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August 30, 1991


                             Faculty Senate



                           August 30, 1991



  Present:         Senators Norstedt, Carrig, DeWolf, Wang, Hillison,

                   Geyer, Lytton for Canestero.


  Announcements:   Senator Canestero has resigned from the University

                   and Senate.


                   Acknowledgement received from New River Hospice

                   for contribution of Senate on behalf of a former

                   colleague, Senator J. Wade.


                   1.  John Muffo.  Director, Program Review and

                       Outcomes Assessment presented a review of the

                       University's activities in this area.


                         - Dennis Hinkle was responsible for the

                         first three years of this mandated review.


                         - Review will also be required by the

                         Southern College Accreditation



                         - To date, we have only reviewed

                         undergraduate programs.


                         - We are now reviewing off-campus program

                         and may need to review graduate programs

                         in the future.


                         - Assistant and Associate Deans have been

                         advising on the process.


                         - The reviews to date have been useful to

                         faculty as they have been tied to

                         accreditation agencies and help faculty

                         review programs to encourage improvements

                         in departmental offerings.


                     The outcomes assessments are reported to the

                     state.  The 1989-1991 "Assessing Undergraduate

                     Student Outcomes" is on reserve in the

                     library [Per 4].  It is submitted to SCHEVS.

                      A limited number of copies without appendixes

                     are available from J. Muffo, Director, Program

                     Review and Outcomes Assessment, 129 Smythe

                     Hall [MUFFO at VTVM1, 0517].  Deans have

                     copies.  A "Summary of College Student

                     Experience Questionnaires" is also available

                     from John.


                     Outcomes assessment is part of a legislated

                     mandated review with the universities being

                     allowed to set up their own assessment




                 2.  Faculty Review Committee:


                         - Need two members from Architecture, one

                         from the library and a chair for 1991-



                 3.  September 10th Agenda:


                     A.  Lud Eng, Past President's Address


                     B.  Carol Burch-Brown, Associate Provost

                         Undergraduate Program, and John Shepard,

                         Department of Management, on the

                         University Forum on a Liberal Education


                     C.  7:00 p.m. start time


                     D.  Will need to vote on the following:


                         I.   Canestero's replacement on Cabinet

                              and Committee on Committees


                         II.  Conn's membership on Honorifics

                              representing the Academy of Faculty



                 4.  Future Programs:


                     The local candidates for state office have

                     agreed to discuss higher education issues.

                     They would appreciate a "League of Women

                     Voters Format".  Please submit questions to

                     cabinet members or bring to meeting.


                     Provost Carlisle will have a dialogue with the

                     Senate on October 22nd.





  Respectfully Submitted,



  L. Leon Geyer

  Substitute Secretary

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