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October 10, 1989

              Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                                Faculty Senate


                                10 October 1989


                                32 Pamplin Hall


                                   7:30 p.m.


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Barker, Batie, Hertel (alternate for Baumgartner),

            Beyer, Birch, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf, Dudley, Eng, Farkas,

            Geller, Geyer, Goss, Hillison, Kingston, Kriz, McDaniels, Hess

            (alternate for Marriott), Nielsen, Polan, Cook (alternate for

            Salvaggio), Scanlon, Snoke, Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Walker,

            Falkingham (alternate for Webster), Wokutch.


  Absent:   Senators Bunce, Canestaro, Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Etgen, Morrill,

            O'Neil, Saunders.


  Visitors: Mr. Ken Martin (for Ms. Karen DeBord, representing Extension

            faculty), Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum), Mr. Greg Ritter (Employee

            Relations), and Ms. Phyllis Volhein (Vocational & Technical



  1.  Announcements


      President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and welcomed



      a.  Officers have met with Dr. McComos.  Topics of discussion included

      health insurance costs, timing of salary announcements, supplemental

      grants fund, and the University smoking policy.


      b.  Officers have also met with Mr. Ridenour, Executive Vice

      President and Chief Business Officer.


      c.  Cabinet met with Mr. Forbes, Mr. Ridenour, and Dr. Smoot regarding the

      Virginia Tech Foundation and the Campaign for Excellence.


      d.  Officers met with Martin Nemko, author of one of the popular "college



      e.  Senator Morrill will serve on the Task Force on Northern Virginia.


      f.  A memo was received today from the University of Virginia stating

      that they were proceeding with plans for the Woodrow Wilson College

      despite the resignation of President O'Neil.


      g.  Dues ($5.00) may be paid to the Secretary after the meeting.


  2.  Program


      Dr. Paul Gherman, Director of Libraries, discussed the issue of

      access vs. ownership.  Why do we have to own it, if we have access

      to it?  He stated that the library has the largest space deficit

      (189,000 sq. ft.) of any unit on campus.  There is a possibility of

      using storage facility like that being used at UVA.  We can now

      order books from Cheds using PROFS.


      Secretary Finley meet with library directors from across the Commonwealth

      and told them that they would have to solve their own problems as they

      related to the increasing costs of serials.  Gherman suggested that one

      factor in the rapid increase in the cost of journals was the fact that

      faculty were publishing so much more, thus necessitating a need for more



      Library funding is third on the priority list for increased funding next

      year.  Dr. Gherman discussed the budget, including the $600,000 deficit

      for the library.  He noted the Provost's concern about the deficit.


  3.  Agenda


      The agenda was adopted with the addition of a resolution on closing the

      drillfield to traffic.


  4.  Minutes


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of September 12, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of October 2, 1989 were



  5.  Report from Past President


      Senator Conn, Immediate Past President of the Faculty Senate,

      reviewed the past year  beginning with his disappointments: failure

      to approve the Constitution, to obtain a seat on the Board of

      Visitors, and to convince the administration of the value of shared

      governance.  He cited progress in the areas of the selection of a

      new provost, a faculty forum and colloquia, becoming more involved

      in the budgeting process, opening the books on the Foundation,

      improving relations with alumni, police and athletic department,

      establishing a faculty ethics committee, and being unbeaten in



  6.  Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng- no meeting.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Hillison for Marriott-3 Oct 89


      A news release was distributed which outlined the reorganization of

      extension.  The plan creates a new vice president's position to provide

      leadership to the university's land-grant mission of economic

      development, public service, and continuing education.  The

      Director of the cooperative extension service will be placed under

      the dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  A

      committee was appointed to make recommendations on a redefinition

      of the role of the Commission.



      The proposal for an Academy of Extension and Public Service was referred

      to the Commission of Faculty Affairs for comments.  Concerns were

      expressed that it is not open to all faculty and a broader representation

      is needed to start the Academy.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-15 Sept and 6 Oct 89


      Salary adjustments in connection with cost-of-living vs. merit raises

      (only the latter exist at this time) were discussed.  The issue of

      zero or negative raises (if there is any) will be discussed with

      the Provost.


      Student evaluation of teaching was felt to be only a part measure of

      teaching effectiveness, and certainly not well expressed in terms of a

      single number. D. Hinkle discussed and will distribute the report of a

      recent task force on evaluation of teaching.


      The question of establishing an Academy of Extension and/or (Public)

      Service Excellence was discussed at both meetings. There was some

      movement to stress service--public or otherwise--more than

      extension, but there was a general lack of direction in CFA towards

      any specific action.


      The modifications of CFA resolution 1988-89C at the September 8 meeting

      were rescinded at the October 6 meeting. Vice Provost J.M. Perry

      urged CFA to reconsider the original narrower focus upon Assistant

      Professors and Instructors, and Provost E.F. Carlisle offered to

      check similar procedures for extending tenure probation periods at

      other universities. Resolution 1988-89F concerning the reconciliation

      committee was still felt to require input from legal counsel

      concerning its wording. The merits of a second commencement ceremony

      in December were discussed briefly, but no action was taken.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Snoke-20 Sept and 1 Oct


      John Perry spoke about enrollment patterns at the university,

      concentrating on summer enrollment. It was announced that a

      long-standing goal had been achieved--4,037 graduate students were

      on the books as of 11 September, breaking 4,000 for the first time.

      Perry noted that there will not be a long summer session next

      summer, and that students on support for both sessions will have to

      sign for a minimum of three hours for each session rather than for

      only one session as was the rule for this summer.

      New procedures regarding the Defending Student "Status" were announced,

      the most significant change being that the "status" will now be a formal

      1-credit course, and a student can qualify if he/she is on campus for any

      3-4 weeks, not just at the beginning.


      At the 4 October meeting, the following occurred:


      --On 13 Friday at the War Memorial Gym there will be a Graduate Research

      Symposium; there was a preliminary discussion on establishing policies

      regarding academic misconduct by graduate students--at the moment

      there is none, and it was decided there should be; the Course and

      Program Criteria Committee reported that they had discussed "truth

      in packaging" regarding the offerings in courses and programs in

      the graduate catalog and had decided that no action need be taken

      at this time because the quarter/semester conversion had gotten rid

      of the untaught courses.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Arnold-13 Sept


      Dr. Gary Hooper updated the Commission on the Waste Policy Institute.

      The articles of incorporation are now being acted upon. A director,

      Dean Eyman, has been hired, and he started October 1. He comes from

      Martin-Marietta and has a Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

      Office space is being rented in the Corporate Research Center.


      Establishment of committees for the Commission--an Interdisciplinary

      Research Standing Committee. This committee will include a faculty

      senator, presumably one of the two senators on the Commission. Dr. Stout

      reported on the review of research and service centers. The center to be

      reviewed this year is the Virginia Center for Water Resources Research.

      Dr. Stout brought the Commission up to date on the Director of Facilities

      Planning. This person will take on all the management responsibilities

      for capital projects and the planning involved in renovation projects.

      The Commission will be reviewing the ethics statement in light of

      new federal requirements.




      The Task Force on Student Judicial Affairs is reviewing the current

      student judicial system other than the Honor System. The Provost has

      appointed a committee to revise student orientation. Capital improvements

      are to include Squires (Fall 1991), one fraternity and six sororities--

      Phase II (Fall 1990), rec/fitness center has been presented to BOV and

      for General Assembly approval (start 1991), gift to add to tennis

      facilities, opening of non-alcoholic club on Main Street, outdoor

      pool by golf course. Revision of student Budget Board procedure to

      cover 12-month expenses. Issue of which student leaders should

      receive, how much should they receive, and work requirements for

      summer stipends was discussed and referred to sub-committee.


      COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Dudley for Salvaggio-25 Sept

      and 9 Oct 89


      Courses were approved on first and second readings at each of the

      meetings. Discussion of section 3.6.1 of the Faculty Handbook was



      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Nielsen-5 Oct 89


      First meeting was a review of events since the last meeting, including

      reports on the new conference possibilities, finances, NCAA compliance,

      and student progress.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator King-no meeting


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE-Senator Nielsen-no meeting in Sept


      Comments from last Faculty Senate meeting were forwarded to the committee

      chair, to become a permanent part of the agenda. He circulated them

      to the entire committee.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-3 Oct 89


      Dr. Robert Heterick, Vice President for Information Systems, discussed a

      number of issues including (1) the proposed relationship of the computer

      Committee to the University Commissions, and (2) the organizational

      structure of computing, the library, and communications within

      Information Systems. A big issue for Information Systems now is how

      we relate to the other computer networks, both throughout the state

      of Virginia and nationally. For example, a proposal has been sent

      to NSF to install a "backbone" node at Virginia Tech. This would

      give Tech direct access to very high speed communication lines and

      would greatly speed communications between Tech and other sites

      throughout the country. Currently, there are only approximately 12

      such sites in the United States.


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-6 Oct 89


      Health Care Rate Increase: Doug Martin reiterated the information

      that has already been made available to all employees and added further

      information. Specifically, on July 1, 1989, the State of Virginia became

      self-insured in the area of health care. The rate increase that will be

      effective on January 1 is a reflection of the state's actual loss



      Wellness Program: The prospects of a wellness program were discussed.

      Doug Martin will gather information pertaining to cost etc. and

      report back to the committee at the November meeting.


      Flexible Spending (Cafeteria) Plan: On July 1, 1990, the plan will be

      operations for health care only. The major impact of this is that our

      health insurance contributions will be made from pre-tax dollars. Other

      items, including dependent care are planned for the program and may be

      available as soon as January 1, 1991. As an aside, the University will

      have its child care Reference and Referral Service operational around the

      first of the year.


      KeyCare: This program would replace the current Cost Awareness program,

      BUT the individual would be forced to go to an approved hospital or only

      recover 70% of the approved charge. The state has assured the University

      that we will not be forced into this coverage without full input. The

      problem centers around the fact that Montgomery Regional is not a

      "Preferred Provider Organization." Negotiations with the State start in



      Peer Institutions Assessment: In an effort to assist in recruiting and

      retention, the possibility of a broad survey of health benefits at peer

      institutions has been suggested. Thompson and D. Martin will discuss such

      a survey with Institutional research.


      VSRS Topics: (1) Purchase of prior service: this was discussed and tabled

      until Ken Martin's ability to discuss it with the committee. This topic

      will be on the agenda of the committee's November meeting. (2) VSRS COLAs:

      it is the current practice of the VSRS not to adjust retirement pay until

      the July after the employee has been retired for one full calendar year.

      Thus, if one retires on February 1, 1990, he/she will not receive a cost

      of living adjustment until July 1, 1992. It was unanimously agreed that

      this period should not exceed 18 months. (3) VSRS SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE

      INSURANCE: That the amount of life insurance paid for by the state erodes

      after retirement was discussed. The topic was tabled until Ken Martin is

      available. This topic will be on the agenda of the November meeting

      (to be held Friday, November 17 in Burruss 400).




      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE-Senator Dudley-meeting postponed


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-4 Oct 89


      Discussed the reorganization of the University Governance System with

      Professor Moore. The annual report was approved.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-no meeting


      SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-no meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE-Senator Barker-13 Sept 89


      Twenty-five awards were made; eight requests were denied, and one was

      tabled. The maximum award was $900.00. In response to complaints about

      scheduling, the Committee agreed to meet bi-monthly rather than

      quarterly. As a consequence, the Committee will be less likely to

      make retroactive awards in the future. There is evidently some

      confusion among faculty and administrators on submission procedures.

      A copy of the Committee's new schedule of meetings, and a set of

      administrative procedures, was circulated by Gary Hooper on October 3rd.




      There was a presentation on the new visitor's welcome center to be

      located on Southgate Drive in the existing white house. This was

      endorsed by the parking committee. Money will come from maintenance

      money, parking fees and money for handicapped renovation.


      TASK FORCE ON ADVISING-Senator Polan for Etgen-no meeting




      To meet on Saturday, October 28 at Mary Baldwin College. The agenda will

      probably include faculty representation on the BOV and health care

      benefits. Request other agenda items.




      Senator Dudley has represented Faculty Senate since Dr. Carlisle's

      arrival. He suggested we add the Committee to our normal appointment





      Significant difficulties discussed included general rowdiness.

      Recommendations: no hooding at major commencement; start commencement

      later in the day; have better speakers; increase faculty and student







      Senator Arnold moved and it was seconded that the constitution as amended

      be approved. MOTION CARRIED.






      Senator Dudley will meet with Faculty Senate officers to plan strategy.




      Senator Geller brought proposal for discussion (See attached). Senator

      Geller moved and it was seconded to table the proposal until the next

      meeting. MOTION CARRIED.


  The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,





  Rosemary Goss, Secretary





                                Treasurer's Report

                                  8 November 1989


  Balance on hand, 2 October 1989                             $182.25


  Dues Deposit 10 @ $5.00                                       50.00


  Balance on hand, 8 November 1989                             232.25

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