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November 3, 1992





                      November 3, 1992



  Meeting called to order at 10:18 AM.


  Present:  Richard Alvarez, Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop,

  Chris French, George Lux, Gail McMillan, Valerie Myers

  (Minutes), Patricia Murdock, Dave Nicks, Carl Polan,

  Widget Shannon, J.B. Sutphin.  Scott Case was a guest.


  Absent: Ben Dichoso



  Motion was made to approve minutes of September 24

  meeting.  Vote was seconded and carried.


  Committee's role in College Governance - previously this

  Committee has been Advisory status and has reported

  through upper administration.  This role has changed in

  that we are no longer Advisory and we report to Commission

  on University Support.  Any recommendations will be made

  via this Commission.  Polan is a member of this Commission

  and will report to them.

  Food vendor parking - Alvarez stated that initially

  vendors were provided a certain number of permits for use

  during certain hours.  Over time we have ceased this

  provision.  Burger King, for example, buys 2 or 3 staff

  tags to be used by non-student employees and about the

  same number of student hangtags to be used by enrolled

  students here at the University.  When the employee

  leaves, they turn the hangtags back in to the business.

  Alvarez is not aware of abuse.


  SGA parking privileges - Certain higher officers of SGA

  that have many meetings on campus have traditionally been

  given some  Faculty/Staff parking privileges on campus.

  They are issued a student parking permit, but they do have

  an additional hangtag for privileged use.  There appears

  to be more students with this privilege than in past

  years. Vice President for Student Affairs has the

  responsibility of deciding which students require these

  privileges.  Alvarez would like to see them do their own

  policing of whom should have privileges.  Polan stated

  that he would like to know what the Vice President of

  Student Affairs' criteria is for this privilege.


  Scott Case volunteered to go to the GSA and review the

  list and determine names and positions.  He also will

  suggest that they attempt to shorten the list.  Dr.  Polan

  appointed him for this duty.  Bishop will talk with Vice

  President for Student Affairs office to obtain an official

  reply of their criteria.


  Special Purpose Housing Transportation - Alvarez asked to

  defer this until Mike Conley could attend a meeting.


  Progress on bicycles - A plan has been developed for

  placement and layout of bike racks.  The completion goal

  is start of school 1993.  There will be registration and

  special enforcement of bicycles.  The bicycle clubs are

  expected to help.  Suggestion was made to place a sign

  that says "Walk your bike" in the plaza areas.  Education

  and peer pressure

  will be a big help.  Motion was made to contact University

  Architect to establish positive parking signage in Cowgill

  and Library Plaza areas.  There was discussion of the

  spaces that will have to be sacrificed for placement of

  bicycle racks and storage.


  Alvarez and Lynch introduced the new Assistant Parking

  Manager - Patricia Murdock.


  Parking Manager report - decal sales running about the

  same as last year.  There is a drop in commuter sales.

  Complaints are down even with construction.  Have gotten

  information into the Spectrum and Collegiate times

  suggesting alternative parking and bus usage.  Have

  registered around 1100 bicycles this year.  Appeals have

  dropped somewhat from last year and response time is

  quicker.  Assistant Parking Manager will be beneficial in

  appeals and complaint area.  Biggest complaint is that

  there has been no explanation for denial.  Tickets are

  tapering off due to increased enforcement.  Alvarez added

  that they had a presentation by Systems Analysis group who

  evaluated every aspect of Parking Services.  They are

  making recommendations of how to improve the operation.

  He requested that they be allowed to give a one hour

  presentation to this group at a future meeting.


  A policy needs to be established and clearly stated in the

  Rule Book for off-campus employees (i.e. Extension Agents)

  who come to campus for meetings, etc.  Previously it was

  recommended that they buy a dollar-a-day hangtag.  Alvarez

  feels they should to be treated as visitors.  There is a

  clarification problem with University owned or leased

  property.  It was recommended to assign a Subcommittee to

  recommend guidelines on exactly who pays $42.00 fee in

  reference to people outside main campus (farm sites,

  CRC, etc.).  There was also concurrence to treat

  off-campus personnel as visitors (those remote to campus

  such as Branch Research Station, County Extension, etc.)

  and not require them to pay the $1.00 fee.


  Veterinary Medicine on game days - Alvarez reported that

  Mike Jones (Police Department) is working with Bill Aliff

  on this issue.  He will also meet with Sherrie McConnell,

  President of Staff Senate, for her input.


  CEC Lot - Parking garage project is a top priority.  At

  present storm drainage requirements are attempting to be

  met before construction can be started.  Issue was raised

  that parking is a problem when large groups or conferences

  are meeting.  A suggestion was made that during these

  times a sign be posted the day before to alert

  Faculty/Staff that parking may be scarce.


  The meeting adjourned at 11:57 AM.






                     Approved December 3, 1992

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