF are first approved by the administration and/or Board

      of Visitors.  Examples of major projects that have been funded include

      start-up costs of the Corporate Research Center, the establishment of

      development officers in each college, and advances or matching funds

      for capital construction projects.


      The Virginia Tech Athletic Fund is now administered under the Develop-

      ment Office, with its funds managed by the VTF.  It provides scholar-

      ships for student athletes, money for athletic facilities maintenance,

      and funding for nonrevenue sports.


      Mr. Cutchins mentioned several ways in which the faculty can assist the

      independent corporations:  attention to quality of instruction and ad-

      vising helps fundraising efforts; good stewardship of grant funds and

      reports of work to grantors enhance the reputation of the university;

      willingness to speak to alumni and others via Alumni Association pro-

      grams helps to educate citizens about the strengths of the university.


      Mr. Cutchins then responsed to questions from Senators.  He has no

      strong feelings one way or the other about having a faculty member on

      the Board of Visitors, and said he did not know what the advantages of

      such membership would be.  He has no problem with changing the name of

      the university.  He reported hearing that some students are unhappy

      about academic advising, but could not give any details that would have

      helped Senators address the problem, if there is one.  He did not have

      any specific suggestions about how faculty might help legislators un-

      derstand the space problem on campus, but felt the legislature is well

      aware of our needs.  Finally, he indicated that VTF is providing money

      for athletics only until the teams begin to earn revenue again.




      President Conn made the following announcements:


      a.  The Senate volleyball team beat the SGA team two games out of three

          for the second year in a row.  A game with administrators will be

          scheduled for April.


      b.  A retreat for old and new Senators will be scheduled for April.

          The Provost's office will sponsor dinner.  Discussion will center

          on Senate activities of this year and plans for next year.


      c.  A final issue of the FACULTY SENATE FORUM newsletter will be

          produced at the end of the semester.  Senators who report on com-

          missions and committees are to send a one-paragraph summary of the

          important issues and accomplishments of the groups they represent

          to Secretary Blieszner by March 31.


      d.  President Conn will distribute a nomination sheet for Senate repre-

          sentatives to commissions and committees for next year.  Nomi-

          nations of self and others, including nonsenators, are welcome.


      e.  Having received no objections, President Conn submitted the follow-

          ing names to the VPI Facilities, Inc. Board:  Senators Baumgartner,

          Beyer, Bunce, Dudley, Duke, and Polan.  The Board will select one

          Senator for Board membership.


      f.  President Conn is seeking four names to submit as nominees to the

          Waste Policy Institute board of directors.


      g.  The Nominating Committee will meet at the end of tonight's meeting.


      h.  President Conn encouraged senators to attend the Faculty Forum on

          Thursday, March 9 in 30 Pamplin to discuss issues concerning the

          future of the university, and to encourage their constituents to



  3.  AGENDA


      Four items of new business were placed on the agenda:  election of a

      replacement member to the Committee on Reconciliation, a report on the

      Task Force on Evaluation of Extension and Service, a suggestion for the

      Parking and Transportation Task Force, and a report on the timeliness

      of Savings Bond purchases.  President Conn requested that the Extension

      and Service report be taken up after approval of the minutes, and the

      group agreed.


      The agenda was adopted with these additions.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 14 February 1989 were ap-



      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of 21 February 1989

      were accepted.






      President Conn introduced Dr. Konrad Kubin, member of the committee,

      who reported for the chair, Dr. J. Douglas McAlister.  The committee

      identified, and Dr. Kubin defined, four types of service:  public, uni-

      versity, profession, and community.  Dr. Kubin distributed an overview

      of the committee report and the "Conclusions and Recommendations" sec-

      tion.  He reviewed the committee's recommendations and stated the con-

      clusions that the university should seek more external evaluation of

      faculty service activities and place more emphasis on measuring the im-

      pact and positive contributions of service activities.


      In response to questions from senators, Dr. Kubin stated that the re-

      port will be submitted to the Provost, who established the Task Force.

      He assumed that the recommendations would go through the usual

      governance procedures.  He mentioned that Task Force documents have

      been accepted by CFA and will be distributed to deans and department

      heads; senators can provide additional input to CFA and CE.




      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 6 Mar 89


          First reading:  CSA resolution on including "sexual orientation" in

          the university's EO/AA statement.  Second readings:  CUS resolution

          on faculty-authored class materials (adopted); CFA resolution to

          establish a Committee on Faculty Ethics (motion to add student mem-

          bers was tabled to allow further CFA discussion; resolution was ta-

          bled).  Dr. Hooper gave an update on the Waste Policy Institute, a

          part of VTIP.  Mr.  Ridenour and Dr. Smoot announced that they are

          developing procedures to permit graduate students to defer payment

          of summer tuition until after they have received a paycheck.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Scanlon - 17 Feb and 3 Mar 89


          Approved a resolution specifying perquisites of Alumni Distin-

          guished Professors.  Change on sick leave policy from EO/AA:  preg-

          nancy can be considered a medical trauma and thereby stop the

          tenure clock.  Concern raised about use of the term "tenure-track"

          in description of Supplemental Grants Committee guidelines, because

          this term excludes certain faculty such as in Humanities.  Approved

          a resolution to permit faculty who have instructor or lecturer ser-

          vice at the university prior to completion of the terminal degree

          to choose to disregard those years of service as part of the

          probationary period.  This equates such people with those who are

          hired here after similar experience at another university.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 15 Feb and 1 Mar 89


          Approved a resolution to discontinue review of faculty-authored

          textbooks.  Adopted new wording for the POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

          manual regarding continuous enrollment:  "Unless on an approved

          leave of absence, graduate students in degree programs must be reg-

          istered continuously during the academic year and pay the pre-

          scribed fees."


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold - 22 Feb 89


          Dr. Stout is seeking nominations for Associate Provost for Re-

          search.  Revised Appendix K of the MANUAL OF PROCEDURES.  Heard re-

          ports on the University Planning Task Force from Larry Moore, on a

          meeting on April 3 of the Commission on the University of the 21st

          Century, and on the Waste Policy Institute from Gary Hooper.

      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - 2 Mar 89


          Interviewed five candidates for the student member of the Board of

          Visitors; forwarded three names to President McComas.




          Routine processing of courses.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - no report


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - no meeting




      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - 1 Mar 89


          The IBM 3090 model 200 will be upgraded on March 12 to a model

          300-E.  The Computing Center distributed a second issue of ON THE

          MOVE and SPECTRUM carried a front-page article on impending

          changes.  The Computing Center will provide a 24-hour delivery ser-

          vice after the move, probably to Burruss and McBryde, using

          lockboxes.  The Consulting Service will remain in 128 Burruss and

          continue to operate as it does now.


          Senators still have a question about the delivery service:  How of-

          ten will deliveries be made, especially at night?


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting




      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - no meeting


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - 21 Feb and 6 Mar 89


          Dr. Heterick spoke on state allocations for library materials, how

          the university allocates funds to the library, and the overall sta-

          tus of funding and other problems.  Frances Painter reported on li-

          brary staff development and training activities.  Discussed

          policies associated with branch libraries.  Received a status re-

          port on database access services.  Mr. Gherman is seeking members

          for a task force to evaluate VTLS; reply by March 24.


          Senators expressed concern about the library not spending the en-

          tire allocation based on the state funding formula on materials.

          This issue was added to New Business.


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Alternate Gwazdauskas -


          Recommended to the Provost six names for next year's program.  Fees

          range from $5,000 to $18,000.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - no meeting


      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - 23 Feb 89


          Received reports from various groups on the status of self-study

          recommendations.  Subcommittees are evaluating the reports and de-

          termining what else needs to be done.


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - no meeting


      PARKING/TRANSPORTATION TASK FORCE - Senator Oliver - no meeting


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Conn - no meeting

          The next meeting will be this spring.  Submit topics and concerns

          to President Conn, who will pass them on to our representatives.


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon - 27 Feb 89


          Four candidates accepted invitations to come for on-campus inter-

          views:  Howard Ball (March 21-22), Ronald Hopkins (March 23-24),

          Eloise Clark (March 27-28), and Anthony Marsella (April 4-5).




          The mailing for the ratification of the revised Senate Constitution

          will include a yellow cover letter, a ballot providing opportu-

          nities to vote on each change, a summary of the changes, and a copy

          of the revised Constitution.


          President Conn asked Senators to divide the constituents in their

          colleges among themselves and personally visit faculty to encourage

          them to vote.


      WASTE POLICY INSTITUTE - Senator Eiss - 20 Feb 89


          President Conn turned chairing of the meeting over to Vice-

          President Scanlon for this discussion.


          Senator Eiss reported that articles of incorporation, bylaws, and

          an affiliation agreement have been developed and approved by VTIP.

          WPI will operate under VTIP until VTIP decides it should be a sepa-

          rate organization.


          Senator Conn stated that the Management Group had been established

          to prepare the organizational paperwork.  It will now be dissolved

          and a board of directors will be elected, after the Board of Visi-

          tors approves the organizational plan.


          President Conn resumed chairing the meeting at the end of this dis-



  7.  OLD BUSINESS - none






          President Conn stated that it is necessary to fill an unexpired

          term.  Alternate Joseph Falkingham was nominated and elected by ac-





          Senator Eiss reported that West Virginia University had adopted a

          portable sticker program that was not successful.  Problems in-

          cluded tags being stolen and being in the wrong car when a univer-

          sity member needed to go onto campus.  Other senators commented on

          the expenses associated with needing to purchase multiple stickers

          for multiple vehicles even though only one would be on campus at

          any time.  One senator suggested providing an option of a portable

          or fixed sticker.  Senator Oliver will take these concerns to the

          Task Force members.




          Senator Cranford reported that the delay in the purchase of savings

          bonds is in Richmond, not on campus.  Deposits to other forms of

          savings are controlled on campus.




          Senator Duke attempted to clarify the relationship among the

          state's allocation for library materials, the distribution of the

          allocation to the library by university administration, and the op-

          erating expenses associated with acquisition of new materials.

          Senators expressed confusion about the library's inability to spend

          all of the state allocation in the face of faculty being asked last

          year to recommend journals for deletion.  Some expressed the opin-

          ion that groups such as WPI should pay for library services.  All

          agreed that Provost candidates should be asked about their views of

          the library issues.



  The meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                                 13 March 1989


       Balance on hand, 24 February 1989       $ 123.01

       Balance on hand, 13 March 1989          $ 123.01

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