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October 3, 1990







                                October 3, 1990


  MEMBERS PRESENT: Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Joyce Williams-Green,

  Jim Marchman, Shirley Fortney (Grad Student Rep.), Wayne Speer, Pat White,

  Don Drapeau, John Beach, Ed Henneke, Ruth Smith, Phil Sponenberg, Nancy

  Barclay, Freeda Mills, Cindy Wood, Paula Radcliffe (Class of 1991), Shauna

  Bishop, Dan Taylor, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  It was announced that the minutes were available on the mainframe

  under INFO GOVERN in addition to copies sent directly to committee members

  userids.  Hard copies were distributed at the meeting to those who needed





  Senator Mark Hatfield has accepted our invitation to speak at the Fall Com-



  The singer who was to audition with the Music Department has not been able

  to do so.  Don Drapeau will help to schedule the audition.


  The post card survey of the intention of 1746 possible graduates to attend

  commencement resulted in 144 positive responses out of 432 returns after a

  two-week period (96 of the 432 were retrned by the Post Office.)  These

  numbers indicate that Burruss Hall Auditorium will be large enough to ac-

  commodate the ceremony.


  Martha Johnson is in the process of getting the Graduate School partic-

  ipants for the Fall Commencement Program.


  No report was available concerning the Honors Reception.  It was suggested

  that Martha O'Neill who was in charge last year could be contacted for in-

  formation.  She works in the Development Office now.


  The Fall Graduation Reception in the Owens Banquet Room will be limited to

  500 persons according to fire regulations.  There is a $200 user fee for

  the space.  Joyce Williams-Green will check to see if that can be changed.


  The Continuing Education Center does not think it necessary to take reser-

  vations for the buffet meal on December 15.  The no-reservation system

  worked at May Commencement and should do so in December as well.  [N.B. On

  10/9/90 CEC reported that they would prefer reservations at least for this

  first time.  Ed.]




  The units (colleges and schools) that were to alternate the use of facili-

  ties for graduation had been notified by their representatives, but the

  representatives had nothing to report.  The representatives were asked to

  recheck with their deans.  [N.B. at 3:35 p.m. on 10/3/90 the chair was in-

  formed that Human Resources will hold their ceremony at 11:00 a.m. on May

  4, 1991, to be followed by Agriculture in the afternoon.] Hancock Audito-

  rium is now available and has a 300 seat capacity.  Squires Student Center

  is not scheduled to be ready until August 1991.





  John Beach reported on the plan to buy chairs rather than rent them for use

  at the May Commencement and other activities.  The plan was to buy 1000

  chairs this year and 1000 next year.  Radford University would be asked to

  do the same, and the chairs would be shared.  No information about Radford

  University participation was available by the time of the meeting.


  The bids for chair prices were $11,800 and $12,800 per thousand chairs.

  Rental on 5,000 chairs was $4,000 last year.




  The report of the May rain plan was given by J. F. Marchman.  The speaker

  and program should be the same.  The number of persons that could be seated

  on the floor area of the Coliseum is 1000.  The faculty and all post-

  bachelor degree recipients should fit in the space and leave space for at

  least 80 representatives of the bachelor degree recipients on the floor.

  The number of seats in the floor area available to those receiving under-

  graduate degrees will very likely be more than 80.  Forty Vet Med graduates

  came to the outdoor event last May.  The number of faculty members expected

  is 150.  The Masters, CAGS, and others probably number less than 100.  No

  estimates was made for the other doctoral degree recipients who would re-

  spond to an invitation.


  The decision concerning whether or not to use the rain plan has to be made

  at 6:00 a.m. on Commencement Day.


  The senior class officers are to decide how to designate the seniors who

  would sit on the floor area.


  A procession of students and robed faculty is part of the plan.  The main

  difference from the last time the rain plan was used is that the Ph.D.'s

  will already have been through their Friday ceremony and will not be as

  likely to attend.


  The report of the subcommittee was accepted with thanks.


  Because the various subcommittees have completed their assignments ahead of

  schedule the October 17 meeting of the Commencement Committee was can-

  celled.  The November 21 meeting date which is during Thanksgiving break

  was also cancelled.


  The next meeting is NOVEMBER 7 at noon in Room 210 Burruss Hall when P.

  Scanlon will report on faculty participation at commencement.


  Adjournment was at 12:47 p.m.


                                        Recorded by Martin McMillion

                                                   College of Education




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