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November 14, 1989

                Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                                  Faculty Senate


                                 14 November 1989


                                  32 Pamplin Hall


                                     7:30 p.m.


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Barker, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Hess

            (alternate for Bunce), Canestaro, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf,

            Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eng, Etgen, Farkas, Geller, Geyer, Goss,

            Hillison, Falkingham (alternate for Kingston), Metz (alternate

            for Kriz), Marriott, Morrill, O'Neil, Polan, Salvaggio, Saunders,

            Scanlon, Snoke, Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Walker, Webster,



  Absent:   Senators Batie, Eiss, McDaniels, Neilsen.


  Visitors: Mr. Bill Kuster (Graduate Student Assembly), Ms. Susan Truelove

            (Spectrum), Ms. Carol Dallman (University Staff Concerns Advisory

            Committee), John Hess (Agriculture Faculty Association), Associate

            Dean Rita Purdy (Human Resources).


  1.  Announcements


      President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. and welcomed



      a.  Executive officers or Senate President has met with the following

      during the past month:


         1.  Student Government Association Officers to discuss advising and

             the course evaluation booklet the students are proposing.


         2.  Janine Hiller concerning faculty support for the Honor System.


         3.  Commission on Research concerning a policy for misconduct in

             research which must be done at the request of NIH.


         4.  The Board of Visitors.  Among the business transacted was a

             University Smoking Policy, discussion of the European Study

             Center, an update on the Hotel Roanoke, discussion of affiliation

             agreements for university related corporations, and delivery of

             a stirring address by Past Senate President Conn.


         5.  In September there was a meeting with Dr. Carlisle and Dean

             Steger about the Lugano Center.  Questions were raised about the

             context in which the building would be used and whether Europe

             only would be our focus or would we focus on other international



      President McComas has reported progress on the "Peer Group" list.


      Senator Larry Nielsen has resigned.


      Mike Jones is the new Police Chief.  He has been very considerate of

      faculty issues.



  2.  Program


      Dr. Fred Carlisle, Senior Vice President and Provost and Mr. Minnis

      Ridenour, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, discussed

      the acquisition of the Hotel Roanoke.  Dr. Carlisle first discussed the

      mission of the land grant university and suggested how the idea of the

      "expanded university" has grown in recent years.  Such an institution

      might address  management training, urban studies, health affairs,

      environmental issues and so forth.  The acquisition of the Hotel Roanoke

      could assist the university in this arena. Currently, John Perry is

      heading a committee to define the use of the Hotel, particularly in the

      areas of business, engineering and agriculture.  He stated that the Hotel

      Roanoke will offer a significant opportunity for us to do more in

      graduate and professional education, continuing education, conferences,

      and meetings.


      Mr. Ridenour explained that about two years ago the City of Roanoke

      asked how we might increase conference offerings in Roanoke.  He

      stated that we would work with the city if they would provide a

      facility.  At first the city provided a facility for the graduate

      program which is booked solid.  We were then approached for help

      with a convention center.  The only way it would succeed was if it

      were connected with a major hotel. The Hotel Roanoke did not express

      an interest in upgrading the hotel but was interested in gifting

      the hotel to the city or the University.


      Mr. Ridenour stated that there were no contingencies placed on the hotel

      nor have we spent money on the hotel.  We are trying to attract a major

      chain to renovate it.  They would operate the hotel and the University

      would be involved in the conference center to develop our public service

      mission.  This mission would be enhanced by the hotel.  He underscored

      that university funds could not be used for the project.  Private money

      will be used for the transition.  The hotel will be an auxiliary and must

      be self-supporting.  The university can make money on the educational

      programs it offers.  For example, the University of Georgia and the

      University of Tennessee each do $12 million in conferences as

      compared to $1.9 million at Virginia Tech.



  3.  Agenda


      The agenda was adopted with the addition of a report from the Task Force

      on Advising and a report from the Commencement Committee.


  4.  Minutes


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of October 10, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of November 3, 1989

      were accepted.  Senator Conn noted that Dale Oliver and Jim Owen

      also attended the Faculty Senate of Virginia meeting.



  5.  Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Scanlon-16 Oct 89


      Program was as advertised. Announcements: (1) Woodrow Wilson College is

      still an on-going possibility. University of Virginia is still

      interested and their announcement was distributed. (2) The work to

      improve our benchmark schools was described. We suggested benchmark

      schools with research budgets in excess of $50 million, in excess

      of 4% of graduates at the doctorate level, a comparable discipline

      mix, and a designated research library. The dogfight started there.

      (3) The extension search and reporting process for the director of

      cooperative extension was described with questions asked about the

      extracollegiate faculty place in colleges, etc.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-7 Nov 89


      The Commission was informed that the announcement for the Extension

      Director has been distributed, Provost Carlisle will meet with the

      Commission on January 9 instead of during December, and that the

      December meeting date has been changed to December 12, 1989.


      Norman Marriott reported that he was scheduled to, as Chairman of the

      Subcommittee for Evaluation of the potential of an Academy of Extension

      and Public Service Excellence, meet with the Commission on Faculty

      Affairs on November 17 to answer questions and provide any needed

      clarification regarding this issue. The commission on Extension has

      sent a proposal regarding this Academy to the commission on Faculty

      Affairs as a friendly gesture for their review and recommendations.

      After this report, the Commission voted to change the name of the

      proposed academy to be evaluated to the Academy of Public Service

      Excellence. This change was made because of the recently announced

      plans for reorganization of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service.


      Douglas McAlister gave a report on the survey results and the

      recommendations of the Committee that studied the reward structure for

      public service. The committee conducted 32 hearings and surveyed 84

      institutions. A summary of the report was given to the Commission

      membership which included an analysis of the results and 18



      Bernard LaBerge gave a report from the Committee on Renaming and

      Restructuring the Commission on Extension. Action on this report was

      tabled until Provost Carlisle meets with the commission in January.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-20 Oct and 3 Nov 89


      Discussion of the merits of student evaluations of teaching carried over

      from one to the next meeting. With an extension to evaluation of teaching

      in general, it was decided to accept the recommendations of the March

      1989 Final Report of the ad hoc committee on this subject, and to

      forward those recommendations to the Provost's office.


      The Committee decided not to recommend salary adjustments through

      cost-of-living raises, as the low percentage of small raises did

      not provide any pressing reason to do so.


      CFA Resolution 88-89F was forwarded for second reading to University

      Council. The resolution expresses the desire of the Reconciliation

      committee for confidential cooperation from all members of the

      university community, and words to that effect are to be added to

      the Faculty Handbook.


      Former Senate President W. David Conn expressed his views on the

      possibility of limiting the number of (journal) publications to be

      submitted for tenure/promotion review. Opinions vary widely although

      there is sentiment in favor of this idea, as was also shown by a

      survey of queries about this matter in the College of Engineering.

      The Commission felt it would be wise to proceed slowly.


      Some debate about the general situation of employee benefits led to the

      recommendation that there be more interaction with the Employee Benefits

      Committee. The question of Faculty expectations--what does faculty need

      for support of its functions; how does student perception of faculty

      affect performance, etc.--was broached.




      Nothing to report at this time.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Arnold-11 Oct and 8 Nov 89


      The major topic at both meetings was the new NIH rule on misconduct in

      science published in the Federal Register in late September and

      applicable as of November 8. The NIH rule establishes a definition

      of misconduct, requires a two step procedure for inquiry and

      investigation, and a reporting requirement.


      At the behest of Senator Geller concerning DHHS certification, Dr. Stout

      commented that the Office of Protection of Research Risks at NIH advised

      him that without a medical school seeking broad assurance, certification

      is not warranted. Tom Hurd was appointed Director of the Office of

      Sponsored Programs.


      Finally, thanks to the effort of Dorothy Richardson, posthumously her

      Sponsored Programs Handbook has been printed. You may order a copy of the

      manual through the mainframe by entering the commands LDISK MOP, and then



      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS-Senator Hillison-2 Nov 89


      The Commission approved revised Budget Board guidelines and constitution.

      CSA voted to extend membership to the Chief Justice of the Honor System.

      The latter will go to the University Council for approval or disapproval.




      A policy memorandum was approved stating that "checklists" will be

      submitted to the same review processes as curriculum changes. Various

      "wording" changes in the section of the Faculty Handbook on "Syllabus and

      Performance Expectation" were discussed. Finally, arguments--pro and con--

      were heard about issuing mid-term grades. This issue is being referred to

      Faculty Senate, and will be on our agenda at the December meeting.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Nielsen-No report


      BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-No meeting




      COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-1 Nov 89


      The meeting included several brief reports; one from the Computing Center

      concerning some personnel changes and, in addition, progress reports from

      the various subcommittees. The meeting concluded with a tour of the new

      Computing Center facility.


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-No meeting






      Approved five additional requests for patents.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-1 Nov 89


      A "Branch Library Policy" statement was approved. The University

      Libraries "Newspaper Policy" was reaffirmed. Issues of concern were

      suggested for consideration at future meetings.




      SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE-Senator Barker-No meeting




      TASK FORCE ON ADVISING-Senator Etgen


      The charges to the Task Force were (1) to determine if there are

      undergraduate advising problems at Virginia Tech, and (2) if so, to

      identify where these problems exist.


      The Task Force reviewed reports of committees who previously studied

      undergraduate advising (C.U.S. 1985 and 1983) and summarized questions on

      advising from the pre-graduation interview reports for the 1986, 1987,

      and 1988 graduating seniors and the 1988 alumni surveys. Newly created

      departments and those with a small number of graduates were not included

      in the interview and survey reports and are not included in our analysis.


      The three statements on the pre-graduation interviews that pertain to

      advising were (1) My course advisor(s) had a thorough knowledge of the

      requirements needed to complete my degree; (2) My course advisor(s)

      seemed to be familiar with courses offered by other departments;

      (3) My course advisor(s) were available when needed.


      In the 1988 alumni survey, questions one and three were essentially the

      same, but question two was replaced with "My course advisor was helpful

      in career planning." Respondents either "agreed" or "disagreed" to

      varying degrees or indicated "not applicable" (pre-graduation

      interviews) or "did not know" (alumni survey).


      Our task force also noted considerable variation among colleges and

      departments in the degree of student satisfaction with undergraduate

      advising. Less than 60% positive responses ("agreed") in a college or

      department based on the average rating of the three statements, was

      considered unsatisfactory. Ratings of 60% or above indicated varying

      degrees of satisfactory advising programs from adequate to good.


      The Task Force conclusions are: (1) There is an advising problem at

      Virginia Tech; (2) Based on these criteria (<60% of the students agreeing

      with the three statements concerning advising = "unsatisfactory",

      61-79% = "adequate", and 80%+ = "good"), advising was unsatisfactory

      in three colleges and 24 departments and was only adequate in two

      other colleges and 19 departments and was good in two colleges and

      11 departments.


      Important factors in solving Virginia Tech's advising problems

      include (1) Recognition of the importance of good advising and

      accepting responsibility for accountability by all department heads,

      deans, the provost and the president; (2) Departments and colleges

      with advising programs that are not producing good student responses

      should implement changes in their advising programs; they should

      identify the specific problems in their current programs, gather

      information about successful programs, and identify and implement

      procedures that are likely to improve their programs.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-28 Oct 89


      The meeting was held at Mary Baldwin College and attended by Dale Oliver,

      Jim Owen and David Conn. David Conn was elected treasurer of the FSV. The

      following items were discussed:


      Retirement: 1990 legislature expected to revamp VSRS to bring into line

      with Tax Reform Act of 1986. Specifically, expect to (i) change benefit

      formula to end discrimination against lower-paid workers and (ii) remove

      cap on benefits for those joining VSRS after 1981. Promise has been made

      that there will be "no net reduction in benefits". We do not yet know

      what this means. We need to watch carefully in January.


      Survey of Job Satisfaction: To be completed by members of Faculty Senates

      of member institutions. Will be provided (i) norms and (ii) own aggregate



      Salaries for Part-time Work: SCHEV is to look at.


      Summer Salaries: There are concerns in a number of institutions.


      Several new items such as health care, problems of Classified Staff

      System, libraries, operating budgets, salary compression and faculty

      involvement in budgetary process were discussed.


      Several draft resolutions were prepared, to be further developed for

      future FSV adoption, possibly by mail ballot (as a follow-up, Senator Conn

      has been trying, so far unsuccessfully, to contact state officials to

      explore the possibility of bringing forward the date on which health care

      payments will become pre-tax).


      The Senate, together with AAUP, were addressed by Joan Jones and Bill

      Dolan, members of the Commission on the University of the 21st Century.




      At the first meeting, considerable concern was expressed about the

      lack of a clear mandate to the committee. It was disclosed that a

      special task force had made a report to President McComas in which

      specific proposals were made regarding future commencement

      activities. Members of the commencement committee complained that

      they had not been consulted by this task force, nor had they been

      given a copy of the report.


      At the second meeting, Provost Carlisle reassured the committee

      that its input would be valuable in helping him to develop his own

      proposal to the president on the future commencement. For 1990

      there will be a single commencement day. The governor-elect will be

      invited to be speaker. It is hoped that a pattern can be established

      of inviting the governor-elect every four years.


      The chairs of several sub-committees were appointed to start developing

      operational plans for commencement.


      A student-initiated proposal to hold the university ceremony on the

      drillfield was introduced, discussed, and passed unanimously as a

      recommendation to the administration.






      Senator Geller submitted a revised resolution (attached). Several

      senators reported on the reactions of their colleagues polled.

      After much discussion, Senator Marriott moved and it was seconded

      that the Faculty Senate send a letter to David Ford expressing our

      concern stated in the whereas's of Senator Geller's resolution and

      that it be presented to the Faculty Senate next meeting. MOTION



      Senator Geller then moved the attached resolution and it was seconded.

      Motion was defeated.




      Task Force on "Entitlements"-Arthur Snoke


      On many occasions in the Senate, the question has come up as to what

      minimum level of access to telecommunications, computer equipment, etc.

      should be the "norm" for all members of the professional faculty,

      regardless of department. Apparently, the question extends in some parts

      of the university beyond "high-tech" services such as computers to more

      traditional ones such as filing cabinets. The task force will explore

      this issue and recommend to the Senate what, if anything, it might

      do next.


      (Note the flip side of the issue. Any entitlement would presumable

      be paid for "off the top" of the academic budget, thereby

      decreasing the discretionary funds available to departments.)


      The committee, composed of Arthur Snoke, Harry Kriz, Eliza Tse, and

      Nancy Canestaro, will be evaluating the fundamental requirements

      for faculty (see attached questionnaire).


      Task Force on Advising


      Senator Falkingham moved and it was seconded that the Report of the Task

      Force on Advising including Appendices be sent to the department heads,

      deans, and provost and that we request that they take appropriate action.

      Motion carried.



  The meeting was adjourned at 11:01 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,





  Rosemary Goss, Secretary





                                  Treasurer's Report

                                    5 December 1989


  Balance on hand, 8 November 1989                              $232.25


  Dues Deposit 3 @ $5.00                                          15.00


  Balance on hand, 5 December 1989                               247.25





                               Drillfield Resolution

                 Submitted to the Faculty Senate November 14, 1989

                       by E. Scott Geller, Arts and Sciences


  Whereas the traffic interactions between pedestrians and vehicles traveling

      on the drillfield present a significant injury hazard,


  Whereas excessive noise from vehicles traveling around the drillfield disrupts

      teaching, learning, and scholarship in the classroom and office buildings

      surrounding the campus drillfield,


      Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends that the drillfield be

  closed to all motor vehicles except commuter vans and vendors between the

  hours of 7:50 am and 5:00 pm on each weekday, Monday through Friday.

  Travel on Kent Street from the library to Stranger Street adjacent to

  McBryde Hall should continue and allow for two-way traffic from McBryde

  Hall to the library. Exceptions should be granted to the physically

  handicapped, special visitors to campus, and to other individuals who

  present appropriate circumstances to the Campus Director of Parking and

  Traffic. These individuals will receive a special sticker to display on

  their rearview mirror hangtab.

  The campus police should periodically monitor the drillfield and give moving

  violations to perpetrators.

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