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April 23, 1991



         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                           April 23, 1991

                           32 Pamplin Hall

                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:  Senators Asche, Barbeau, Barker, Batie, Canestaro,

            Carrig, Clowes, Crittenden, deWolf, Eng, Etgen,

            Falkinham, Farkas, Feret, Fern, Ficenec, Geyer,

            Hasselman, Hillison, Holtzman, Hult, Jones, Kerns,

            Marriott, McDaniels, Michelsen, Miller, Murray, Norstedt,

            Olin, Pierce, Rakes, Richardson, Saunders, Scanlon,

            Snoke, Sorrentino, Teske for Brown, Tideman, Walker,

            Wang, Webb, Webster, Williams, Wright.


  Absent:   Senators Baumgartner, Bunce, Diesenroth, Eiss, Flick,

            Hicks, Kingston, Landen, Parsons, Simmons, Thompson,



  Visitors: Pam Orcutt          Classified Staff Affairs Committee

            John Ashby          Spectrum

            Larry D. Moore      Plant Pathology, Chairman Joint Task

                                Force on University Council,

                                Commissions and Committees.



  1.   Call to Order


       President Eng called the meeting to order and welcomed guests

       and new Senators.


  2.   Announcements


       Senate Officers meet with the Provost/President.  Vice-

       President Hillison presented a gift from the Senate to

       acknowledge his effort and hard work on behalf of the Senate.

       Senator Snoke acknowledged appreciation for thorough reports.


  3.   Agenda


       The agenda was adopted.


  4.   Approval of Minutes


       The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of April 9, 1991

       were approved with the following corrections:  Senators

       Ficenec and Williams were added as members present and May 8

       was changed to April 9 and May 24 to March 24, 1991.


  5.   Program:  Elections


       University Council:  Bunce, Ficenec, Holtzman

       Commission on Extension:  Marriott, Michelsen

       Commission on Faculty Affairs:  Williams (3), Richardson (1),

         McDaniels (1 for Geyer)

       Commission on Research:  Olin

       Commission on Undergraduates:  Feret


       Senate Committees:


            a) Cabinet


               Agriculture                Geyer - ex officio

               Architecture               Wang

               Arts & Sciences            Falkinham - ex officio

               Business                   Rakes

               Education                  Hillison - ex officio

               Engineering                deWolf

               Extension                  Jones

               Human Resources            Canestaro

               Library                    Norstedt

               Vet Medicine               Carrig


            b) Committee on Committees:  Richardson, Pierce


            c) Credentials and Election:  Richardson, Fern, Asche


            d) Faculty Senate of Virginia:  Eiss, Baumgartner, Eng


       Faculty Senate Recommendations To University Committees-

       (ranked by vote)


            a) Athletics:  Ficenec, Clowes


            b) Benefits:   Hicks, Jones, Neu, Hardell, Jaasma,

                           Spahr, Mostagimi, Bunce


            c) Honorifics:


                i.  Alumni Award:  Flick, Marriott

               ii.  Academy of Teaching Excellence:  Sorrentino,



            d) Parking:  Trani, McMillan


       IPC Copyright:  Armstrong, Bunce, McMullen, Taylor, Kornegay,



       IPC Patents:  Webb, Stallmann, Barbeau, Bell


       Scholarships and Financial Aid:  Sorrentino, Olin

       Reconciliation:  Farkas


       VTIP:  Michelsen


       VPI Facilities:  Eng


       Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Managerial Excellence:  Robinson


  6.   Unfinished Business


       A.  University Seal--A motion of non-support of the new

           University Seal/Stationary was made and seconded.  After

           debate, it was moved and seconded that the issue be

           tabled.  The motion to table was passed with near

           unanimous support.


       B.  Revision of University Constitution--Senate thoughts on

           the proposed University Constitution were solicited.


           The Senate was asked its sense as to the advisability of

           the following issues:


               1)  Separate Undergraduate and Graduate Commission or

                   a Joint Academic Commission.  The consensus of

                   the Senate was for separate commissions.


               2)  A separate Extension and Research Commission or

                   a Joint Extension and Research Commission.


                   The Senate favored separate Commissions for each.

                   Public Service and Extension would be together in

                   either case.


               3)  No seat, one seat for Afro-Americans or a

                   separate seat for Afro-American Undergraduate and

                   Afro-American Faculty/Staff on University

                   Council.  The Senate favored no specified seat

                   for a minority interest.


                   The Senate voted 36-1 in favor of supporting the

                   revision of University Council Constitution.


       C.  Special Admissions--The Senate discussed the following



                           RESOLUTION 91-B


       Whereas, admissions standards are an academic matter

       established through the governance system, and


       Whereas, special admissions are an academic matter and should

       therefore be approved by the various bodies of the governance

       system, and

       Whereas, the special admissions procedures which are presently

       in effect have never been voted upon by the various bodies of

       the governance system, and


       Whereas, the entrance requirements (minimum required units),

       as stated on page 14 of the 1991-92 Virginia Tech

       Undergraduate Catalog, do not even meet the 22-unit Advanced

       Studies Diploma requirement established by the Commonwealth of

       Virginia for students planning to attend college,


       Be It Resolved, that all students matriculating to Virginia

       Polytechnic Institute and State University meet the entrance

       requirements (minimum required units) printed on page 14 of

       the 1991-92 Virginia Tech Undergraduate Catalog.


           The Senate officers discussed admissions with the Provost.

       It was agreed that admissions standards and policy is the

       prerogative of the Senate/Faculty.  The Provost would not

       oppose a general review unless it had recently been done.

       Last review was undertaken in 1987.


           The following concerns were expressed by Senators:

               -   Should special admissions be tied to graduation


               -   Should every student denied admissions be allowed

                   to appeal?

               -   What was the reason for increased numbers of

                   special admissions?

               -   How is the appeal committee appointed? Who should

                   be on the committee?

               -   Special admissions has been increased from +% to

                   1%.  Nineteen were allowed last year.

               -   One-half of special admissions are non athletics.

               -   Some faculty expressed grave concern over the

                   methods of admissions.

               -   The outcome of special admissions should be


               -   The appeals process should be advertized.

               -   Adequate faculty oversight should be established.


           It was moved to take Resolution 91-B from the table.  The

           resolution was defeated with 6 in favor and 18 opposed.

           The issue was be placed on the retreat agenda for the



       D.  Resolution 91-A from the College of Human Resources.


       WHEREAS the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and

       State University may be facing another round of

       cuts in 1991 due to the economic shortfall in the

       Commonwealth of Virginia and


       WHEREAS this same university is a caring and

       fair-minded community and


       WHEREAS furloughs would allow this university

       community to share the burden of this shortfall in

       a humane fashion and


       WHEREAS this university cannot afford the loss of

       more faculty, staff, and graduate assistants to do

       the high quality teaching, research, and extension

       for which this university is known,


       BE IT RESOLVED that the faculty of Virginia

       Polytechnic Institute and State University favors a

       plan of furloughs rather than lay-offs, whenever

       possible, to meet whatever mandated cuts are

       forthcoming from the governor's office.


           The issue has been discussed with the President.  He has

       reviewed communication from the faculty of the College of

       Human Resources.  Believing that revenue projects are more

       positive, the Senate did not believe that the resolution was

       timely and no one moved to take the resolution from the table.



  7.   New Business


       Public Service Academy Resolution - Commission on Extension

       resolution 1990-91-A (SEE ATTACHMENT).  It was moved and

       seconded that the Senate support the establishment of a Public

       Service Academy patterned after the Academy of Teaching



       The following issues were raised:


       A.  How would this work in practice?

       B.  How would non extension/non agricultural faculty


       C.  Commission on Faculty Affairs was not supportive and found

           no justification for the Academy.

       D.  People in extension seem to be getting adequate


       E.  No definition of public service exists.

       F.  Concern over dilution of prestige of Academy of Teaching.

       G.  Should the Alumni Award for Extension be reestablished as

           the Alumni Public Service Award?

       H.  How should this be disassociated with Extension?


       The senate voted 7 in favor, 10 against, and 6 abstentions on

       the Resolution to establish the Academy of Public Service.


       B.  Senator Holtzman was elected to represent Arts and Science

           faculty on the Arts and Science Council.

  8.   Council, Commission and Committee Reports


        The following were received by the Senate:




       The tuition plan which proposed a tuition increase to provide

       the $7.3M authorized by the legislature and 700 graduate

       assistant tuition waivers was revealed to the committee. This

       is the plan that the committee supported in the last meeting.

       The plan will go to the president and then to the BOV.


       The Resource Allocation Principles and Criteria were

       presented. They had been modified as a result of suggestions

       made by the committee. These modifications included 100% of

       earned salary savings to be returned to the college, new

       degree programs were removed from the list of highest

       priorities, standard promotion bonuses would be made, and

       expenditures for the operation and maintenance of the physical

       plant were included. The total amount available for allocation

       is $7.3M for tuition increases and approximately $1M carryover



       A summary of the total effect of the budget reductions was

       presented.  The total of $86.2 M includes the estimated

       reduction from round 4 of $10.4M, frozen funds for capital

       projects of $27.7M, and the tuition offsets of $16.6M.  328

       positions were eliminated and 49 employees were laid off in

       rounds 1 & 2.


       A summary of the college and administration requests for the

       $8.3M which is available totaled $12M. At the next committee

       meeting a plan of allocating the resources will be presented.


       The committee received a report on faculty retirement plan

       options. This topic will be discussed at a future meeting

       after the committee members have had an opportunity to read

       the report.


       ATHLETIC COMMITTEE--Senator Baumgartner--11 Apr 91


       Mr. Braine introduced the new basketball coach, Mr. Bill

       Foster.  Mr. Foster's contract is for four years at $95,000 a

       year.  It was noted that Mr. Foster has a graduation rate of

       90% for those players who have played four years for him at

       the universities where he has previously coached.


       The addition of three schools to the Metro Conference was

       discussed.  It is expected that Tulane will announce its

       withdrawal from the Metro by the end  of April.  The seasons

       of the spring sports were reviewed up to now.  In particular

       both men's and women's tennis teams are doing well.

       An analysis of the grade point averages of scholarship

       football players was given out.  It shows that their grades

       have been steadily improving since 1984, and if the players

       stay on track, there ought to be a dramatic increase in the

       number of them who graduate in five years.


       COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS--Senator Kriz--12 Apr 91




       Geographic transfer:  J. Cain, University Counsel, described

       the University's Moving and Relocation Expenses Policy and

       discussed its implications for the proposed geographic

       transfer policy.  The Moving and Relocation Expenses Policy

       defines allowable moving expenses and the procedures for

       obtaining reimbursement.  Following the discussion, final

       wording was devised for the proposed Policy on Geographical

       Transfer so as to include reference to the Moving and

       Relocation Expenses Policy.  The Commission voted to recommend

       the adoption of the proposed Policy on Geographical Transfer

       and to recommend that it be included in the Faculty Handbook.


       There was discussion of the contractual status of the Faculty

       Handbook and the prerogatives of the Board of Visitors in

       modifying the provisions of the Handbook in relation to

       furloughs and financial exigency.  The Board of Visitors has

       great power to revise the Handbook.


       Involvement of Deans and faculty in tenure and promotion

       process:  The issue was discussed and dropped from further

       consideration due to lack of obvious concern on the part of





       CFA Organization:  Discussion revolved around possible summer

       activities of the Commission and possible topics for

       consideration during the next year.  It was concluded that

       there need be no further meetings of the Commission during the

       current Senate session.


       Report on Commission Research--G. E. Bunce--April 9, 1991


       February 13, 1991


       There were two items of business at this meeting.  One:  The

       definitions of Special Research Faculty Appointments were

       adjusted so as to eliminate various ambiguities concerning

       annual leave and sick leave transfer.  Formal approval was

       deferred pending clarification of several points.  Two:  Dr.

       Kurstedt presented the description of the proposal for a

       Professional Practices Institute.  After the presentation and

       discussion, the Commission voted for a motion to approve

       adoption of the PPI and to establish an ad hoc committee to

       write the charter, by-laws and other necessary operational




       March 27, 1991


       Special Research Faculty Appointments titles were approved as

       modified.  Dr. Stout announced that SCHEV had prepared a draft

       report on the purposes and uses of indirect costs including

       recommendations for what they think the indirect costs policy

       should promote.  Five subcommittees will be formed to look at

       various aspects of the report.  The Commission members will be

       involved in the review of this topic.


       The Commission was provided with a brief summary of budget

       reductions to date.  Kathye Johnson will provide further

       information at the meeting scheduled for April 9.  If Round 4

       is imposed at 6.5%, the budget will have been reduced by 19.1%

       during the 1990-2 biennium.


       Dr. Stout reported that the State Department of Waste

       Management conducted a brief inspection visit and found

       numerous violations after visiting only a few labs.  Hazardous

       waste management will have to conform to regulations.  The

       shortcomings are related both to a shortage of resources and

       lack of adequate training of personnel on campus.


       The main presentation was by Dr. Larry Moore, Chairman of the

       University Governance Task Force.  UGTF has proposed a single

       Commission on Research and Public Service but has prepared an

       alternative of retaining two separate Commissions.  The

       members present tended to favor the latter format.  The

       University Council will decide.  Meeting adjourned.


       University Computer Committee--Senator Webster--6 Mar 91 and

       3 Apr 91.


       1.  Computing Center Announcements:


       The scare about reduced weekend deliveries of printed output

       was the result of misinterpretation of a poorly worded

       FASTLINE message.  Runs are still made hourly during the day

       and less frequently between midnight and 7 am to Burruss,

       Hutcheson, McBryde, UCOB, and Animal Science.  Delivery of

       printed output is still a major drain of Computing Center

       resources.  The divided economy of SMART dollars (Computer

       Funny Bucks) and real dollars encourages central printing

       since many users view mainframe printing as free whereas a

       department printer costs real money.


       The Center has several used 3812 printers it will donate to

       any department that can use them to reduce central printing.

       Communication, supply, and maintenance costs would have to be

       picked up by the department.  The Center is also experimenting

       with using HP and Apple printers for printing mainframe

       output.  Suitable printers are available for less than $2000.


       2.  A mainframe computer user reported a recent incident where

       an unauthorized person accessed his USERID.  This appears to

       be an isolated incident.  If anyone hears of similar problems,

       please report them to the Computing Center.


       3.  Personal Computer Subcommittee Report.  The subcommittee

       met with Virginia Tech Facilities to primarily the markup on

       the sale of computers.  The current markup is 5% for computers

       needed to meet program requirements but greater than 10% for

       sales to other individuals.  Another topic of discussion was

       the sale of software under site license.  This issue was

       unresolved since the Bookstore doesn't feel that it is their



       4.  Computer Capacity and Planning Subcommittee Report.  The

       subcommittee presented initial results of their survey of key

       mainframe computer users.  Highlights of this report:


       30% of the respondents preferred working on the mainframe, 30%

       on PC's, and the rest were split among workstations,

       minicomputers, and super computers.


       46 out of 69 respondents said they would be willing to shift

       a good portion of their mainframe work to powerful

       workstations if they were available.


       Asked to anticipate their mainframe use over the next 3-5

       years, 26 responded more, 24 the same, and 16 less.


       5.  The ad hoc "Vision" subcommittee presented its draft

       report.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.


       6.  The "Task Force on Acceptable Use" presented a draft of

       its report.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.


       Commission on Student Affairs--Paul Sorrentino for Harlan

       Miller--April 18, 1991


       The last CSA meeting of the year began at 4:00 p.m. with

       announcements about drug education on campus and about the

       upcoming meeting of the Student Affairs Committee of the Board

       of Visitors.  Next, the Governance subcommittee presented its

       report recommending the formation of an ad hoc committee this

       summer to examine how student media boards function at other

       schools nationally.  For the rest of the meeting, the

       commission 1) discussed the new GSA constitution and approved

       a request for a waiver of first reading, 2) selected three new

       members to the Student Budget Board and considered but

       rejecting appeals to the Board from student organizations

       requesting additional funding next year, 3) watched a slide

       presentation from Wayland Winstead on the proposed

       restructuring of the campus, and 4) discussed with Charlotte

       Davis the new entertainment policy to be adopted by University

       Unions and Student Activities.  The meeting ended at 5:55 p.m.


       Athletic Committee--March 21, 1991--Baumgartner


       Mr. Braine reported to the committee by video tape, being out

       of town in pursuit of a new basketball coach.  He explained

       that Frankie Allen's decision to step down as coach as a

       mutual one, which was motivated largely by the decline in fan

       support.  He has established a screening committee to

       interview candidates for the position when they come to

       campus, but he expects to do most of the work in identifying

       such candidates.  The Committee consists of Braine, Larry

       Kilough, professor of Accounting, Joe Thomas, an alumnus, and

       Melissa Byrne, Student Government Association president.


       The Committee voted to send a position paper to the provost

       advocating a reconsideration of requiring Algebra II and not

       accepting Earth Science for admission to the university.


       A report on the Athletic Department's budget for the current

       year and one for next year indicate that finances will be very

       tight.  This year the drop in revenue from men's basketball is

       a problem, while for next a rather unattractive home football

       schedule threatens to reduce revenues.


       A mandate from Richmond that each auxiliary pay a fee to the

       university for use of its facilities and services, e.g. the

       payroll office, also is reducing the funds available.



  9.  Adjournment.



  Respectfully submitted,



  L. Leon Geyer


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