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September 10, 1991




             Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

                               Faculty Senate



                             10 September 1991

                              32 Pamplin Hall



     1.   Call and Welcome Visitors


     2.   Announcements

          (1)  Two Forums:  Oct 17, Honor System Norris 211 3:30-5:00

                            TBA, Faculty and Staff Benefits

          (2)  Faculty Senate Officers will meet with Secretary Dyke

          (3)  Faculty Senate Dues:  $5.00

          (4)  Senate now has a Public Information Officer, Jane Asche

               and will have a column in Spectrum

          (5)  Reporters have been asked to use E-mail to share

               Commission and Committee reports.  Oral reports are for

               exceptions when an important item was discussed.  Any

               questions to reporters concerning a report should be

               asked at the meeting.

          (6)  Future Programs at Faculty Senate:

                    Oct 8,  Candidates

                    Oct 22, Provost

                    Dec 10, Gordon Davies SCHEV 3. Program:


          (1)  Retiring President's Address:  Lud Eng

               Part of Report to spring BOV meeting

               Context:  University Budget decreases challenged


               (1)  University responded favorably

               (2)  Faculty Senate got faculty participation in budget

                    review through ad hoc Budget Review

               (3)  Senate revised Faculty Review, worked on develop-

                    ment of a Sexual Harassment Policy and partici-

                    pated in the revision of University governance.

               (4)  Initiated an exchange with Secretary of Education,


               (5)  Maintained the objective of participating in

                    shared governance.


          (2)  Changes in the University Core Curriculum:

               Carol Burch-Brown, Associate Provost, Undergraduate

               Program and Jon Shephard, Professor and Head,


               (1)  Changes in the University Core, based upon

                    recommendations of the report of the University

                    Forum on Liberal Education

               (2)  Purpose of their presentation was to initiate open

                    discussion, report to CUS and eventually submit

                    for approval by University governance.


               (3)  Background:

                    10 years since the Collins report (1981) and

                    problems have been identified, new directions

                    identified and a change in budget mandate a review

                    of the University core.

               (4)  The Forum reviewed:

                    Administering the core:  enrollments and how

                         decisions about the core were made

                    Curriculum:    it is complete and inclusive?

                    Pedegological:  did class size influence


                    Major Goal of Review:  what was the perception of

                         the core by all interest groups?

               (5)  Findings:

                    Little consensus concerning knowledge, experience

                         and participation in the core among faculty

               (6)  Recommendations of the Report of the University

                         Forum on Liberal Education were reviewed

               (7)  Discussion

                    (i)  Question: Can "issues" be discussed in a way

                                   that political agendas can be


                         Answer:   Yes, through care and evaluation.

                    (ii) Question: Have you considered that increased

                                   requirements may be possible in

                                   some majors with few free


                         Answer:   Hopefully, faculty will be positive

                                   about the impact of the changes.

                    (iii)Question: How is staffing, especially in

                                   writing-intensive courses to be


                         Answer:   The report lists long term goals

                                   for the University, implementation

                                   is later.

                    (iv) Suggestion:    Assign CORE faculty to

                                   University, rather than to Depart-


                    (v)  Statement:     The report lists a Global

                                   Issues Learning Resources Center in

                                   the Library, though none existed.

                    (vi) Question: Who will teach classes: about 40%

                                   non-tenure track?

                         Answer:   Reactions to instructors is inde-

                                   pendent of rank and faculty


                    (vii)Question: What will be the class size in core

                                   courses, especially in writing-

                                   intensive courses?

                         Answer:   The objective is to discuss the

                                   proposal and be concerned with




                    (viii)    Professor Distler closed with a dis-

                              cussion of the creativity and aesthetic

                              experience recommendation.


     3.   Roll Call


     4.   Adoption of Agenda


     5.   Minutes

          April 23rd:    approved

          Cabinet Minutes:    15 May    )

                              21 June   )

                              30 Jul     approved

                              30 Aug    )

          April 25th retreat: approved


     6.   Reports

          (a)  All reports should be sent via E-mail to Senate @ VTVM1

               the Friday before the next Senate meeting to be

               included in the Minutes.

          (b)  Commencement Committee: Faculty were urged to attend.


     7.   Unfinished Business


          (a)  Ratification of new University Council Constitution

               A motion to ratify the new University Council

               Constitution under the rules of the existing

               Constitution was seconded, the changes were reviewed by

               Professor L.D. Moore and the motion passed.


     8.   New Business


          (a)  Policy on Geographical Transfer

               The past history of geographic transfer was reviewed,

               it was moved and seconded that the policy be adopted

               and the policy adopted as amended.


          (b)  Elections

               Human Resources Cabinet Member:    Barbeau elected

               Committee on Committees: Parsons elected

               Staff Committee Liaison: Norstedt volunteered

               Copyright Subcommittee:  Stallman & Hasselman nominated

               University Library: Clowes elected

               Honorifics:    Eng elected as representative of the

                              Academy of Faculty Service


          (c)  General Comments:   Professor Rony commented on what he

               felt were weaknesses in Faculty Review process and his

               concern that faculty were not aware of the policy.


     9.   Adjournment

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