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January 21, 1992





                         January 21,  1992

                        400-D Burruss Hall



  Chairman Polan called the meeting to order at 12:37 PM.


  Present:    Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop, Betty Eaton, Robert

  Hanson, Butch Lynch,

  Gail McMillan, Carl Polan (Jones-Minutes), Jeff Sachs, and

  J. B.  Sutphin.


  Absent: Richard Alvarez, Robert Kerr, George Lux


  Polan announced that Alvarez could not attend the meeting

  as he was meeting with Town of Blacksburg concerning



  Polan informed the committee that he received a letter of

  discontent stating that parking enforcement was selective.


  On handicapped parking, Litton-Reaves and Wallace Hall has

  been paved and marked.  There are many more handicapped

  spots now.  Polan stated that while he strongly supports

  these parking spots, he doesn't like to see these spots

  sitting empty.


  Wayne Bishop moved to accept minutes of November 20

  minutes.  Motion was seconded, vote was taken and carried.



  Curtis Lynch report:


  Parking office conducted a brief survey by counting vacant

  spaces at peak times in faculty/staff lots.  Stanger is

  the only lot with available parking.  There are a lot more

  tickets being written and the parking situation has

  improved. Concern was expressed that Stanger Lot is not

  being enforced as a faculty/staff lot.  Meters have been

  removed at the Library and along the mall, those spots

  have been converted to faculty/staff spaces.


  Owens-Library was not pleased with the recommendation for

  night workers to park in Owens lot.  An option to that

  would be to call the police escort service when ending

  work at night.  Polan will talk to the head of the police

  department to get his input.


  Parking Regulation Review Sub-Committee was appointed as



  Gail McMillan - Co-chair, Curtis Lynch - Advisory, J. B.

  Sutphin - Advisory, Robert Hanson - Graduate student

  representative, Robert Kerr - Undergraduate

  representative, Jeff Sachs - alternate, Pat Ballard -

  Staff representative, Wayne Bishop - alternate.


  Lynch requested that a meeting of the Sub-Committee be

  scheduled immediately.  A Wednesday, 3:00 PM meeting was

  scheduled throughout February.  Policy on bicycles must be

  dealt with by then.


  Alvarez wants to do away with the Appeals Committee.

  Appeal has been used frequently to defer payment.  There

  will be further discussion.


  B-lot is scheduled to start in the summer.  Funding is a

  problem now.


  Sutphin moved for adjournment at 1:30.





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