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January 12, 1990


         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                           January 9 1990


                           32 Pamplin Hall


                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:Senators Barker, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Canestero, Falkingham

          for Birch, Conn, Crittenden, de Wolf, Falkingham for Dudley, Dugger,

          Duke, Eiss, Etgen, Geller, Geyer, Goss, Hillison, Kingston, Kriz,

          McDaniels, Marriott, Morrill, O'Neil, Polan, Saunders, Scanlon,

          Snoke, Sorrentino, Thompson, Ventre, Webster, Wokutch.


  Absent: Senators Arnold, Farkas, Walker.


  Visitors:Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum).


     President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. and welcomed



  1.  Announcements


     a. Executive officers or Senate President have met with the following

        during the month:


        1.   Provost Carlisle and discussed the need for more frequent

             publication of Spectrum.


        2.   Meeting with Provost Carlisle, Vice President Ridenour and Ms.

            Johnston concerning the 2% budget reversion.  A tax on salary

            savings within the instructional, research, and extension

            divisions, along with position freezes and the cancellation of

            the in-service conference for extension will achieve the 2%



     b. The idea of closing the University between Christmas and New Year's

        has been dropped.


     c. Senator Hillison will represent the Senate on the searchcommittee for

        the Vice President for Public Service.


     d. Senate Cabinet meeting of March 2 is rescheduled for February 23.

        Senate meeting of April 10 is rescheduled for April 12 (same room).

        Senator Dudley is planning to conduct constitution vote in March after



     e. The Provost and Vice President of Finance will hold a meeting for

        Faculty Senate members and department heads on January 19 to discuss

        the budget and other items.




  2. Program


     Mr. Wayland Winstead, Planning Coordinator, discussed the planning process

     at Virginia Tech. Institutional research has been moved from the

     President's staff to Provost's office.  A national search is underway to

     hire a University Director of Planning.


     Workshops were conducted in the fall.  We are 2-3 weeks behind and are

     trying to catch up so a first draft of the plan can be published by April

     18.  In the Fall we will have workshops to discuss the proposed plan.

     Changes will be incorporated, and the plan presented to the Board of

     Visitors at their December meeting.


     Winstead stated that the university lacks a tradition of involving

     faculty, staff and students in the decision-making process.  About 500

     people participated in the workshops held during the fall.  Faculty

     evaluations were somewhat less positive than those of others who



     There will be a series of open forums on the International Programs

     Committee report and "The Case for Change."  Workshops will be conducted

     on the overall plan which will state goals for the university.  These

     workshops will be held with various groups, both on and off campus.


     Spectrum will be used to distribute major reports related to university

     planning.  An electronic bulletin board on the computer system is

     available.  Users can view and print reports, as well as comment and ask



     Winstead concluded by saying that this plan will impact the 1992-94

     biennium.  He stated that in the end someone will have to decide what the

     final plan will be and faculty will decide whether or not to follow.  "An

     effective plan will be one people will follow because they agree with it

     and support it."


  3.  Agenda


     The agenda as presented was adopted.


  4.  Minutes


     The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of December 12, 1989 were

     approved with editorial corrections.

     The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of December 18, 1989

     were accepted.


  5.  Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


     UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng-No meeting


     COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-No meeting



     COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator Baumgartner-5 Dec 89


     The Commission approved a request from an instructor in the Extension

     Division who is being considered for promotion to assistant professor and

     is also pursuing a doctoral degree on campus to waive the Faculty Handbook

     clause barring faculty at the rank of assistant professor and above from

     pursuing degrees, should the promotion be granted.  The Commission

     continued its discussion of whether there ought to be a limit on the

     number of publications to be considered in promotion/tenure cases.  No

     resolution of the problem was reached.


     COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Snoke-No meeting


     COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Arnold-No meeting


     COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS-Senator Geyer-No meeting




     The resolution concerning interim grades for freshmen sent from the

     January Faculty Senate meeting was passed with one change.  Item 5 was

     modified to read that a copy of the report of the grades will be sent to

     the student's college and (changed from or) department of record.  One

     course from Agriculture Engineering was approved.  The Provost circulated

     a paper regarding the core curriculum and a liberal education.  He

     announced the formation of a committee to report back to him by March

     1991. The possibility of phone registration was discussed. This will be



     ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Saunders-13 Dec 89


     Dave Braine was asked about the two basketball games played during final

     exam week.  These games were scheduled a year ago and the opposing team

     would not change the schedule when asked by Virginia Tech to do so.  Dave

     is receiving pressure from students to add women's soccer to the list of

     varsity sports.  Currently there are 11 men's and 7 women's sports.  Dave

     has said before that the next sport added would be a women's sport and it

     would be soccer.  He requested the committee's input about this addition,

     but no conclusion was reached.  The recent report in the press of

     expanding the Southeast Conference to include Tech is false.


     Spectrum is willing to have an athletic column added to the publication.

     Jeff Bourne discussed the results of the internal audit conducted in June,

     1989.  The athletic department is also included in the university's annual

     audit conducted by state.  The results of the audit were good.


     Jerry Via distributed a report on student athlete's progress toward

     meeting core requirements.  Athletes are making good progress toward their

     degrees.  An algebra review course for no credit is being given to

     students to help those deficient in math skills.

     The committee reviewed the important proposals under discussion at the

     upcoming NCAA convention.  Tech has been chosen by the NCAA as one of five

     schools to be a test site for a new software program on NCAA rules and



     BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-No meeting




     COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-No meeting


     EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-No meeting






     LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-No meeting




     SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting




     Twenty-five proposals were considered; twenty proposals were funded and

     five declined.  The maximum award was $800.00 for requests of $1,000.00.




     ADVISING TASK FORCE-Senator Etgen-No meeting


     FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-No meeting


     We have had a request from the legislative lobbyist for 1) view of Faculty

     Senate of Virginia on the proposal for the Woodrow Wilson College, and 2)

     faculty assistance in making sure that the legislature does not reduce

     benefits when bringing the retirement system into compliance with federal

     laws (active lobbying may be necessary).


     A number of resolutions are under consideration by the FSV:  1) faculty

     involvement in budgetary matters, 2) faculty interaction with Boards of

     Visitors, and 3) adoption--by faculties statewide--of AAUP statement on

     plagiarism, faculty tenure, and end of mandatory retirement.




     Commencement 1990 will take place at 9 a.m. in Lane Stadium.  Weather

     permitting, students will be seated on the grass.  They ceremony will last

     approximately one hour.  Doctoral students will not be named individually,

     nor will they receive their diplomas at the university ceremony.  Governor

     Wilder has accepted the invitation to speak.










  The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Rosemary Carucci Goss, Secretary




                         Treasurer's Report

                          February 5, 1990


  Balance on hand, 3 January 1990                                 $247.25


  No deposits or withdrawals


  Balance on hand, 5 February 1990                           247.25

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