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September 19, 1990




                              September 19, 1990


  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Joyce Williams-Green,

  Jim Marchman, Shirley Fortney (Grad Student Rep), Wayne Speer, Pat White,

  Dutch Vander Pyl for Stan Musser, Don Drapeau, John Beach, Nancy Barclay,

  Mary Cacheris (Class of 1992), Freeda Mills, Tom Brown, Gary Minish for

  Cindy Wood, Robert N. S. Chiang, Paula Radcliffe (Class of 1991), Shauna

  Bishop, Dan Taylor, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:04 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as distributed.




  Nancy Barclay gave the recommendations of the subcommittee.  The actions of

  the full committee upon the subcommittee recomendations follows:


  Music will be provided by the University Woodwind Ensemble.  John Husser

  will be in charge, and it was recommended that he be involved in the singer

  selection process.


  An undergraduate will give the invocation and a GSA representative will

  give the benediction.  The undergraduate will be Kala M. Visscher.


  National Anthem - A class of 1991 officer and former New Virginian will

  audition with the Music Department.


  It was decided to confer Doctoral degrees first, Masters degrees second and

  Bachelors degrees last.  Doctoral recipients will come on stage.  The large

  number of Masters degrees will prevent individual presentations.  The word-

  ing concerning conferring of degrees might need to be revised in some way

  because some students will lack two days of final exams.


  Conferring of Doctoral degrees - It was suggested that the Graduate Dean

  read the names, the Provost and college dean do the hooding and the Presi-

  dent give the diplomas.  Alternatively, the faculty advisor may share in

  the hooding and be assisted by the college dean.


  A reply postcard will be sent out soon asking candidates for graduation to

  indicate their intentions to attend the Fall Commencement.  It was not out

  of the Print Shop at the time of the meeting.  [It was mailed on September

  21, 1990.]  The return date for the card is October 15.


  The University Bookstore will order the gowns and hoods upon requests from

  individual students and faculty.  Notices will appear in the CT.


  No procedures brochure will be printed for the Fall Commencement, but a

  letter will be sent to graduates with directions for assembling and march-



  Official notification about Fall Commencement will be sent by the Provost

  to the college deans and others in the near future.


  Larry Hincker, University Relations, will send a letter to the business

  community as he did for the May Commencement so they will be aware of the





  Fall Commencement will end at lunch time.  The budgeted amount for the re-

  ception will necessitate that little more than cookies and punch be pro-

  vided.  The reception will be in Owens Banquet Room (moved by Drapeau,


  seconded by Williams-Green and passed).  A suggestion was made that the CEC

  could furnish a buffet for those people making advanced reservations.




  The President has invited Senator Mark Hatfield to be the speaker.  As soon

  as he has confirmed the invitation, the Committee will be notified.




  It was decided that Martha Johnson should use the same procedure to select

  the graduate representative to give the Benediction as is used to select

  the graduate person for remarks.




  Two sample program covers were shown to the Committee.  The first features

  a design that says "Commencement 1990-1991."  The second updates the 1990

  May Commencement to 1991.  The cover with 1990 - 1991 was selected for the

  Fall Commencement as better reflecting the completion date in the academic

  year '90-'91.




  The subcommittee has begun checking times and dates, but a final decision

  has not yet been  made.


  Adjournment was at 12:57 p.m.


  The next meeting is OCTOBER 3 at noon in Room 210 Burruss Hall.



                                          Recorded by Martin McMillion

                                                  College of Education

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