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April 12, 1990



         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                           April 12, 1990


                           32 Pamplin Hall


                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:Senators Arnold, Allen for Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Bunce,

          Canestaro, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf, Dudley, Eiss, Eng, Allen for

          Etgen, Farkas, Geyer, Goss, Hillison, Kingston, Kriz, McDaniels,

          Marriott, Flick, O'Neil, Polan, Saunders, Scanlon, Snoke, Webster,



  Absent: Senators Barker, Dugger, Duke, Geller, Morrill, Salvaggio,

          Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Walker.


  Visitors:Mr. Ken Martin (Extension), Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum), Ms.

          Hooker (Chief Justice of Honor Court), Ms. Hiller (Advisor to Honor

          Court) and new Senators Deisenroth and Brown.


     President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. and welcomed

     guests and new Senators.



  1.  Program


     Mr. David Braine distributed a copy of the Mission of the Virginia Tech

     Athletic Department (attached) and shared some of the academic progress of

     the athletic program.


     Dr. Jerry Via discussed some of the recent developments in the academic

     advising arena including an improved orientation program, added computer

     resources, and computer monitoring of academics and athletics.  A goal of

     the athletic department is to exceed the university average for graduation

     rates.  QCAs have improved for all athletes from 2.32 in Spring 1988 to

     2.41 in Spring 1989 and for football players from 1.96 in Spring 1988 to

     2.11 in Spring 1989.  Since Proposition 48 standards were implemented, no

     student athletes have been admitted who did not meet those requirements.


     Mr. Frank Beamer, Head Football Coach, shared his thoughts about the

     importance of academics.  He then raised the question about schedules and

     admissions policies.  Should we play the tougher schedule with teams who

     recruit by Proposition 48 standards (e.g. UNC, UVA, and NC State), or

     should we keep our higher standards and play schools who recruit by higher

     standards (e.g. Vanderbuilt, Duke)?



     Faculty Senate Volleyball team defeated the SGA for the third year in

     a row.


     Constitution votes have been received from over 50% of the faculty.


     Faculty Senate executive committee has met with Provost Carlisle, twice

     with the SGA officers and with Vice President Goodale.


     Nancy Hooker, Chief Justice of the Honor System, reported on the actions

     of the Honor System thus far this year.


     Senator Goss announced that interest forms for University Council,

     Commissions, and Committees are available tonight and should be returned

     to her by May 1.


     Congratulations were extended to Senators Geller and Etgen for the

     recognition they received on Founders' Day.


  3.  Agenda


     The agenda was adopted with the addition of a report from the ad hoc

     committee on the budget and discussion of the April 24 meeting.


  4.  Minutes


     The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of March 6, 1990 wereapproved.

     The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of March 30 were



  5.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports


     UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng-no meeting



     COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-10 Apr 90


     The agenda included a brief follow-up report by Ned Lester on the

     Continuing Education Policy and a handout indicating how the Continuing

     Education Center evaluated their services and programs.


     Mode Johnson provided an update on the Hotel Roanoke Project.  He

     indicated that VPI&SU has the opportunity to give the Hotel Roanoke back

     if it appears that it is not going to provide a service for the University

     and its clientele.


     Commission members whose terms expire at the end of this year were

     recognized and agenda items for next year were identified, including

     --Academy of Public Service Excellence

     --Continuing Education

     --Evaluation of Extension Personnel

     --Role of the Commission on Extension on Decisions Related to Extension

     and/or Public Service.


     COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-6 Apr 90


     One issue, the elimination of mandatory retirement for faculty, was the

     topic of discussion, with input from Doug Martin of Employee Benefits and

     Phil Sheldon of Institutional Research.  Key points include

     --Virginia's early elimination of mandatory retirement for faculty (a

     Federal law to that effect is slated for 1 Jan 94)

     --Differences between TIAA-CREF and VSRS, and their effect upon higher-

     aged retirees

     --Negotiations regarding health insurance benefits past age 65

     --Consideration of phased retirement programs

     --The effects upon quality as well as quantity of the faculty.


     COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Snoke-7 Mar, 21 Mar, 4 Apr 90


     Associate Dean John Eaton suffered a heart attack in late March.  He is

     now home from the hospital and doing well.


     This year, for the first time, there will be a separate commencement for

     doctoral students in the Coliseum at 5 pm on Friday, 4 May 90.


     At the 21 March meeting, Dr. Robert Frary of the Office of Management and

     Research Services, presented the results of a study analyzing evaluations

     of graduate teaching assistants.  There were not significant differences

     between native speakers of English and non-native speakers of English, and

     overall the teaching assistants compared favorably with faculty.


     Also at that meeting, Masters of Arts degree programs were approved in

     Music Performance, French Studies, and Spanish Studies, and Doctor of

     Philosophy programs were approved in Political Science and Exercise

     Physiology.  However, concern was expressed about adequacy of resources

     for some of these programs in the current economic climate.  Particular

     resources mentioned were faculty positions, GA's, space, and library



     At both the 21 March and 4 April meetings, issues regarding graduate

     students in residence during the summer were discussed.

     --Students on GRA, GPA, GTA, or GA support during both summer sessions

     must pay tuition and fees for three hours for both sessions.  Last year

     such students only needed to pay for one session.

     --Students paid by hourly wages need not be enrolled.

     --In response to questions regarding the status of students in residence

     but not on formal support, Fred Weaver, Director of Risk Management,

     stated in a 3 April 90 memo to Arthur Snoke that students who are

     acknowledged by their department to be in good standing and working

     towards a degree are covered so far as liability is concerned whether or

     not they are on support.  In the same memo, it is stated that anyone is

     covered driving a state vehicle--the person need not have a state of

     Virginia driving license  nor need he/she be "on the state payroll."


     At the 4 April meeting, the Commission passed two resolutions which would

     undo one implied and one explicit part of Policy Memorandum No. 8.0:

     --Students who receive less than a "C-" are required to retake such

     courses only if the courses appear on their approved program of study

     --Reinstate the "D+", "D", and "D-" grades for graduate students.


     Regarding tax exclusions for graduate students on tuition and fees, it was

     reported by memo from Professor Cherie O'Neill that

     --Students could refile, using the 1040X form, for 1987 and 1988 if they

     did not exclude tuition and fees for those years

     --A plan is being worked on whereby the monies paid for tuition and fees

     would not appear on the W2 forms and could be excluded from the paychecks.


     COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Bunce-11 Apr 90


     Dr. Stout presented the following information items:


     A report by the National Science Foundation on "The State of U.S. Science

     and Engineering."  It concluded that American education in science,

     engineering and mathematics is a national problem that has not yet been

     effectively addressed.


     A memo from the Council on Governmental Regulations concerning an indirect

     cost cap of 25% imposed on the FY1990 Federal Appropriation for USDA

     Competitive Research Grants Program.  Universities are concerned at this

     diminishment of overhead and fearful that it might spread to other federal



     A one page report outlining the purpose and FY91 budget (57.5 million) of

     the National Agricultural Research Initiative.  This is proposed to

     implement the current Competitive Grants program.  The Initiative has not

     yet been approved into law.


     A summary of research proposals and awards (July 1989 thru Feb. 1990) at

     VPI&SU.  We are presently ahead of the comparable period one year ago.


     A memo from the Association of American Universities opposing the

     restrictive language contained within the reauthorization of the Arts and

     Humanities Endowments.


     A budget analysis for the Research Division response to the budget

     reductions imposed by the state was presented.  In summary, a return of 40

     faculty positions will be required for the 1990-91 fiscal year.


     COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS-Senator McDaniels-5 Apr 90


     The Commission voted on student candidates for the Board of Visitors;

     three candidates received unanimous support.


     Funding was approved for student lodging for certain groups for next year,

     after much debate.




     The Registrar's Office has discussed the possibility of implementing a

     telephone registration.  The proposal is being studied.


     ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Saunders-22 Mar 90


     The update on conference affiliation is that the ACC will not be expanding

     at this point, the SEC will be discussing expansion, and the Metro is

     completing a study of conference expansion.  The Eastern Seaboard

     conference has hired a consultant whose report is due in June.  Tech is

     continuing discussion with the Eastern Seaboard conference, but no

     commitments have been made.  The last athletic committee meeting report

     submitted to the senate may have implied that Tech had committed to the

     Eastern Seaboard conference.


     Mike Green, a recognized consultant on alcohol abuse, has spoken to the

     athletes here, and the athletic department hopes to start a peer

     counseling group for alcohol.


     115 of 450 student athletes had a GPA of 3.0 or better Fall Semester.


     Discussion continued about athletics and academics.


     BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-No meeting




     The Committee voted to change its name to University Communications

     Resources Committee, a name which was felt to reflect more accurately the

     scope of the Committee.  Presumably this must be approved by the President

     and/or University Council before it becomes official.


     Questions were raised as to the necessity of having the Networks Services

     side of Communications Resources be 100% cost recovery.  This discussion

     will continue at the next meeting.


     UCNC "policies" generated over the last two years have been gathered

     together.  Chairman Pyle will be discussing with Larry Harris procedures

     for dealing with them so that they will have status in the University as a

     whole and not just in CR.


     COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-7 Mar and 4 Apr 90


     Funding for a mainframe system upgrade in 1990-92 is now felt to be

     improbable (due to budget cutbacks).  The Computing Center has redirected

     some of its resources to the purchase of additional memory to try to

     postpone the problems associated with saturation of the mainframe systems.

     Neither VM1 nor VM2 are saturated at this time, but MVS is saturated.


     In reports from both the PC and User Services subcommittees,

     recommendations were made for the Computing Center to take more

     responsibility for providing increased support for departmental PC

     facilities.  This issue will be addressed in future meetings.

    EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-9 Mar 90


     The committee decided to move forward with a report abstracted from the

     peer institution assessment that has been made available from another

     institution.  Philip Sheldon was available at the meeting to answer the

     committee's questions about the available information.  A subcommittee

     will move forward with the project.


     The committee is continuing its efforts to schedule a meeting with a

     representative from CommonHealth with regard to the Wellness Program.






     LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-4 Apr 90


     The committee discussed the resolution to University Council regarding

     "branch libraries" that had been returned.  The committee decided to

     withdraw the resolution and to formulate a new policy regarding a

     centralized library and associated branch libraries.


     The ULC is continuing to work with the GSA to help resolve problems

     related to convenience of returning books.


     Recent statistics regarding the VPI&SU library and American Research

     Libraries is attached.




     SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting


     SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE-Senator Barker-No meeting




     A subcommittee has held a number of meetings to discuss the rules and

     regulations to be proposed for parking operations for the coming year.

     The committee then put together recommendations, including the following

     which might be of interest:


     Semester permits were recommended, to be available to both students and

     staff.  This would allow the option of spending less at the beginning of

     the semester for a permit, though permits bought on this basis would cost

     more per year.


     A daily permit option was also recommended, to cost about $1 and to be

     available to anyone.


     Another recommendation deals with restricting areas to faculty and staff

     parking 24 hours/day (particularly around dining halls where staff do not

     work 8-5).

    FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-31 Mar 90


     --Presentation and discussion of results of faculty "job satisfaction

     survey."  A motion was passed to continue the survey for next year using a

     random stratified sample and placing special emphasis on seeking returns

     from schools not previously participating.

     --President O'Meara reported on meeting with SCHEV on previous day.

     --A list of the accomplishments of the FSV was presented.

     --Discussion on role of FSV and, in particular, the extent to which the

     FSV should be proactive.

     --Resolution was passed expressing concern about disproportionate impact

     of budget cuts in higher education.


     FACULTY SUPPORT COMMITTEE-Senator Snoke-No report




     Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Reductions-Senator Conn-


     There have been four meetings since the last Faculty Senate meeting.


     The budget proposal is now being finalized for mailing to the Board of

     Visitors on Monday.  The Board will meet on April 23.


     Although various fee options considered, latest word from the Governor

     restricts us to covering one-half of the cut (i.e. 2.5% of general fund)

     with fee surcharge.  Thus we will set a relatively small surcharge (note

     that proposed increase in regular tuition will also be small; we do not

     yet know the proposed increase in other fees).


     May see higher fee increases at other institutions.  These are not

     surcharges to offset the budget cut but rather increases in the regular

     fees which are allowable at institutions where undergraduates are

     currently paying less than 25% of the costs of instruction.


     Proposed FTE reduction: @3% Faculty--82; Classified--30

                             @5% Faculty--114; Classified--61

     (outcome will probably fall in between)


     Deans and unit heads now have targets.  Must respond to Provost by April

     18 with plans to implement.  Recognize that cuts are going to make a

     difference.  Administration has been attempting to make this clear in










     The preliminary report of the constitution vote is that 819 ballots were

     returned, 7 of those were void because there were two votes on one item.

     611 voted yes on all items, 12 voted no on all items; the remaining votes

     were mixed yes and no on various items.  Senator Dudley thanked everyone

     for their efforts.  The Senate thanked him for his efforts.


     The meeting of April 24 has been postponed until May 8.




     A quorum was present.  New Senators had been invited to the meeting and

     were allowed to vote.


     Ludeman Eng was nominated for President.  There were no nominations from

     the floor.  Senator Eng spoke to the faculty about his thoughts on serving

     as president.  Senator Bunce moved and it was seconded that Senator Eng be

     elected by acclamation.  MOTION CARRIED.


     Senator Baumgartner and Senator Hillison were nominated for Vice

     President.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Each shared remarks

     about why they would like to be vice president.  Senator Hillison was



     Senator Geyer way nominated for secretary.  There were no nominations from

     the floor.  Senator Arnold moved and it was seconded that Senator Geyer be

     elected by acclamation.  MOTION CARRIED.



     The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Rosemary Carucci Goss, Secretary







                         Treasurer's Report

                           April 23, 1990



  Balance on hand, 2 April, 1990                                  $ 94.42


  CMT (plaque for outgoing President)                                      48.64


  Balance on hand, 23 April, 1990                                          45.78


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