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November 6, 1991

                       University Commencement Committee

                               November 6, 1991



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Henneke, Marchman, Johnson, Beach, Williams-Green, Agnew,

  P. White, McAnelly, Alls, Drapeau, Eng, Sponenberg, Wood, Smith, Tlou,

  McKee, Nickerson, Vander Pyl, Chiang, Kennedy.


  The meeting was called to order at 12:06.  Carole Nickerson introduced

  Carolyn Agnew from the President's Office who will be assisting in the

  staff work relating to university commencements. Carolyn may be reached at



  The first item on the agenda was a review of details relating to the Fall

  Commencement.  Kennedy reported that a procedures flier has been mailed to

  all students responding to the postcard poll done in September. Students

  are still calling to register for the ceremony. The number is approaching

  500 [as of the writing of these minutes, the number is 512].


  John Beach reported that physical arrangements are in hand for the Coli-

  seum; McKee reported on the brass quintet that will play and the soloist, a

  senior in the College of Business.  Pat White has all the information for

  the printed program, which is proceeding on schedule.  Henneke has con-

  tacted his list of marshals for the processions and Carole Nickerson will

  begin work on the script shortly.


  One item was brought to the committee's attention by Col. Vander Pyl:  be-

  cause Fall Commencement is scheduled in the middle of exams instead of at

  the end of them, ROTC candidates for a military commission cannot be sworn

  in on the day of the ceremony.  Military regulations require that candi-

  dates have completed their course work, including exams.  This year one

  ROTC candidate has asked to be sworn in as part of his graduation ceremo-

  nies.  The parents have called the Pentagon about this awkward timing,

  which has been passed back to our Military Affairs office.  Future schedul-

  ing of Fall Commencement at the end of exams would obviate this problem.


  A second item was brought in by Martha Johnson concerning the publication

  of doctoral candidates' names in both the fall and spring printed programs.

  The deadlines for printing and the deadlines for submission of completed

  work, not to mention the problems of incomplete work, all conspire to have

  names in the program that don't belong for that ceremony and others that do

  belong, but are omitted for mechanical reasons.  After some discussion it

  was voted that in the future the names of all doctoral students for the

  year would be printed in the spring program, even if they had been previ-

  ously listed in the fall program.


  With regard to the Spring Commencement, the college representatives were

  asked to check with their college administrator for any items such as space

  needs that should come to this committee's attention. It was announced that

  the Graduate School would hold its ceremony at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 8, in

  the Commonwealth Ballroom of Squires Student Center. The doctoral candi-

  dates will be encouraged to attend the Saturday morning ceremony in Lane

  Stadium as well.


  A proposal was brought to the committee by David McKee (at the instigation

  of the chair) to commission James Sochinski of the music faculty to compose

  an academic march for the Spring Commencement.  A list of Sochinski's pre-

  vious commissions was distributed and after some discussion it was agreed

  to pursue the matter with the President.


  Since the business of the committee is proceeding on schedule, it was

  agreed that the next meeting of the committee would be on February 5, 1992

  in the President's Board Room.


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