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March 6, 1991

                         COMMENCEMENT MEETING MINUTES

                                 March 6, 1991


  MEMBERS PRESENT  Charles Kennedy, Carole Nickerson, Joyce Williams-Green,

  Stan Musser, Ed Henneke, Nancy Barclay, Cindy Wood, Dan Taylor, Pat White,

  Martha Johnson, Pat Scanlon, Robert N. S. Chiang, Jim Marchman, Dave McKee,

  Mary Cacheris (Class of 1992), Randall Stith, and Martin McMillion.


  Chair Kennedy called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in 210 Burruss

  Hall.  The agenda was distributed.




  Proposed calendar options for the next several years were presented by

  Joyce Williams-Green on behalf of the Office of the Provost.  There is a

  Calendar Committee that recommends when terms begin and end, the scheduling

  of breaks, exam dates, commencement dates, etc.  Recommendations concerning

  commencement dates by the Commencement Committee go to the Calendar Commit-



  Fall Commencement dates on the proposed calendar were as early as December

  13 and as late as December 21.  In one of the years, Fall Commencement came

  before final exams started.


  May Commencement dates on the proposed calendar had one in the near future

  that was on April 30.


  Various theories concerning what events govern the calendar were put for-

  ward.  Especially for Fall Commencement, it was recommended that exam week

  and commencement be set first and work back from there to determine when

  the term begins.


  Martha Johnson, a member of the Calendar Committee, said the calendar is a

  compromise and nobody gets what they want.  She felt that the Fall Com-

  mencement date should be a high priority.




  Randall Stith reported that a polling of junior and senior class officers

  and others indicated that students really do not want to buy video tapes

  made for sale.  The ones the parents and relatives make are the only ones

  they want.




  Dan Taylor brought up the topic of how to make ushers more visible.  It was

  decided that a sash with usher on it worn over regular dress clothes would

  solve the problem.


  Dan is sending out a letter to college representatives and a copy of the

  letter to the dean of their college asking for ushers.  The college repre-

  sentative is to follow up and see that the office of the dean provides

  names to the representative who will forward them to Dan Taylor.  Seventy-

  eight ushers are needed.  The same number will be needed in case the rain

  plan has to be used.




  Class officers want all officer names in the program.  The Graduate Student

  Assembly should not be left out.  It was decided to include the senior

  class officers and the leadership of the GSA in the Fall and May Commence-

  ment programs.


  David McKee reported that competition was keen for the vocalist position.

  Some musicial ensembles are entering the competition.


  Carole Nickerson reported that the speaker they had hoped to get was no

  longer available.  Two other possibilities are being pursued.  She promised

  somebody who would "do us proud."


  The graduate student speaker has not been named.  The publication deadline

  for the program is March 28.




  The Honors Reception is on April 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the CEC.  Faculty Advi-

  sors rather than department heads should attend.  (See February 6 minutes

  for more detail.)




  The sound system is contracted for Lane stadium for the next two years, re-

  sulting in some savings to the budget.  Cassell Coliseum has a new sound

  system, so the rental from last year will be saved.  The chair contract is



  Two Distinguished Service Awards will be given at commencement this year.


  Although many graduate students like the Friday commencement for graduate

  students, a few have said they feel that they have been thrown out of the

  University Commencement on Saturday.


  The Scheduled meeting of the Commencement Committee on March 20 was can-



  The next scheduled meeting will be APRIL 3.


  Adjournment was at 12:45 p.m.


                                              Recorded by Martin McMillion

                                                      College of Education




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