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September 12, 1989


                Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                                  Faculty Senate


                                 12 September 1989


                                  32 Pamplin Hall


                                     7:30 p.m.


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Barker, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch,

            Canestaro, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss,

            Eng, Etgen, Geller, Geyer, Goss, Hillison, Falkingham (alternate

            for Kingston), Kriz, McDaniels, Marriott, Nielsen, Polan,

            Salvaggio, Saunders, Snoke, Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Walker,

            Webster, Wokutch.


  Absent:   Senators Bunce, Farkas, Morrill, O'Neil, Scanlon.


  Visitors: Mr. Ken Martin (for Ms. Karen DeBord, representing Extension

            faculty), Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum), Mr. Paul Medtz

            (library), and Ms. Vivian Allen (Acting President of the Agronomy

            Faculty Association)


  1.  Announcements


      Vice President Eng called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and welcomed



      a.  Announced that Faculty Senate officers met regularly throughout the

          summer with Dr. McComas, Dr. Perry and Dr. Carlisle and Mr. Ridenour.


      b.  Two to three Senators are needed to draft a resolution honoring John



      c.  College of Arts and Sciences needs to elect a liaison representative

          to CAS Faculty Association.


      d.  Visitors Policy was included in the packet distributed to Faculty

          Senators before the meeting.  Additional copies are available.


      e.  Faculty Senate President Scanlon attended the fall Administrators



      f.  Mike Appleby, Coordinator of Community Participation, University

          Planning, attended the Senate Cabinet meeting to discuss faculty

          participation. Senator Arnold requested that we ask Mike Appleby to

          present a workshop for Faculty Senate on the planning process.


      g.  Send nominations for Ethics Committee to any cabinet member.


      h.  The first lottery monies coming to VPI&SU for capital projects

          includes $7,342,000 for construction of the Wallace Hall infill and

          $875,000 planning money for the Engineering/Architecture building.



  2.  Agenda


      The agenda was adopted with the addition of two items:  Faculty Senate

      dues and the gift of the Hotel Roanoke.


  3.  Minutes


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of April 25, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of April 21,1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of April 27, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of May 16, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of June 2, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of June 30, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of August 4, 1989 were


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of September 1, 1989

      were accepted.


  4.  Program


      Dr. Carlisle, Senior Vice President and Provost, discussed why he came

      to VPI&SU and his view of the mission of the land grant university.  He

      identified some of the important issues as: the issues associated with

      the fact that we are a top 50 research university (i.e. graduate

      support); effectiveness of undergraduate teaching, review of the

      liberal education (core) requirements; assurance that we teach our

      best students through the honors program; affirmative action (faculty,

      staff and student body); international studies and programs;

      university libraries; quality of student life.


      He stated that he had been asking himself, "What are the important

      processes in the university for reaching decisions?  He suggested the

      planning process and the governance process were both important.  A

      planning task force was appointed last year and prepared several

      reports including a description of the planning process which called

      for the implementation of the  process that would get us toward

      goals, objectives, assumptions, directions that the university should

      take in the next several years.


      As it relates to the planning process, Dr. Carlisle reported where

      we were: 1) The President has assigned the University-wide planning

      process to the Provost's office. 2) The search for a University Planning

      Director will soon be opened. 3) Individuals will be invited to serve on

      the Planning Coordinating Committee. There will be four faculty on this

      committee 4)  The planning process calls for a considerable involvement

      of the university community in developing a four or five year plan.

      5) By the end of this academic year we need to have some type of draft

      plan in hand. In terms of governance, Dr. Carlisle stated that he

      wanted to work closely with the commissions, as well as the faculty

      senate, in order to involve and inform a great many people about what

      the issues, problems, and circumstances are.


  5.  Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng-4 Sept 89


      Cornel Morton, the new affirmative action officer, was introduced.

      The Woodrow Wilson College was discussed.  Dr. McComas reported on

      his meeting with the Blacksburg Chamber of Commerce.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-8 Sept 89


      Acting chairman, James Johnson, provided a brief update on the

      anticipated future structure for extension and extension agent

      classification. The Commission voted to forward the proposal on the

      Academy of Extension and Public Service Excellence to the Commission

      on Faculty Affairs.  The regular meeting date for the Commission will

      be the first Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-8 Sept 89


      Four pending CFA resolutions were discussed.  1) A resolution dealing

      with a change in the supplemental funding of Alumni Distinguished

      Professors was considered acceptable. 2) A resolution concerning

      the tenure period for non-tenure track faculty that convert to

      tenure-track positions was reworded to  broaden the positions from

      other than Instructor or Lecturer to other than Assistant Professor.

      3) Action upon a resolution on the term of appointment of division

      heads, chairs, and directors was deferred until the Provost has had

      another look at it. 4) Somewhat vague wording of a resolution on the

      Faculty Reconciliation Committee was referred to its chairman for

      clarification.  No need was felt for action on a new faculty rank

      (Senior Professor) until notes of previous deliberations on

      this issue are distributed.




      No action was taken beyond referring some topics to subcommittees for

      further study.  1) A resolution from the Graduate Student Assembly

      which would increase considerably the number of Honors Colloquia as

      well as graduate student involvement in teaching colloquia (referred

      to the Graduate Students Relations Committee). 2) It was proposed

      that there be a workshop during the summer for faculty and staff who

      interact with the Graduate School on graduate school policies and

      procedures.  Dean Bates and Arthur Snoke will organize such a

      workshop for Arts and Sciences departments as an initial effort.

      3) Policies regarding proprietary information in theses and

      dissertations. 4) Procedures regarding reviewing the accuracy of

      course offerings and program descriptions that appear in the

      catalog. 5) Insuring adequate language proficiency for foreign TAs.

      6) Policies for dealing with academic misconduct of students.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Arnold-no meeting.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS-Senator Geyer-8 Sept 89


      Items discussed included whether and how much certain student

      leaders should be paid over the summer and the fairness of the

      student elections.




      Dr. Carlisle opened the meeting by sketching out his ideas on

      undergraduate education, among them his interest in our looking at

      our present core curriculum.  The one matter to attract considerable

      discussion was that of a university policy on religious holidays.

      Should we have a general policy suggesting guidelines for attendance,

      exam rescheduling, etc. on religious holidays and should "major"

      religious holidays be identified?  These questions will be discussed

      at an upcoming meeting.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Nielsen-no meeting

      The new chair will be Larry Killough, former Faculty Senator member.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Dugger-1 Sept 89


      There was a discussion on capital outlay items.  The university plan

      was amended to add a recreational sports fitness center, creative

      arts center and the outdoor pool.  A concern was expressed that we

      needed more academic space rather than other types of spaces.  It

      was stated that these facilities would be funded through user fees.




      Discussed problem of queueing on the network which are suppose to

      be taken care of now.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-6 Sept 89


      The computing center was moved to the Corporate Research Center in

      July. Distribution of computer output now follows a new schedule.

      Problems due to the frequency with which the output is delivered

      remains a problem. Given the current financial situation, the

      delivery schedule will remain as is -- hourly delivery to Hutcheson,

      Burruss, and McBryde on the 7:00 a.m. to midnight shift and two-hour

      deliveries after midnight.  There will be a new computing center

      department, computer purchasing, which will assume responsibility

      for university computing purchases that are greater than $500.

      Technical advise will also be available.  Due to problems that

      result from unexpected power outages, the Computing Center

      is seeking to establish a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) by

      June 1990. User Services will be moved from Burruss to the reference

      section of the library.


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-No meeting.


      EO/AA   No report




      The committee has met three times for approval of patents and



      LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-7 Sept 89


      Discussed a draft of the annual committee report; revisions were

      suggested.  Discussed a draft resolution regarding a policy on

      "branch libraries."  An amended resolution is to be voted on at the

      October meeting.  A major concern is to avoid reducing services at

      the main library by creating a branch library without adequate

      resources.  The committee recommended that because of insufficient

      funds that membership in the Center for Research Libraries not be

      pursued at this time.  With the recent departure of Phyllis Johnson

      the Senior Library Staff has been reorganized to cover all of the

      areas of responsibility eliminating one position.  The Users

      Services Group will be moved to the Newman Library and housed near

      the reference librarians.  The task force evaluating VTLS

      and alternative systems has decided to use "internet" in lieu of

      site-visit evaluations.  The director announced that the library is

      third on the special projects list in the next biennium budget.




      Last year's representative, Senator Salvaggio, reported that she thinks

      this committee has been dissolved.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID-Senator Kingston-No meeting.


      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting.


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE-Senator Barker-No meeting.




      The committee is composed of three faculty, three classifieds, two

      undergraduate and one graduate student, and five non-voting persons.

      At the May meeting, a subcommittee was appointed to review and proof

      new parking regulations, parking for retirees was approved with no

      charge when recommended by Mr. Butt, and visitor parking for civic

      clubs meeting regularly on campus was reported to be available.


      Only one person interviewed for director was acceptable to all

      persons, but the offer was refused.  At the August 9 meeting, the

      committee addressed the exceptional cases that had been raised

      (car-pooling, part-time employees, enforcement off main campus,

      parking permits for research park people).  A 15 and 10 minute

      parking space will be designated at the library.  Due to questions

      raised by handicapped, an opinion from University council was sought

      on the legalities of charging for handicapped parking.  The chairman

      developed a set of questions and answers concerning parking that

      were approved by the committee and steering group and were published

      in Spectrum.


      TASK FORCE ON ADVISING-Senator Etgen


      A task force (Drs. Rita Purdy, Jackson Webster, and William Etgen) was

      charged with 1) determining if there are undergraduate advising

      problems at VPI&SU, and 2) if so, to identify where these problems

      exist.  The Task Force reviewed the section on advising in the Self

      Study, the reports of the ad hoc Committee on Academic Advising

      dated January 24, 1983 and February 4, 1985, a summary of the

      pre-graduate interviews from the graduating classes of 1986, 1987

      and 1988 and the summary of the 1988 alumni survey during the summer

      months of 1989.  Association between number of faculty in a

      department and number of graduates responding in the 1988 alumni

      survey was statistically analyzed.  A first draft of the Task Force

      report has been written and is being reviewed by the committee members.




      Executive committee met with officials of SCHEV on September 8.  Among

      the agenda items was the 53% (plus) increase in BC/BS premiums,

      effective January 1, 1990.  FSV will explore possible respondents

      to this most unsatisfactory situation.  FSV will meet later in the

      semester and the executive committee with SCHEV officials in

      December.  Send FSV agenda items to Senator Conn or via the Faculty

      Senate Cabinet.


  6.  OLD BUSINESS   None






      Senator Arnold questioned whether the constitution revision proposed

      in the Faculty Senate Cabinet minutes 1 Sept 89 had to be submitted

      as a resolution at this meeting.  The parliamentarian confirmed

      that notice must be given.  Senator Nielsen moved and it was seconded

      that the recommendation made by the Faculty Senate Cabinet regarding

      Article VIII Amendments, Section 1, C Adoption as reported in the

      Faculty Senate Cabinet minutes 1 September 89 be considered proper

      notice.  MOTION CARRIED. Note:  The proposed changes were also noted

      in the copy of the Faculty Senate Constitution included in the

      initial fall packet.




      Senator Etgen moved and it was seconded to raise annual dues to $5.00.

      MOTION CARRIED with one abstention.




      Senator Duke raised a question about support services.  To purchase

      a computer over $500 one must get a bid.  If we want work done on

      campus it is difficult to get a bid.  Where as a faculty can we

      approach the problems of physical plant?  Senator Conn arranged a

      meeting for him and Senator Scanlon with Spencer Hall to address

      this issue over the summer. Executive officers will bring this up

      again. Senator Dugger moved and it was seconded that a Senate Task

      Force be appointed to look at supportive services and infrastructure

      and report to the Senate at the December meeting.  MOTION CARRIED

      with one abstention.  Committee members will be appointed by the

      executive committee.






      Senator Eng reported on the executive committee meeting with Mr.

      Ridenour prior to the announcement of the University's gift of the

      Hotel Roanoke. Discussion at the Faculty Senate meeting centered

      around the fact that the Hotel acquisition was not a part of a long

      range process and that it was acquired without prior discussion with

      faculty such as the Faculty Senate.




      Questions were raised about the long range planning process.  Who

      are the University decision makers?  One Senator expressed concern

      about the report of the planning process and its lack of inclusion

      of the governance process.


  The meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Goss, Secretary






                                  Treasurer's Report

                                    2 October 1989


  Balance on hand, August 31, 1989                           $ 77.25


  Dues Deposit  19 @ $5.00                                    105.00


  Balance on hand, October 2, 1989                              182.25







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