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November 7, 1990

                         COMMENCEMENT MEETING MINUTES

                               November 7, 1990


  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Joyce F.  Williams-

  Green, Jim Marchman, Mary Cacheris (Class of 1992), Stan Musser, Patrick

  Scanlon, Robert N. S. Chiang, John Beach, Ed Henneke, Ruth Smith, Nancy

  Barclay, Freeda Mills, Cindy Wood, Paula Radcliffe (Class of 1991), Shauna

  Bishop, Dan Taylor, Clarresa Morton, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  Kennedy reported that a 32-page Fall Commencement program was being

  printed for less than budgeted.  The Fall Commencement list of graduates

  will shorten the May list, and the number of programs printed for Fall Com-

  mencement only needs to be 3000.






  A draft of the program items was distributed.  Announcement were made and

  some items were discussed.  An electric organ will be set up for the day.

  Helen Tung is the organist.  She will also play for Lynn Woods who will

  sing the National Anthem and the Alma Mater.


  The anticipated length of the ceremony is expected to be one hour.


  Twenty-three Ph.D.'s are scheduled to participate.  Martha Johnson will

  contact the Ph.D's and their advisors.






  The letter about commencement had been sent out the week before.  The num-

  ber of graduates expected, including both undergraduate and graduate stu-

  dents is 400.


  Ushers will have charts to assist guests in being seated.  Reserve seating

  sections of the auditorium will be marked with ribbons.


  All faculty will assemble in the Johnston Student Center.


  A request for the sound system will be sent to Clarresa Morton.  The New

  Virginians will do the lighting.


  Shauna Bishop will be getting the flowers.


  Wayne Speer will make arrangements for the handicapped.


  Instructions to the stage party had not been completed at the time of the

  meeting.  Charles Kennedy will write them.


  Ceremony script -- C. Nickerson will have a meeting, then take care of the



  Regalia for stage party -- C. Nickerson.


  Ushers -- Dan Taylor is in charge of ushers.  About eight (8) ushers are

  needed.  The names are needed by December 1.  Kennedy suggested that the

  college representatives of the Commencement Committee either be the ushers

  or get replacements.  Names of replacements should be sent to Dan Taylor.

  His E-mail address is TAYLORD at VTVM1.


  Marshals -- Ed Henneke said he would need one marshal per college. Team

  chiefs that usually help with May commencement are being asked to be the


  marshals and to get one other person for lining up groups for the Fall Com-



  Martha Johnson will coordinate the Graduate Student Hooding.


  Shauna Bishop will arrange for the reception.


  Faculty Representation -- Pat Scanlon encouraged faculty participation.  He

  will write to Associate Deans.  He had talked to two already.  It was de-

  cided that all department heads or a substitute would assure us of enough

  faculty participation.  Letters are to be sent directly to department heads

  with copies to Associate Deans because of limited time to get the communi-

  cation to the department heads.


  Joyce Williams-Green took over as chair because the chair had to be ex-



  Further discussion of how to get faculty participation included a sug-

  gestion to survey the faculty to see who was coming in order to know if

  some further strategy needed to be tried.  It was suggested that undergrad-

  uate advisors are likely to come to see their advisees.  The suggestion

  about undergraduate advisors could be put in the letter to the Associate

  Deans and Department Heads.  Finally, it was felt that we should ask for

  two per department instead of the one mentioned earlier.


  The next meeting is scheduled for DECEMBER 5 AT NOON IN ROOM 210 BURRUSS



  The meeting adjourned at 12:38 p.m.


                                          Recorded by Martin Million

                                                  College of Education



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