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September 5, 1990




                               September 5, 1990


  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Wayne Speer, Pat

  White, Ed Henneke, Stan Musser, Don Drapeau, Phil Sponenberg, John Beach,

  Nancy Barclay, Mary Cacheris (Class of 1992), Freeda Mills, Tom Brown,

  Cindy Wood, Patrick Scanlon, Paula Radcliffe (Class of 1991), Shauna

  Bishop, Keith Voeks, Martha Johnson, Melissa Byrne (Class of 1992), Dan

  Taylor, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:09 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  In commenting on the two commencement exercises, Kennedy indicated

  that the December one would require more planning than the May one which

  would not be changed much, just refined.


  Members were asked to sign up for the working committees.




  Previous annual commencements have been designated by number (e.g., the

  118th Commencement).  That system will no longer be appropriate with two

  ceremonies each year.  After considerable discussion, it was agreed to re-

  fer to Fall Commencement and Spring Commencement.  A mock-up of the cover

  will be available at the next meeting.


  The question was raised about which commencement students would be expected

  to attend.  Kennedy indicated that there was no policy yet, but it had been

  proposed to the Provost that the end of first summer session be the cut off

  for May Commencement.  Martha Johnson felt that students should be free to

  choose and that the group should go on record as favoring choice.  She

  moved that students get the choice of Fall or Spring Commencement.  The mo-

  tion was seconded by Musser and passed.


  Speakers suggested for December were Senator Mark Hatfield and Senator

  Chuck Robb.  Carole Nickerson said President McComas felt he might get Sen-

  ator Hatfield to come.  Paula Radcliffe suggested Senator Robb.




  Rain Plan -- A rain plan is needed because the program for graduate stu-

  dents now conducted on Friday evening has been the rain plan in the past.

  One option would be to go directly to the college ceremonies.  A subcommit-

  tee will be formed to work on this problem and report back to the full com-

  mittee on 17 October 1990.


  Faculty Participation -- A rotation scheme for faculty participation in the

  University Commencement has been worked out in some colleges. Should a ro-

  tation scheme be used in other colleges?  Should emeritus faculty members

  be involved?  These are topics for a subcommittee to consider and report

  back to the full committee on 21 November 1990.


  Honors Reception -- Should there be two honors receptions and when is the

  best time?  This is another topic for a subcommittee to consider and report

  back to the full committee on 19 September 1990.  The comment was made that

  the honors pins and sashes were well received by the students last May.


  College Ceremonies -- Groups of graduates tend to leave college ceremonies

  when their degrees are received.  This disrupts the others and detracts

  from the ceremony.  Suggestions were to print on programs that all are to

  stay until the end of the ceremony.  It was felt that if deans would make

  the announcement it would be more effective.  A further suggestion was that

  the Provost discuss this with the deans at Council Meeting.



  Rotating Use of Facilities -- The Coliseum and Burruss Hall Auditorium

  serve more than one group for graduation in May.  The sequence of use

  should be discussed and a fair rotation schedule worked out.  The deans of

  the colleges and Grad School are encouraged to talk about a possible rota-



  Adjournment was at 12:50 p.m.


  The next meeting is SEPTEMBER 19 in Room 210 Burruss Hall.


                                          Recorded by Martin McMillion

                                                  College of Education



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