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February 6, 1991





                               February 6, 1991



  MEMBERS PRESENT: Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Joyce Williams-Green,

  Stan Musser, Ed Henneke, Nancy Barclay, Freeda Mills, Cindy Wood, Paula

  Radcliffe (Class of 1991), Dan Taylor, Pat White, Don Drapeau, John Beach,

  Ruth Smith, Martha Johnson, Dave McKee, Mary Cacheris (Class of 1992),

  Randy Stith, Henry Pittard, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  Kennedy distributed a Commencement Matrix of activities which in-

  cluded all the activities, decisions, and events related to commencement

  and the various units on campus (and some off campus) which are involved.

  The committee members were asked for additions of items that may be miss-

  ing.  The next step in developing the Commencement Matrix is to add the

  persons responsible, and the due dates.


  Henry Pittard, Operations Manager of the University Bookstore, was intro-

  duced.  The standard announcements that students buy for mailing will need

  to be changed because the ones in stock say "annual commencement" and in

  "Lane Stadium".  It was decided to leave "Blacksburg, Virginia" on the ge-

  neric cover of the announcements.  As in the past, cards having date and

  place and the students' name card will be placed in slits on the inside of

  the announcement.  A discussion concerning printing separate inserts for

  graduate students for the Friday night event concluded with a feeling that

  nobody asked for them or complained about not having them last year, and

  there would not be enough demand to stock inserts.


  A price sheet for rentals and purchase of caps and gowns was distributed.

  Dates to order for guaranteed delivery for Founders Day and Commencement



  Rental for Founders Day -- February 2 thru March 22, 1991

  Rental for Commencement -- March 1 thru April 5, 1991


  Regalia can be rented and kept for both occasions.


  Purchase of regalia is still possible through the Bookstore.






  Letters from satisfied parents were received.  A standing room only situ-

  ation developed.  More people are expected next December and another space

  (Coliseum) will be needed.  John Beach estimated that a 72-hour block of

  time would be needed to do set-up, clean-up, etc.  Basketball games are not

  scheduled during exam period, which was when Fall Commencement was this

  past December.


  The university calendar is set for next year and commencement will be about

  the same time it was this past year.


  The length of time used to call names could be speeded up.  Maybe there

  should just be one reader.


  Hooding was not done uniformly.  Directions were provided for hooding, but

  they were not followed very well.




  After discussion about what could be video taped for sale, it was decided

  to have the class presidents of the class of 1991 and 1992 meet with Randy

  Stith to explore the matter.





  Much of the 1991 Commencement details are planned.  The 6-page Calendar of

  Events, Procedures for Graduates at Commencement Ceremonies and Enter-

  tainment and Lodging has been sent to all faculty and is being sent to all



  An effort to get faculty (student advisors) to come to the Commencement

  Celebration Buffet may include a reduced rate for the meal.  It was sug-

  gested that communication to faculty could be through the deans.


  Dave McKee announced that soloist auditions were being held at 6:00 p.m.

  on March 6.


  There is a new sound system at the Coliseum and a rental system there will

  not be necessary.  A rental system will be needed for Lane Stadium.


  The chair contract is going well.


  Reception for Honor Students--The reception has been arranged at the CEC

  this year.  The number of administrators on the invitation list has been

  cut down.  Attendance by advisors of the students is desired.


  Speaker--President McComas is working on getting the speaker.


  Program--March 28 is the deadline for getting the program to the Print



  The scheduled meeting of the Commencement Committee on February 20 was can-



  The next scheduled meeting will be March 6.


  Adjournment was at 1:01 p.m.

                                          Recorded by Martin McMillion

                                                 College of Education



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