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October 22, 1991 (Forum)

  FACULTY SENATE FORUM  10-22-91   7:00 pm


  1.  Announcements:

      a.  Reporters were urged to bring before the Senate any issues they

          felt were important

      b.  The Forum on the Honor System was well attended and excellent

      c.  Cornel Morton will speak at the Nov. 12 Faculty Senate Meeting

      d.  Senate must elect representatives to CUS (eff. immediately) and

          UC (eff. 15 Nov)

      e.  Officers were briefed on Hotel Roanoke

      f.  VP Goodale of Student Affairs has asked that faculty advise

          students on dangers of alcohol abuse


  2.  Program: Dialogue with Provost Carlisle

      a.  This represents a new opportunity for dialogue that we ought

          to try.

      b.  The Provost briefly reviewed the following topics:

          (1) Budget

             (i)  The state budget appears to be stabilized.

             (ii) The Presidents' Council has agreed that each institution

                  will advocate for the same type of budget which includes:

                    faculty salary increases,

                    restoration of positions,

                    improved library resources,

                    support for equipment purchase and maintenance, and

                    biannual bond issues.

                  and have emphasized the costs of budget reduction and are

                  developing a plan to mobilize support among business and

                  community leaders for higher education.

             (iii) The agreement among all College and University

                   presidents is unique.

          (2) Constructive activities in school year 90-91

             (i)   The plan and vision statement has proved valuable.

             (ii)  Undergraduate education continues to improve.

                   For example:

                   - the core curriculum is being reviewed,

                   - the Honors program under the leadership of Professor

                     Jack Dudley and Academy of Teaching Excellence is

                     making a positive impact on undergraduate education,


                   - the University has more undergraduate applicants of

                     high quality for the freshmen class.

          (3) Graduate education continues to improve. For example,

                - numbers continue to increase,

                - there is a graduate teaching assistant orientation, and

                - the University has been able to allocate $ 2.5 million

                  for tuition waivers (two-fold increase)

          (4)  International programs are strengthened by having a

                director in the College of Agriculture.

          (5)   The tuition initiative restored $7 million to the budget.

      c.  The Provost stated that maintaining, sustaining, and developing

          shared governance was a top priority.


  3.  The Provost and Senate then engaged in a question and answer session

      a.  Question: What are concerns of the Provost?


          (i)   Budget, short term and long term

          (ii)  Effects of budget deficiencies on:

                  class size,

                  faculty morale, and

                  student behavioral problems.

      b.  Question: How is Review of Administrators going and what are

                    the criteria used?


          (i)   Both Human Resources and Veterinary Medicine have reviewed

                their Deans.

          (ii)  Background: administrators are reveived at least every 5

                years for reappointment.

          (iii) Both faculty & Department Heads are on review committee.

          (iv)  Provost develops questions hich are reviewed and revised by

                the committee and the questions sent to admistrators,

                faculty and students.  Responses sent to committee,

                evaluated and discussed with Provost who consults with the

                President and a decision on continued appointment is made.

      c.  Question: Will you comment on the growth of the University.

                    Beyond 23,000?


          (i)   It is the objective to maintain a stable enrollment of 20%

                graduate and 80% undergraduate (18,000).

          (ii)  The University could go to 25,000, if resources and space

                were available.

          (iii) The Board of Visitors is concerned about enrollment creep

                in 1990 & 1991, due to a higher percentage of acceptance

                by applicants was higher than expected.

      d.  Question: Will you comment on the growth of George Mason



          (i)   Virginia Tech has outgrown the facilities at the Telstar

                graduate program (1,700), even with leased space.

          (ii)  We are still trying to grow and gain visibility with UVa.

          (iii) There is no talk of a new undergraduate campus.

      e.  Question: What process is involved in the Integrated Space Plan?


          (i)   Planning, in general, can be improved.

          (ii)  It is an open process with equal access to all.

          (iii) Advantageous impacts of the planning process include:

                - involvement of many in development of the long range plan

                - budget development for presentation to state

          (iv)  It is a long range objective to consolidate planning in

                the Budget & Planning Advisory Council.

          (v)   There is a need to develop assessment.

      f.  Question: What is the status of the Commonwealth Center in

                    Applied Mathematics?


          (i)   Originally in the 90-92 budget, but lost but included in

                the 92-94 budget proposal.

      g.  Question: Is there any possible negotiation for salary increases?


          (i)   Yes, in cases of retention, salary distortion or expansion

                of duties. However, criteria are severe. Some were awarded.

      h.  Question: With the retirement of the V.P. for Communications,

                    will the scope of the activities of that office change?


          (i)   An open, national search for the Information Systems V.P.

                will be initiated in spring/summer 1992. It was delayed

                because of searchs for 2 Deans, the Honor System Director.

                Fortunately, a capable acting V.P. is in place.

          (ii)  The Provost is open to discussion of the activities

                 managed and is aware of suggestions to separate academic

                 and administrative computing and have the Library report

                 elsewhere in the University administration.

      i.  Question: There has been and Increase in class size, especially

                    in Mathematics. Is there any plan to replace early

                    retirement faculty?


          (i)   Replacement of early retirement faculty operates in 3

                 stages:  (1)  Immediate replacement requests (few awarded)

                          (2)  Replacement Jan 1st, delayed.

                               Plan:  they give target and we decide


                          (3)  Reminder: the full impact of early

                                retirement will not be known until the end

                                of the academic year.

          (ii)  In Mathematics the situation is serious and the University

                 must do something.

      j.  Question: Could there be increases in enrollment, especially

                    desired in Engineering?


          (i)   Space is needed, there will be a tradeoff between

                  undergraduate and graduate enrollment.

      k.  Question: What is the Global Perspectives Initiative in the

                    92-94 budget?


          (i)   Global perspectives is an initiative identified in both the

                  both University in the 21st Century and University Self

                  Study documents.

          (ii)  It is a combination of programs from various colleges.

      l.  Question: In the firing of Coaches Allen and Scully, did they

                    have recourse to any grievance procedure?


          (i)   The Provost has no role, though any dealings with a

                university employee should be handled with care and respect

          Answer from the Faculty Senate President:

          (i) The Faculty Review Committee is considering whether there is

              a grievance and will report soon.

      m.  Question: Do University employees hold empl

                    the Board of Visitors?


          (i)   I will look into that.

      n.  Question: What about development of more comprehensive Faculty



          (i)   That involves an examination of how we regard teaching,

                  research, and public service.

          (ii)  Any definition of excellence must be initiated here.

          (iii) Any changes should be statewide, not just local.

      o.  Question: Is their sufficient input from all interests in budget?


          (i)   There was input from a wide group and the Deans, in turn,

                asked for input.

          Comment: faculty never had enough information and there was not

                   enough time for discussions.

      r.  Question: What are the possibilities for obtaining the

                    University's budget request fully?


          (i)   That is dependent upon Presidents' initiative, the state

                  budget and the economy.

          (ii)  It is reasonable to expect that statewide initiatives (i.e.

                  salary, positions, equipment and library) to be met.

          (iii) We remain hopeful on funding

      s.  Question: What is the target on exceptional opportunities?


          (i)   It is a mechanism to achieve faculty diversity and has no

                 specific target.


  4.  Commission and Committee Reports:

      a.  Sen Snoke: It was reported at University Council by Earv Blythe

                     that there would continue to be no charging for

                     inbound modem pool call (to the main frame computers,

                     VTLS, etc.) through this fiscal year due to problems

                     in software.

      b.  Sen Holzman:  A & S Faculty Association meets Nov 19th and will

            hear a presentation of the core curriculum.

      c.  Sen Miller:  There will be two open forums on Bicycle and



  5.  Elections

          CUS:  Senator Brown elected

          UC:   Postponed until next meeting


  6. Adjournment: 9:45 PM


  Addendum to Minutes: Commission/Committee Reports:


  Report on VPI Facilities Board from L. Eng


  The Board met on October 9, 1991. Several agenda items were of faculty


   1.   A major agenda item was the presentation by the architectural

        consulting firm of Hanbury, Evans, Newill, Vlattas & Co. of

        Norfolk, on site selection for the proposed new University

        Bookstore (in anticipation of Virginia Tech converting the current

        bookstore building into Library space). The site recommended is the

        present parking lot across from the Donaldson Brown Center and

        Squires at the corner of College Avenue and Otey Street. Proposed

        is a two-story building with frontage primarily along College

        Avenue.  Provision is made for integration of the bookstore with

        the parking garage proposed for the same site.


  2.   It was reported that the trade book section of the Bookstore has

       been expanded, but is still very small in comparison to similar

       facilities at peer institutions.


  3.   It was reported that sales from snack food vending machines have

       been steadily decreasing, probably due to increased food

       availability elsewhere on campus.  Also, the machines are due for

       replacement soon.  It was proposed that the snack food vending

       machine concession be phased out of VPI Facilities and an outside

       vendor be contracted to provide this service.


  4.   It was reported that Pepsico paid for the cost of the new scoreboard

       in Lane Stadium in exchange for advertising space on the board.


  5.   In response to a question from a new board member, Mr. Smoot

       reported that VPI Facilities had turned over about $1,500,000 to the

       University's Education Foundation annually over the past several

       years.  Of that amount, about $225,000 is used for athletic

       scholarships.  This athletic allocation has not increased over the

       past 10 years.  The balance of the proceeds (over 1 million) is used

       for other scholarships (e.g., in the arts, Merit Scholars Program,

       etc.), and projects of benefit to student life (e.g., lights on the

       recreation fields, debt reduction for Squires renovation, etc.).


  Report of Commission on Student Affairs meeting of 17 October 1991


  At this meeting there was a report by the SGA President, Melissa Byrne,

  of visit by Secretary of Education Dyke, a report on arrangements and

  plans for U.Va. football games (student tickets for this year's game are

  sold out, but the game will be on television, for the future U.Va. would

  like to move the game to the second weekend of the season and Virginia

  Tech would like to retain the present last weekend date), and

  distribution of the sexual assault survey being distributed to 5000

  students across the state (500 of them at Virginia Tech).


  In official business the revised constitution of the Virginia Tech Union

  passed first reading.  Among other changes, it lowers the required QCA

  for VTU chairs from 2.3 to 2.0.


  Two matters concerning race relations were the subjects of extensive

  discussion.  A proposal to require that all entering students take a

  course in race relations, examined but not adopted by the University

  Forum on Liberal Education (UFLE), was reviewed and may be discussed

  later by CSA with invited representatives of UFLE and other interested

  parties.  A resolution to condemn the Collegiate Times for racist

  language in a Life in Hell cartoon published in the October 15 issue

  was defeated, in large part because many members of CSA were persuaded,

  before or after extensive discussion, that the cartoon was not in fact

  in the least racist and the phrase to which exception had been taken was

  in fact used ironically.


  (I had to be very late to this meeting.  My thanks to Senator Sorrentino

  for most of the content of this report.)


                       Harlan B. Miller

                       Faculty Senate Reporter




  Computing Center Announcements:

  The Computing Center and Newman Library are in the process of working out

  an agreement to merge the library computer operations with the Computing

  Center.  The library's HP computer will be moved to the Information

  Systems Building. This is expected to save money and increase the ties

  between the two operations which are increasingly concerned with the same

  information service issues. The remainder of the meeting was spent

  discussing subcommittee assignments.

  1.  Personal Computer Subcommittee

  This subcommittee will continue to follow issues relating to site

  licenses and relations with the bookstore. Other topics include using

  microcomputers in teaching, development of a University-wide program for

  dealing with obsolete equipment, bundling purchases across departments to

  improve our position when negotiating with vendors and managing repair

  and a reasonable replacement cycle.

  2.  Capacity and Planning Subcommittee

  This subcommittee has been reviewing growth patterns and capacity for the

  Center's mainframes.  Not much change is expected this year since the

  machines are expected to operate at capacity as they have for the past

  year.  The committee will follow usage of the Center's new high-end

  workstation (IBM RS/6000), which is just beginning to operate.

  3.  User Services Subcommittee

  This subcommittee has not been meeting.

  4.  Workstation Subcommittee

  This new subcommittee will attempt to identify workstation users and

  numbers on campus and investigate software and site license needs.

  Jack Webster

  6. Adjournment: 9:46 PM


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