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February 13, 1990


         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                          February 13, 1990


                           32 Pamplin Hall


                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:Senators Arnold, Barker, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Falkingham for

          Birch, Bunce, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss,

          Eng, Etgen, Farkas, Geller, Geyer, Goss, Falkingham for Kingston,

          Kriz, McDaniels, Marriott, O'Neil, Allen for Polan, Salvaggio,

          Scanlon, Snoke, Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Walker, Webster,



  Absent: Senators Canestaro, Hillison, Morrill, Flick, Saunders.


  Visitors:Mr. Greg Ritter (Employee Relations), Ms. Pam Orcutt (Veterinary

          Medicine), Ms. Karen DeBord (Athletic Committee), Mr. Ken Martin

          (Extension), Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum).


     President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m. and welcomed



  1.  Announcements


     a. George Flick will replace Larry Nielsen as Senator from Agriculture.


     b.  A letter was received from the Provost on the subject of "tenure."

        The text of the letter was as follows:  "I would like to reply to your

        questions regarding the statements concerning tenure made by the

        university's attorneys.  The statements applied to a specific case

        concerning a faculty member who at no time had a tenured position, nor

        even a tenure track position.  The statements applied only to non-

        tenure employment positions and not to tenured or tenure-track

        positions.  In short, I would like to assure you that University has a

        tenure policy, and we in the administration expect to observe it."


     c.  A letter was received from Vice President Ford responding to our

        letter concerning the drillfield/noise/parking/safety/traffic flow,

        and was circulated to the Faculty Senate.  Mr. Alvarez called me to

        let us know it was possible to delete parking completely from the

        drill field.


     d.  The Provost has corresponded with Senate officers concerning his

        thoughts on department/division leader appointment and evaluation.  A

        forum on department governance is planned.


     e.  The Graduate Student Assembly will have an open discussion in 1810

        Litton-Reeves on 2/15/90 on the topic "Graduate Students Bill of



     f.  A Senate Cabinet meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m. on 2/16/90 in the

        6th floor Board Room of Newman to discuss reorganization of University



     g.  President has met with Mike Appleby and Wayland Winstead concerning

        the next stage of the planning process--Assessment of University

        Goals.  Faculty Senate session will be on 03/22/90 from 7:30-9:00 p.m.

        in Room C of the CEC.


     h.  The Board of Visitors met here on February 4-5, 1990.  President

        Scanlon was asked to address the Academic Affairs Committee on the

        Faculty Senate role in policy and governance issues.  At the meeting

        President McComas passed along a request from Faculty Senate to

        approve pay raises earlier.  The Board also heard a report from the

        Provost on the number of Associate Professors serving as department



     i.  Faculty Senate will remind the Provost that a review is due on the 2-

        year agricultural program.  Two senators will serve on the review

        committee being formed by Associate Dean of Resident Instruction, John



     j.  President Scanlon met with the Commemorative Tribute Committee prior

        to the Board of Visitors meeting.  This committee chose G. Burke

        Johnson and John Hancock as the persons to be commemorated by naming

        the two newest buildings on campus after them.


     k.  During a recent meeting with the Provost, the dropping of the

        Presidential Fellowships was discussed.


     l.  Founders' Day will be April 6, 1990.


     m.  Cabinet officers met with SGA officers regarding their concerns about

        attendance policies and a lack of doctor's excuses from the infirmary.



  2. Program


     Ms. Phyllis Volhein, Staff Senate Chair, spoke on the organization of a

     Classified Staff Senate.  Twenty four members currently serve on the

     Classified Staff Affairs Committee (CSAC).  Its purpose is to open

     communication, focus on concerns of classified employees regarding state

     personnel policies and benefits, and to prepare for inclusion in the

     university governance system.  Their goal is to have an elected Staff

     Senate by 1991.


     Dr. David Ford, Associate Vice President for Facilities, opened by

     explaining that his department was a service organization of the campus

     community.  The Facilities Department will be prioritizing budget cuts

     with the three, five and seven percent possible budget cuts.


     Items discussed included:

     --Coal pile has been moved.  It was an environmental issue because

     Stroubles Creek runs through the area.  Coal is now trucked in daily from


     --The arboretum committee is working on the duck pond area.

     --A design manual is now in progress in concert with the master building

     plan.  In addition, a master facilities data base is being formed.

     --Mr. Alvarez has presented an asbestos management plan to the state.

     --VPI & SU has been working with the county to meet the Commonwealth's

     goal of recycling of solid waste disposal.

     --There is now a student nighttime auxiliary patrol (SNAP).  By next year

     we hope to have a shuttle around campus to help in the evening.  This

     would reduce the need for the escort service.

     --There is a bill in the House and Senate to build buildings using private

     money and, over time, we would pay for those buildings.  We have no

     authorization at this point.  This would enable us to build some office

     space and give up leased space.

     --A parking structure is in the discussion stage only with the town of


     --David Kapalko assumed the position of Director of Parking last week.  He

     is from George Mason University.

     --The Board of Visitors approved the dedication of land for an east-west

     connector road.  We tried to find a location that would have the least

     negative impact on the University.


  3.  Agenda


     The agenda was adopted with the addition of a resolution on financial

     exigency to be included before council, commission and committee reports

     and a resolution to request the student/administration ratio over the past

     ten years.


  4.  Minutes


     The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of January 9, 1990 were

     approved.  The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of February

     2, 1990 were accepted.


  5.  Resolution on Financial Exigency


     Senator Farkas submitted the following resolution:


     Given the financial shortfalls for which the University is preparing, the

     Faculty Senate instructs the President of the University to declare a

     state of financial exigency and form the ad hoc budgetary review committee

     as described in section 2.10.2 of the Faculty Handbook.


     This resolution was proposed given the statement in the Faculty Handbook,

     "A financial exigency is an imminent financial crisis that threatens the

     survival of the University and that cannot be alleviated by ordinary

     budgetary practices."


     Senator Barker moved to table the motion.  MOTION DEFEATED.


     Much discussion followed. A resolution was moved by Senator Bunce to

     revise the proposed resolution to read as follows:  Given the financial

     shortfalls for which the University is preparing, the Faculty Senate

     proposes that the President of the University form an ad hoc budgetary

     review committee as described in section 2.10.2 of the Faculty Handbook to

     participate in the necessary consultation on resolution of the current

     problems.  Motion carried unanimously.


  6. Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


     UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng-15 Jan and 29 Jan 90


     15 Jan:  First reading of CSA Resolution 1989-90 A, recommending that the

     Chief Justice of the Virginia Tech Honor System be a member of the

     Commission on Student Affairs.


     First reading of CSA Resolution 1989-90 B, recommending that the grade

     star sanction for Honor Code violations be deleted since it is unfair to

     upperclassmen, and that the number of community service hours as sanctions

     be changed from 25, 50 and 75 to 20, 40 and 80 hours.


     Initial discussion of the Report of the Task Force on the University

     Council, Standing University Commissions and Committees: Recommended

     Constitution and Bylaws Revisions, January 5, 1990.


     1. Add Commission on Academic and Institutional Support and Commission on

        Public Service (replacing Commission on Extension). (7 total)


     2. All committees would report to a commission, with three exceptions

        (Athletics, EOAA and Classified Staff).


     3. Committees would be chaired by non-administrative faculty.


     4. Commissions, not committees, would act on policy issues.


     5. Two models for University Council are presented: cabinet and



        The cabinet model membership:  President, Secretary, Provost, CBO, VP-

        Student Affairs, 3 deans, Director of AA, chairs of the 7 commissions

        (non-administrative faculty), staff rep, GSA Speaker, SGA President,

        RHF President. (20)


        The congressional model membership:  President, Secretary, Provost,

        CBO, VP-Treasurer, VP-Development, VP-InfoSystems, VP-Public Service,

        VP-Student Affairs, VP-Research, 8 deans, Director of AA, Director

        Libraries, Chair of CFA, 8 faculty from colleges, 7 faculty Senators,

        2 staff reps, 2 GSA, SGA Pres, SGA VP, Sr Class Pres, Jr Class Pres

        RHF Pres, Black Org Council rep. (46) Council membership now at 43.


     29 Jan:  Second Reading, CSA Resolution 1989-90 A, adding Chief Justice of

     Virginia Tech Honor System to CSA: motion to approve, seconded, passed.


     Second Reading, CSA Resolution 1989-90 B, concerning Honor System

     constitution: withdrawn.


     Further discussion of Report of the Task Force on University Council, etc.


     Announcement of legislative budget amendments submitted in Richmond for

     1990-91 biennium, totalling 22.6 million dollars, as well as two current

     year amendments (one for Equine Medical Center - 500k, and another

     requesting authorization of 25 million bond project for Student Recreation



     COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-6 Feb 90


     The "Report of the Task Force on University Council, Commissions and

     Committees, - Recommended Constitution and Bylaws Revisions" was reviewed

     by the Commission.  Since uniform agreement was not reached on the

     proposed models for the University Council, the Commission decided to take

     no stand related to a preference for any of the three proposals.  However,

     by consensus, the commission recommended that the proposed membership of

     the Commission on Public Service exclude the Senior Vice President and

     Provost in favor of either the Vice-Provost for Research or Dean of the

     Graduate School, but not both.


     The consensus of the Council was that the Cooperative Extension mission

     lacked adequate representation on the proposed Commission on Public

     Service.  Recommended potential additions to this Commission were (1) an

     elected representative of the Virginia Extension Service Association, (2)

     an elected representative of the Extension Extra-Collegiate Faculty

     Association, (3) one representative appointed by each of the Vice

     President for Public Service, Director of Cooperative Extension, and the

     Director of the Office of International Development.


     The Commission also recommended the establishment of four standing

     committees as follows with the chairs to serve as members of the

     Commission:  Cooperative Extension; Continuing Education; Economic

     Development; International.


     It was further recommended that the international dimensions of public

     service be included as a function for the Commission on Public Service and

     that the Commission take an assertive posture on public service and other

     outreach missions of the University.


     A review of proposals related to other university commissions and

     committees provided recommendations that (1) the Commission on Faculty

     Affairs have one elected representative of the extra collegiate extension

     Faculty (not the extra-collegiate cooperative Extension Faculty--an

     incorrect term); (2) a representative of extension should be added to the

     Library Committee and to the Employee Benefits Committee.


     COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-19 Jan and 2 Feb 90


     The Commission met twice with the following outcomes:


     1. No action is to be taken regarding limitation of the number of

     publications to be submitted in support of tenure/promotion. Proposed

     changes introduced too many problems and inequities.


     2. The Provost and Senior Vice President should continue to be a

     designated member of CFA in any proposed alteration of the membership.


     3. A report from the Chair of the Employee Benefits Committee, Dr. G. Rod

     Thompson, itemized answers to a list of written questions posed on behalf

     of CFA.  Major problems noted are the unbridled rise in medical care costs

     everywhere, and concomitant consequences locally for the change from the

     Cost Awareness to the Key Care program as a result of which Montgomery

     Hospital may well not be a provider-of-health-care institution for VPI&SU.


     4. After some discussion of a memorandum by the Provost giving his

     thoughts on the subject, the Commission sent back to University Council

     for second reading the CFA resolution 1988-89 D, which deals with the

     introduction of a fixed term for chairs/heads and directors and with

     procedures for renewal. Although the proposed changes soften the

     distinction between "heads" and "chairs" considerably, further discussion

     of that distinction was not ruled out. The resolution specifically

     proposes a modification of section 1.3.2, paragraph 4, of the Faculty





     Announcements of interest:


     1. Applications are up by about 6% compared to this time last year. For

     the most part, there are no delays in processing application, so if your

     department has fewer applications than in previous years, it is not the

     Graduate School's fault.


     2. There were to be tax seminars for interested graduate students on 9 and

     10 February. (Update: about 500 students attended.)


     A representative from the Graduate Student Assembly brought forth two

     items for our consideration:


     1. The suggestion of a book drop somewhere on campus near where one can

     park. No action was taken by the Commission at this time. (Update: I have

     learned that book drops used to exist, but suffered vandalism and weather

     damage to books. There is now at least one 10-minute-limit parking place

     near the library. Plus one can drop off books at branch libraries, and the

     Geology library in Derring has a book drop outside its door.)


     Gary Hooper gave us an update on the University in the 21st Century.


     A report from a Commission committee was presented summarizing suggested

     revisions to the Graduate Honor Code to make explicit reference to

     research misconduct as an honor code violation. The committee further

     suggested that "proactive" measures in the form of education on research

     ethics be provided. An NIH directive is going to require funded

     universities have some such program for students supported by NIH monies.


     The commission agreed to have its minutes put on to PROFS/INFO.


     COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Bunce-24 January 90


     There was a decided atmosphere of gloom as we discussed the budget.

     Most of the meeting was devoted to discussion of the reversions and future





     No Faculty Senators were able to attend, but the following items were



     --Study of compensation of student leaders--who and how much

     --Man/woman of the year--nominations open to all

     --Revision of class system constitution

     --Student leader eligibility standards and academic advising are under





     The major item of discussion at both meetings was the composition of the

     committee to study the core curriculum. At our last meeting, Provost

     Carlisle distributed 2 lists of names of potential committee members,

     insuring representation from all colleges, select department heads,

     Associate/Assistant Deans, students, and a representative from the SCHEV-

     funded Curriculum Transformation Project. Further suggestions and comments

     were welcomed.


     ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Saunders-25 Jan 90


     Tech is involved in discussion with 5 different conference affiliations,

     including 1) Metro:  voted to work on expansion and hired a consultant--12

     teams, all sports; 2) Eastern; 3) Atlantic 10; 4) Southeast: beginning to

     talk of expansion to 16 teams in two divisions; 5) Atlantic Coast: most

     feasible, each team makes 2 million each year.


     Second century campaign was launched with a goal of 17 million in

     scholarships, improvements, and athletic initiatives.


     NCAA convention results found Tech voting exactly as the overall results

     turned out.  The basketball season was shortened to 25 games; entering

     freshmen are eligible for summer financial aid; mandatory drug testing

     initiated; and mandatory disclosure of graduation rates.


     The committee discussed at length the issue of academics vs. athletics.

     Tech has more stringent admissions requirements (particularly math and

     science) than most of the teams it competes against while at the same time

     playing a very competitive schedule. This puts Tech coaches at a

     disadvantage in recruitment. The committee felt that the rigid admission

     requirements was a university-wide problem, and that such requirements are

     out of place in keeping with the diverse student population that is

     desired at Tech, particularly the recruitment of minority students. It was

     noted that Tech offers no support for students once admitted, such as

     remedial courses, and that this should be changed as a first step. The

     Provost is studying the matter and will speak at the next meeting.


     Jeff Bourne presented the year-end budget projections for the athletic

     department predicting a shortfall of $535,000. The majority of this loss

     is in the area of lease assessments. The university was to have set up an

     office in 1989 to collect monies generated from leasing athletic

     facilities, but this office was never formed so no monies were collected.


     BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-No meeting




     There have been changes in CNS. Now there is an umbrella organization,

     Communication Resources, headed by Earving Blythe, with four subgroups:


        1. Network Services (old CNS; headed by Judy Lilly, runs telephone

        utility, satellite uplinks and cable TV; 100% cost recovery; budget of

        10-12 million dollars)


        2. Network Research and Planning (headed by Theta Bowden, addresses

        the growing desire for high speed networks on campus and off)


        3. Media Services (directed by Tom Head, integrates print shop

        activities with graphic media services, 80-90% cost recovery)


        4. Learning Resources (headed by John Moore primarily involved with

        television and dynamic images, over 1/3 cost recovery)


     Theta Bowden presented an overview of his group's activities. Of

     particular interest are the possibility that in the near future there will

     be a computer mail facility available to all students (and others) which

     does not require having accounts on the mainframe computer, and a

     description of VERNET (Virginia Education and Research Network).


     There was a long discussion about the future role the committee will play.

     The suggestion made was that the committee become more proactive and help

     to formulate policy.


     COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-10 Jan and 7 Feb 90


     User Services' consulting office moved form Burruss Hall to the library in



     Mainframe utilization rates continue to grow at about the same rate as

     they have for the past few years. VM1 utilization during January 1990 was

     up 20% over January 1989. The number of simultaneous logged users on VM1

     approaches 1000 at times.


     Usage levels on VM2 have doubled in the past year, primarily due to the

     addition of the CAD/CAM system.


     The MVS system is close to full saturation and has been sustaining very

     high paging rates. Although special measures were taken to ensure the

     smooth functioning of the last student registration, the system was very

     close to its limit, and additional measures will have to be taken before

     the next registration.


     The gradual increase in utilization has had little impact on general users

     thus far, though throughput on numerically intensive jobs has degraded

     significantly. When full saturation is reached, however, the effect is

     usually dramatic. Since the systems are not far from true saturation,

     measures to decrease usage may have to be taken soon if funds are not

     available to upgrade the computers. The computer committee will consider

     recommending measures to deal with the problem.


     One measure that has already been taken has been to adjust rates to

     encourage night usage. Currently, the cost of running an interactive job

     during the day is 18 times the cost of running it under night and evening

     VM Batch.


     With the current state revenue shortfall, the University's request for a

     special initiative for central computing, while viewed favorably by the

     state, is unlikely to be funded.


     EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-19 Jan 90


     The committee voted unanimously to go on record as recommending that the

     University begin a wellness program for all employees.


     Doug Martin will try to schedule representatives from CommonHealth at our

     next meeting. CommonHealth is the comprehensive health promotion program

     currently sponsored by the state.


     The Peer Institution Assessment was discussed. A summary of a survey that

     was completed by another institution was made available to the committee.


     The Flexible Spending Plan was discussed. The July 1, 1990 date is still

     expected for payment of Health Care coverage from pre-tax dollars. More is

     expected on January 1, 1991 although it is unclear exactly what will be

     included at that time.


     Concerns were expressed with regard to education of employees in the

     mechanics and constraints of the flexible spending plan.


     There was a discussion of the use of Summer School credits in computing

     retirement/life insurance benefits. The majority of the discussion

     centered around summer research grants with the question of whether the

     University charged overhead on grant work completed in the summer in the

     same fashion as grant work completed during the academic year. If the

     overhead rate includes fringe benefits for research carried out in the

     summer, then there is concern that benefits may not be credited properly

     under the current system. A representative from Grants and Contracts will

     be invited to the next meeting to discuss this concern.


     There was little support for the prospects of using summer school pay in

     computing benefits.


     There was an update from Ken Martin on the three VSRS topics he and Doug

     Martin took to the Virginia Governmental Employee's Association (VGEA).

     William Drake, the area representative of VGEA, said that these concerns

     will be discussed with the appropriate state legislators.


     Doug Martin gave the committee an update on the Cost Awareness/Key Care

     issue. It continues to be uncertain as to whether this institution will be

     forced to Key Care.


     The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for March 9, 1990 in the

     Pamplin Board Room.






     (Unable to attend last meeting because of class conflict.)


     LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-10 Jan and 7 Feb 90


     10 Jan:  Two issues were discussed:  access versus ownership and library

     space needs.  At the present rate of material acquisition, the Newman

     Library will be filled by 1993.


     7 Feb:  (Not in attendance) The agenda listed reports on the cancellation

     of international newspapers and of the "space committee."  The charge to

     the space committee is attached.


     The library policy for handling serials cancellation, if necessary, was to

     be discussed.


     The report of the Study Group on Library Materials Pricing Policies was

     released.  A copy is available in the Faculty Senate Office (attached to

     13 February minutes).




     SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting




     The Chair expressed a concern to clarify the status of awards made by the

     Committee.  These awards are not personal awards that may be spent at the

     discretion of the faculty member to whom the award is made.  Rather, they

     are awards made to a specific individual, in support of the particular

     activity described in that person's proposal (usually international

     travel).  There are cases where the funds awarded by the Committee cannot

     be spent on the approved activity.  Recently, for example, several faculty

     received support to attend a meeting in Puerto Rico which was postponed

     when the hotel in which they were to meet was damaged by a hurricane.  In

     such cases the funds revert, and in future "shutdown notices" will be

     issued 90 days after the activity for which the grant was made.  (It will

     still be possible to request a no-cost extension in cases where it is

     impossible to use the award funds within 90 days.)


     In other business, the Chair noted that this year, total allocation

     through the Committee, projected as $100,000, had been successfully

     defended; that a review of the allocation will occur after a further year,

     and that an increased allocation will be requested at that time.


     The Chair also noted that the pattern of requests in previous years makes

     it likely that a summer meeting of the Committee will be required, and

     asked that the Senate take appropriate steps to appoint representatives

     for the period from May to July.



     Polan-31 Jan 90


     1) a parking manager has been hired.  David Kapalko reported for work

     February 5.  He had been in a similar position at George Mason University.


     2) Richard Alvarez described the steps taken and considerations in

     developing the upcoming operating budget.


     3) Lt. Woods described changes in parking upon initiation of Wallace Hall



     4) a Sub-Committee to revise Rules and Regulations for the upcoming year

     was appointed and given their charge.


     5) Dr. Ford updated the Committee on discussion with Town officials

     concerning parking facilities.  They are in the talking stage--no

     commitments have been made.


     FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-No meeting


     Following up on discussion at the last meeting, I spoke to Fred Carlisle

     about the request to the Faculty Senate of Virginia for a "faculty view"

     on the proposed Woodrow Wilson College, indicating (1) we were concerned

     about the college being singled out for attention, and (2) as faculty, we

     knew too little ourselves about the college to allow us to respond.


     I also spoke to the so-called "FSV Lobbyist," suggesting that he urge

     legislators to consider all proposals for addressing the projected growth

     in demand for undergraduate places (not just Woodrow Wilson) in light of

     the report of the Commission on the University of the 21st Century.


     The Executive Committee of FSV had their regular meeting with Gordon

     Davies and the SCHEV staff on 19 January.  Unfortunately, I was in London

     at the time. Nothing very notable, beyond what we have read in the press.

     SCHEV has adopted the Commission's 10 criteria for guiding growth.  The

     criteria may be legislated to become state policy.


     There is also some discussion of giving each university an amount equal to

     150% of the average faculty salary and requiring a match from the

     university--the proceeds to be used to plan for implementation of the

     Commission's recommendations.




     The National Speakers Forum has been dissolved and the Provost has

     established a Distinguished Speakers Series to be funded with $45,000 for

     the 1990-91 academic year.








     Senator Duke proposed a resolution that the administrator/student ratio

     for the university over the past ten years be determined.  After a

     discussion about how administrator should be defined, Senator Duke

     withdrew his motion.  He will work with Senator Ventre on how accurate

     figures might be obtained.



  The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Rosemary Carucci Goss, Secretary







                         Treasurer's Report

                            March 5, 1990


  Balance on hand, 5 February 1990                                 $247.25


  No deposits or withdrawals


  Balance on hand, 5 March 1990                              247.25

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