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May 8, 1990




         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                             May 8, 1990


                           32 Pamplin Hall


                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:Senators Arnold, Barker, Batie, Baumgartner, Bunce, Canestaro, Conn,

          Crittenden, de Wolf, Etgen, Farkas, Geyer, Goss, Hillison, Kingston,

          Kriz, Marriott, O'Neil, Kornegey for Polan, Salvaggio, Saunders,

          Scanlon, Snoke, Falkingham for Sorrentino, Thompson, Wade for

          Ventre, Walker, Webster.


  Absent: Senators Beyer, Birch, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Eng, Geller,

          McDaniels, Morrill, Flick, Wokutch.


  Visitors:New senators Feret, Landon, Mandelstamm, Miller, Murray, Rakes,

          Simmons, Wang, Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum).


     President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. and welcomed

     guests and new Senators.



  1.  Announcements


     1.  Senator Goss presented a plaque on behalf of the Faculty Senate to

     President Scanlon for his outstanding leadership for the past year.


     2.  President Scanlon attended graduation in Northern Virginia.


     3.  Faculty Senate officers met with Mr. Ridenour, Executive Vice

     President and Chief Business Officer.


     4.  Faculty Senate retreat will be held May 11 at the Hethwood Clubhouse

     (the one nearest the bank).


  2.  Agenda


     The agenda was adopted as submitted.


  3.  Minutes


     The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of April 12, 1990 were

     approved. The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of April

     13, 1990 were accepted.


   5.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports


     UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Eng-16 Apr and 3 May 90


     16 April:

     First reading of CUS resolution 1989-90 B, replacing Policy Memorandum

     41.1.  The resolution 1) directs the secretary of CUS to maintain a file

     of all degree requirement checklists, particularly including options, 2)

     requires the adoption of procedures to assist departments and colleges in

     the revision and implementation of curricula changes and graduation

     checklists, and 3) requires a formal approval process for the appearance

     of an option on the transcript, the request to accompany the request for

     approval of the option or concentration.


     Second reading of CFA resolution 1989-90 A, establishing the principle

     that department or division chairs, heads and directors will serve for

     fixed length terms, specified by the department or division, and placing

     language into the Faculty Handbook to that effect.  After some questions

     and discussion, the resolution was approved.  (Note:  this has since

     resulted in a Policy Memorandum from the President to this effect.)


     Second reading of CUS resolution 1989-90 A, requiring that midterm grades

     be provided to first-semester undergraduate students.  The resolution was



     The University Communications Network Committee was renamed the University

     Communications Resources Committee.


     James Johnson was announced as the new director of Virginia Cooperative



     Dr. McComas led a discussion of the problems that Black students continue

     to face at Virginia Tech.  He plans a fall meeting with deans, department

     heads and Faculty Senate leaders to increase awareness of these problems

     and work on solutions.


     3 May:

     Second reading of CUS resolution 1989-90 B, regarding guidelines for

     undergraduate degree requirement changes.  The resolution was approved.


     COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-no meeting


     COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-20 Apr 90


     The Commission approved a request from a faculty member to obtain a degree

     in another department as a requirement for a professional license.  The

     discussion on the effects of elimination of mandatory retirement of

     faculty upon the university community was continued with Phil Sheldon

     (Institutional Research) and James Wolfe (Provost's Office).  The need for

     phased retirement programs was reiterated.




     A resolution was passed (copy attached) reinstating "D" grades for

     graduate students.  The resolution is being passed on to University



     At an earlier meeting (6 December 89) the Commission had agreed upon

     rewording for the various graduate assistantships and had renamed the

     "Graduate Assistant" to be "Graduate Support Specialist."  At the 18 April

     meeting, wording was again fine-tuned, and the name "Graduate Support

     Staff" was introduced as the preferred name for that kind of



     Subsequent to the meeting it was announced (in a 30 April memo from the

     Provost to the Faculty and reported in Spectrum, 3 May 1990) that the

     graduate school was being reorganized.  Effective this July 1 the deanship

     of the graduate school will no longer be a separate post:  Gary Hooper

     will take on that responsibility.  His title will change from Vice Provost

     for Research and Graduate Studies to Vice Provost for Research and Dean of

     the Graduate School.  Dean Teekell will take a sabbatical at the

     University of Georgia before rejoining the Poultry Science Department.


     COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Bunce-no meeting


     COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS-Senator Geyer-no meeting




     CUS met twice--for its last meeting of the year, and for a special meeting

     to further deliberate on unresolved issues concerning the core curriculum.

     The Commission agreed to allow courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

     that were approved by faculty for the core, but "administratively deleted"

     when streamlining the core several years ago, to now satisfy core

     curriculum requirements.  This will ease the burden on both Humanities and

     Social Sciences departments in staffing core courses that are either

     approaching or exceeding capacity enrollments.  The Commission also agreed

     to proceed with the implementation of a Black Studies Concentration,

     although this concentration has not gone through all levels of curriculum

     approval.  Further discussion of the Black Studies Concentration will take

     place at University Council.


     ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Saunders-19 Apr 90


     The fundraising campaign for athletics has raised over 6 million dollars

     to date.


     Eight students are being considered for special admission to Tech that are

     not athletes.  These are principally in music and art.


     The athletic department budget will finish the year with a $215,000

     deficit as predicted at the beginning of the year.  This deficit will be

     covered by the reserve fund, so that the balance becomes 0 as required.


     A marketing report has been completed for the athletic department

     concerning the selling of season tickets in football and basketball.  Two

     additional people have been hired in the department to sell corporate and

     season tickets as per the report's recommendation.  Corporate tents will

     be started next football season.


     A subcommittee was formed to review admission requirements as it pertains

     to the university's plan of having a diverse student population that

     includes minorities and those with special talents, such as in art or

     athletics.  This committee will meet over the summer and give its report

     at the first meeting of the athletic committee in the fall.  A discussion

     of the report centered around the committee that was formed to review

     admissions.  Senator Arnold reported that the Executive Vice President of

     Finance stated to the University Council that he and the Provost were not

     in favor of lowering the requirements.


     BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-no meeting




     The name change is now official:  At the 16 April University Council

     meeting, the President verbally agreed that henceforth the Committee is

     the University Communications Resources Committee.


     Mr. Bruce Harper, the manager of the administrative information system,

     informed us that the mainframe computer INFO system provides a possible

     repository for administrative or university policies which come out of the

     UCRC.  After "policies" which have been passed by the Committee have been

     put into the appropriate format, they will be passed on to Council with

     our recommendations as to which would be administrative policy and which

     would be university policy.  Those policies accepted and/or approved by

     Council would then be added to the INFO database.  A request was made that

     the INFO system be made available to network users in such a way that

     would not require logging on to the IBM mainframe.  This will be discussed

     further at the next meeting.


     There was a discussion about the "status" of Network Services.  We were

     informed that the status of Network Services as an auxiliary operation

     cannot be changed.  There is some flexibility as to whether some services,

     such as modems, could be considered in the Computing Center domain rather

     than Network Services, but Bob Heterick pointed out that the different

     groups had different priorities as well as cost structures.  Hence a

     different home may not necessarily lead to better service.


     COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-no report


     EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-no meeting






     LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-no report




     The Committee was updated on the financial aid picture for the 1989-90

     academic year.  In-state students received close to 100% of their

     financial aid needs through a combination of grants, loans, and work;

     grants made up about 50% of the aid received.  Out-of-state students had a

     lower percentage of their needs met, with most of this coming from loans

     rather than grants.


     The committee then discussed whether the Freshman Rule should be used in

     calculating eligibility for continued holding of merit-based scholarships,

     and for award of merit-based scholarships.  The committee approved a

     motion that the Freshman Rule should be applied in these cases.


     The committee approved a motion that a student who loses a merit-based

     scholarship because he or she fails to meet the QCA requirements of that

     scholarship will not automatically be reawarded the scholarship if he or

     she subsequently meets the QCA requirements.  Implicit in this motion was

     the understanding that these ground rules will be stated clearly when the

     award is offered.


     The committee approved a motion to ask the Virginia Tech Foundation for a

     grant of $10,000 to be used for merit-based scholarships for upper-class





     A memorandum from R. Hall informed the Committee that for several years

     awards have exceeded expenditure, creating a small reserve, which is now

     available to supplement the annual allocation of $100,000.  After a

     discussion the committee recorded its decision to add $15,000 to the

     annual allocation for each of the next three years, with the aim of

     justifying an increased annual allocation of $115,000 at the end of that



     The Chair informed the committee that an additional appropriation of

     $10,000 will now be available annually to make awards to non-teaching

     professionals who are not currently eligible for Supplemental Grants.

     Guidelines for making these awards will follow those for regular faculty

     as closely as possible.  Priority will be given to awards that support

     professional development while attracting renown to the university.  The

     ideal basis for an award from this committee continues to be an invitation

     to present a paper at an international meeting.


     Fifty-one proposals were considered.  Forty-three awards were made, seven

     denied, and two returned for resubmission.




     FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-no meeting


     FACULTY SUPPORT COMMITTEE-Senator Snoke-committee will resume meeting in

     the fall




     Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Reductions-Senator Conn-


     Senator Conn addressed some of the questions he had received as a member

     of the ad hoc committee.  Senator Arnold encouraged the Senate next year

     to pass a resolution at the first meeting to be pro-active and have

     faculty input in the budget process.


     Waste Policy Institute-Senator Conn-


     The Waste Policy Institute is "up and running."  It now has six full-time

     employees and has opened a branch office in Germantown, MD.  It is still

     working on a Board of Directors.




     In response to Senator Baumgartner's question about the governance forum,

     President Scanlon announced that it had to be postponed until fall because

     of scheduling conflicts.  Also, Senator Baumgartner asked that the Ethics

     and Faculty Review Committees give a statistical report to the Faculty





     Elections were held for University Council, Commissions, and certain

     Faculty Senate committees by separate ballots, and the following were



     University Council:         Batie (AGEC), Crittenden (EF)


     Commission on Faculty Affairs:Geyer (AGEC), Falkingham (BIOL)


     Commission on Graduate Studies:O'Neil (ACCT), Snoke (GEOLSCI)


     Commission on Research:     Scanlon (FIW)


     Commission on Student Affairs:Miller (PHIL), Mandelstamm (ECON)


     Commission on Undergraduate

       Studies:                  Diesenroth (IEOR), Etgen (DASC), Murray (MATH)


     Faculty Senate Cabinet

     Ex Officio:                 Eng, Hillison, Geyer

     Architecture & Urban Affairs:Wong

     Arts & Sciences:            Farkas (MATH)

     Business:                   O'Neil (ACCT)

     Engineering:                Eiss (ME)

     Human Resources:            Canestaro (HIDM)

     Library:                    Kriz


     Committee on Committees:    Flick (FST), Walker (CE), Batie (AGEC)


     Credentials and Elections:  Feret (FOR), Brown (IEOR), Parsons (HIDM)


     Arts and Sciences Executive

       Committee Liaison Rep.:   Kingston (CHEM)


     A single ballot was used to elect individuals for positions where more

     than one name was to be submitted to the university for a given position.

     The following names were submitted:


     Athletic Committee:         Baumgartner, Benfield, Mandelstamm, Nachlas


     Building Committee:         Kirk, Teske, Parsons, Ventre, Wong


     Computer Committee:         Tront, Webster


     Communications Network Services:Snoke, Tront


     Employee Benefits:          Eustis, Mandelstamm


     Faculty Senate of Virginia: Scanlon


     Honor System Review Board:  Pitt, Yates


     Honorifics Committee:       ADP--Duncan, C. William Smith

                                 AFS--Conn, Eustis


     Intellectual Properties:    Copyright--Armstrong, McGilliard, Ney, Ramu

                                 Patents--Falkingham, Flick, Grayson, Ramu


     Library:                    de Wolf, Stahl


     Parking/Transportation:     Lux, Miller


     Reconciliation:             de Wolf, Simmons (both will serve)


     Scholarship/Financial Aid:  Bell, Goss, James, Lytton, Olin, Richardson,

                                 Smith, Waggenspack


     Student Budget Board:



     The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.



  Respectfully submitted,




  Rosemary Carucci Goss, Secretary






                            Treasurer's Report

                              April 23, 1990



  Balance on hand, 23 April 1990                                  $ 45.78


  Flowers for two secretaries in Provost's office

   who work for Faculty Senate                                       9.38


  Balance on hand, 1 June 1990                                      36.40

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