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December 3, 1992





                      December 3, 1992





  Meeting called to order at 10:20 AM


  Present:  Richard Alvarez, Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop,

  Roger Brickey (Guest), Scott Case (GSA Guest), Mike Conley

  (BT, guest), Chris French, Le Anne Hoppe (Guest), George

  Lux, Curtis Lynch, Gail McMillan, Patti  Murdock, Valerie

  Myers (Minutes), Dave Nicks, Carl Polan, Widget Shannon,

  J.B.  Sutphin.


  Absent: Ben Dichoso




  Motion was made to approve minutes of November 3 meeting,

  motion carried.


  University System Analysis - A brief report of Le Anne

  Hoppe's presentation follows.  She distributed a copy of

  the full report.  The goal of the report was to streamline

  operations, improve customer services, and better utilize

  existing resources.  The main issues were registration,

  ticketing, accounts receivable/payments/collections.  The

  alternatives were 1) No changes to current computer

  system; 2) new computer system; and the most favored, 3)

  new computer system with policy, procedural and

  organizational changes.  The report has gone to Ann

  Spencer.   Alvarez stated that this report is a

  culmination of the efforts and information from many

  sources and that this is a good time to look to the future

  with something that is much better than what we have had

  previously. He did not want to discredit the hard work and

  fine job that the Parking Office has done to date.  He

  asked for the support of the Committee.  Motion was made

  that the Committee support the recommendation in concept.

  Motion was seconded and passed.


  SGA parking criteria - Wayne Bishop reported that Goodale

  referred him to Engstrom, who referred him to Timothy

  Reed.  He said they were in the process of setting new

  standards.  They do not have anything ready in hard-copy.

   They will send him a copy as soon as it is complete.

  Nicks reported that only seven of the students possessing

  a Faculty/Staff decal are from GSA.  They are comprised of

  4 cabinet members, the office manager, and 2 editors.

  Alvarez stated that more information is needed before

  judgements and decisions can be made. Case went to Tim

  Reed directly.  There was some miscommunication in the

  chain of command and paper shuffling.  There will be a

  formal review process in the future to keep this from

  happening again.  Polan suggested that we give them an

  opportunity to make a recommendation to this committee,

  then we can make necessary evaluations.


  Alvarez introduced Mike Conley, Director of the Blacksburg

  Transit.  Conley addressed the Committee as follows:

  Special Purpose Housing - if additional dinner hour bus

  service is necessary, there will be minimal additional

  costs (bus hours are @ 10.00 or 11.00/hr).  He is willing

  to run a bus during peak dinner hours to see what the

  actual demand is.  Alvarez suggested that the circulator

  bus route at 5:30 that runs to Southgate could be

  eliminated and instead run it between Special Purpose

  Housing and the food court from 5:30 to 7:00 on 15 minute

  intervals, rather than 30 minute intervals.  At 7:00 the

  schedule would resume 30 minute intervals for Special

  Purpose Housing.  It was agreed that 4 weeks would be

  sufficient time for the test period.  After discussion,

  vote was taken on the above suggestion and passed.  The

  circulator is working well this year.  Conley stated that

  bus shelters for the circulator are on the way.  He

  amusingly quipped to "think of the buses as congestion

  relief."  He will try to do some leafleting on the test

  run to the food court immediately.



  Dr. Polan announced that Gail McMillan (Chair), J. B.

  Sutphin, Wayne Bishop, Pat Ballard, Dave Nicks, and Curtis

  Lynch were named to a Sub-committee to determine policy on

  who should pay for parking permits in fringes, leased and

  out-lying areas of campus.  He also announced that the

  word Advisory has been dropped from the Committee name.

  The Commission on University Support has requested our

  charge, we need to act on this at January meeting.

  Alvarez requested that we add something about bicycles to




  Nicks distributed a handout of a resolution, passed by the

  Commission on Student Affairs, to allow Faculty/Staff

  parking privileges to certain classifications of graduate

  students, along with facts and figures to justify it.  He

  stated that they do not want to take any spaces away from

  Faculty/Staff. Nicks went over the bases of the resolution

  one at a time.  Lux added that the point about attracting

  graduate students is highly debatable.  On Faculty/Staff

  spaces - it is not just an increase in parking spaces, it

  is the location and competition for these spaces.  Polan

  requested that everyone read and study the resolution

  prior to the next meeting.


  There are 6,420 Faculty/Staff and part-time employees for

  3,472 parking spaces. This does not include the visitors,

  vendors, contractors, conference attendants, and state

  vehicles competing for those 3,472 spaces.



  Lux is still concerned about "purgatory" (old Turner St.

  lot).  He's been watching it in the evenings.  The areas

  that are designated as service vehicles are packed. People

  drive down the sidewalks and bicycles speed through there.

  Maybe the solution is to block that street off.  Drivers

  seem to ignore  "No Parking" or "Service Vehicle" signs.



  Meeting was adjourned at 12:04 PM.

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