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April 20, 1993

  The following minutes were officially approved on September 21, 1993



                               FACULTY SENATE



                               20 April 1993

                              32 Pamplin Hall


     I.   The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Leon

          Geyer.  Visitors were welcomed: John Ashby (Spectrum),

          Stephen Baehr (Foreign Languages), Peter Karp (University

          Architect), Peggy Rasnick (Staff Senate Liaison), Ted Settle

          (Continuing Education).


     II.  The agenda was adopted with the following changes:  Ted

          Settle was added to the program for purposes of discussing

          the Hotel Roanoke project; two items - the Senate bylaws and

          the Faculty Review Committee - were added under new



     III. Roll call


          Senators present: Barbeau, Beagle, Brown, Bunce, Carrig,

          deWolf, Eng, Falkinham, Fern, Ficenec, Foy, Geyer, Graham,

          Hardell, Haugh, Howard, Jones, Lambur, Martin, McDaniels,

          Miller, Norstedt, O'Brien, Olin, Pierce, Shumsky, Snoke,

          Sumichrast, Tideman, Vinson, Williams.  New senators:

          Bambach, Bandinelli, Burger, Creamer, Dyck, Greenberg,

          Gregoire, Richardson, Riley, Rohani, Sanzone, Shires, Tze.


          Senators absent: Armstrong, Clowes, Fuller, Hasselman,

          Holtzman, Hult, Landgraf, Mullins, Murray, Parsons, Rakes,

          Scigaj, Sherman, Simmons, Wang, Weaver, Webb, Wright.  New

          senators absent: Anderson, Benson, Cramer, Giles, McDaniel,

          McKenna, Pinder.


     IV.  Announcements


          President Geyer expressed his thanks to all senators who are

          going off the Senate this year, as well as to the Senate

          officers and Senate Cabinet members, praising them for their

          good work.  He also thanked the entire Senate for its

          participation in university governance, for interesting

          times and good moments, and even for some of his sleepless

          nights.  He believes the Senate has moved forward this year,

          and he anticipates further progress under President deWolf.


     V.   Program


          A.   Peter Karp (University Architect)


               Karp discussed the status of current architectural

               projects on the campus.



               1.   Bond issue projects: The Engineering-Architecture

                    facility has been split into two projects.  Both

                    are in the schematic design stage; the bid will be

                    next spring.  The Biotechnology project has been

                    moved to campus to connect to Engel Hall; the bid

                    will be in October.  The Library Storage Facility

                    will go out for bid in the fall.  The chiller

                    expansion is out for bid at present; the new

                    airport terminal (paid for by federal and state

                    funds) will be bid in the fall.


               2.   Preplanning studies (for which the state has given

                    permission): Chemistry/Physics expansion and

                    Burruss Hall/Architecture annex.  In this plan,

                    the rear of Burruss would become classroom space.

                    These studies are paid for by the university; the

                    outlay cannot be recovered from the projects.


               3.   State permission to complete planning: Performing

                    Arts complex.  The schematic designs are complete

                    and the package is now up for review by the

                    university administration and the Development

                    Office.  The money for this project is not coming

                    from the General Fund.




               In response to questions about specific projects, Karp

               indicated that although preplanning indicates a state

               priority, nothing has been approved for the

               Architecture Annex.  This will not be brought before

               the legislature until January, and no money can be

               assigned until approval is given.  The time-line for

               the project depends on the source of funding.

               Regarding the Upper Quad, the university plan calls for

               converting all the buildings into academic offices (the

               conversion of Major Williams was part of the bond issue

               and is progressing).  The dorms will be replaced one-

               for-one - one new bed for every bed lost in conversion.


               His office is waiting to hear if the state will agree

               to the Newman Library infill.  The Engineering-

               Architecture facility could be completed by the summer

               of 1996 if all goes well.  The Biotechnology facility

               will be placed at right angles to Engel Hall in such a

               way as to use the slope for best benefit.  All new and

               converted buildings will be air-conditioned.


               Karp explained the progression of work handled by his

               office.  His basic staff is quite small, but during

               projects extra people are assigned.  Preplanning

               projects are done by outside consultants hired under

               state guidelines.  The selection committees include

               representatives from the Budget Office, the Physical

               Plant, the building user group, Staff Senate, students,

               etc.  They have been fortunate in attracting fine

               architectural firms.  In response to a observation that

               many unfortunate aspects of campus buildings could have

               been avoided by more user input, Karp said he is quite

               concerned with this matter.  As a project progresses,

               the committee is readjusted to drop or merge

               administrative representation and to expand

               departmental representation.  Faculty can apply for

               consultantships, but, because of state financial

               restrictions, faculty expertise is ordinarily used for

               small parts of a larger project.


               Senator deWolf observed that the priority given to the

               Performing Arts complex is still a concern of the

               College of Engineering, but that Minnis Ridenour will

               address the college on that matter in the near future.


          B.   Ted Settle (Director, Continuing Education)


               Settle's main interest in the Hotel Roanoke project is

               with the conference center.  He has given presentations

               on the plan throughout the campus and is concerned to

               get the faculty involved with the project.  Although

               the center will be funded and built by the City of

               Roanoke, its administrative committee will include

               three representatives from the city and three from the

               university.  He showed plans for the proposed

               development and indicated that the main exhibit hall

               will be the largest conference space between Charlotte

               and Washington, D.C.  Tech's main interest, however, is

               in the seminar areas, breakout areas, and auditorium -

               areas on which the design teams from the university are





               In responding to questions about the programming and

               facilities available in the conference center, Settle

               indicated that the programming will be driven from

               Blacksburg.  Planning for the "high tech" area of the

               center includes meeting all computing and AV

               requirements (Tom Head is involved in this aspect of

               the project).  Settle does not know if such features as

               continuous translation will be available.  He thinks

               the facility can handle about 1700 people.


               Settle estimates the initial impact on the Donaldson-

               Brown Center to be a one-third reduction in programs.

               The Blacksburg facility, however, is attractive for

               smaller groups who want the campus setting and the

               convenience of faculty at hand.  In the long run, he

               does not see the two facilities as being competitive.


               About fifty faculty were invited to serve on the design

               team.  The Academic Council (representing the colleges)

               has had input as well.  Additionally, he has made

               presentations on the project to several commissions and

               committees and other campus groups.  The conference

               center is a continuing education project; there are no

               current plans to move the Roanoke Graduate Center into

               the facility.  Tech will share in the profits of the

               conference center.  As to the Hotel Roanoke, Tech has

               $4 million in the project and will get all its money

               back should Doubletree's plans for the hotel result in



     VI.  Approval of minutes


          Faculty Senate minutes for 8 April 1993 were approved.


     VII. Council, commission, committee reports - no discussion


     VIII.  New business


          A.   Blueprint Committee report (Senator McDaniels)


               After the report was moved for discussion, Senator

               McDaniels pointed out that the document at hand is

               shorter and more to the point than the earlier draft.

               He asked that the Senate look at the report as a

               campaign document for next year.  Review and revision

               will take place in the summer of 1993, there will be a

               proactive campaign on major issues during the next

               academic year, and the action plan will be implemented.

               Senator Riley, a member of the committee, also spoke to

               the report.


               Considerable discussion followed.  It was pointed out

               that the administration is also looking into this

               matter.  There was general agreement of the necessity

               to educate our own faculty and students to the

               seriousness of the problems confronting higher

               education in the commonwealth.  In order to gain

               support, we need to concentrate on making improvements

               in the university and on publicizing the improvements;

               we need to show that we understand priorities need to

               be adjusted to meet the future.  Our own faculty needs

               to be educated to the importance of research.  If we

               can't reach our colleagues, we will have difficulty

               reaching our students, the general public, and the



               The committee has discussed ways of reaching some of

               these groups.  Although there are no plans to get

               involved with lobbyists, the committee will take into

               consideration the possiblity of targeting SCHEV, the

               General Assembly, etc., as part of the campaign.  The

               Faculty Senate of Virginia has discussed the matter.

               Riley pointed out that the thrust of the report is not

               to wave a big stick but to gather the facts and present



               A motion to accept the document passed without dissent.


          B.   Resolution on faculty salaries


               The resolution originated with Stephen Baehr of Foreign

               Languages.  At the request of the Senate, the original

               resolution was passed to the Senate officers, who

               rewrote in into the present form as printed in the

               agenda.  It should be noted that "percent" should read



               Discussion was allowed before a motion on the

               resolution.  Several senators considered the resolution

               to be inappropriate at the present time; the

               administration is well aware of the salary problem and

               is trying to address it.  The Blueprint Committee,

               which was also asked to consider the resolution,

               reported that they did not believe it to be in order.


               Because no motion was forthcoming, the resolution did

               not reach the floor.


          C.   Senate elections


               Election results are as follows:


               University Council

               Gene Brown

               David deWolf

               William Greenberg


               Commission on Faculty Affairs

               Don Creamer

               Golde Holtzman

               Sam Riley

               Robert Sumichrast


               Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

               Jim Burger

               Robert Olin


               Commission on Public Service and Extension

               Ralph Badinelli


               Commission on Research

               Hsiung Tze


               Commission on Student Affairs

               Robert Graham

               Jim McKenna

               Commission on Undergraduate Studies

               Richard Bambach

               Alan McDaniel


               Commission on University Support

               Paul Metz (University Libraries)

               David Russell (Senate alternate)


               Building Committee

               Michael O'Brien

               Kamal Rojaini


               Employment Benefits Committee

               Felix Pierce

               Charles Pinder



               Robert Graham

               Dick Russell

               Ellen Braatan

               Jerry Williams


               Honorifics Committee

               Alumni Award

                    Janet Sawyers

                    Luke Mo

               University Distinguished Professor

                    Ali Nayfeh

                    Frank Quinn


               Intellectual Property Committee

               Richard Krutchkoff

               Linda Anderson

               Victoria Kok

               Sandra Birch

               David Kingston

               Michael Furey

               Michael Hyer

               Dick Ebel


               Parking/Transportation Advisory Committee

               George Sanzone

               John Broderick


               Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee

               Linda Richardson

               Don Creamer


               Student Budget Board

               Alan McDaniel

               Robert Graham


               Communications Resources Committee

               David Beagle

               Kamal Rojiani


               Computer Committee

               Peter Shires

               David Roper


               Senate committees


               Faculty Senate Cabinet

               Agriculture & Life Sciences        Jim McKenna

               Architecture & Urban Studies       Michael O'Brien

               Arts & Sciences                    Larry Shumsky

               Business                           Robert Sumichrast

               Education                          Don Creamer

               Engineering                        David deWolf

               Extension Faculty                  Mike Lambur

               Forestry                           Timothy Gregoire

               Human Resources                    Bill Barbeau

               University Libraries               Marilyn Norstedt

               Veterinary Medicine                Peter Shires


               Committee on Committees

               Jim McKenna

               Charles Pinder


               Credentials and Elections Committee

               James Burger

               Linda Anderson

               Don Mullins

               J. A. Hardell

               David Beagle

               Mike Lambur

               Robert Martin

               Don Creamer


               University Forum on a Liberal Education

               Richard Bambach


               Faculty Senate of Virginia

               Carl McDaniel

               John Hillison


               Committee on Reconciliation

               (It was moved to suspend the Senate rules in order to

                         expand the committee to 10)

               Joe Falkinham

               Marilyn Norstedt

               Jeanne Howard

               T. N. Tideman

               Bonham Richardson

               Felix Pierce


          D.   Faculty Review Committee procedures (document


               President Geyer emphasized that this document, which

               governs the operations of the FRC, is a Senate document

               and is not part of the Faculty Handbook.  Discussion of

               the procedures was postponed until the fall semester.


          E.   Senate Bylaws (distributed)


               Suggested revisions have been indicated in the handout.

               President Geyer reminded the Senate that the

               constitution also needs revision to match the present

               university governance structure.  Much of what is in

               the constitution should be in the bylaws.


     IX.  There being no other business, and the elections being

          complete, the meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.


                                             Respectfully submitted,


                                             Marilyn L. Norstedt



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