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September 24, 1992


                     September 24, 1992



  The meeting was called to order at 10:18 AM


  Present:  Richard Alvarez, Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop,

  Chris French, George Lux, Gail McMillan, (Valerie Myers -

  Minutes), Dave Nicks, Carl Polan, Jeff Sachs, Widget

  Shannon, J.B. Sutphin.


  Absent: Curtis Lynch



  Motion was made by Lux to approve minutes of March 4

  meeting.  Motion was seconded, vote was taken and carried.


  Polan raised the issue that the dollar-a-day hang tabs

  were printed previously in maroon ink.  They are currently

  black and white and easily reproduced.  As shown to the

  Committee, the two were almost identical.  Alvarez agreed

  to check with the Parking Office on this.


  Sachs - Students have asked to have 12 spaces allocated at

  Owens for the dinner hour for residents of the 12 houses

  at Special Purpose Housing to park long enough to go in

  and get food.  The committee has resisted special requests

  of this nature previously.  Nicks suggested that perhaps

  a special shift between 4 to 7 can be run by Blacksburg

  Transit for a week as a pilot study.  A motion was made

  that Blacksburg Transit be contacted about a pilot study

  to adjust the bus route from Special Purpose Housing

  around dinner time.  Motion was seconded and passed.

  Alvarez will contact Blacksburg Transit.


  Bicycle issues - Lux stated that he has not seen any

  improvement in the bicycle situation.  Too many bikers are

  not following the rules or safety practices.  Bikes are

  being chained to anything that does not move.  The

  Committee agreed that we need more enforcement of rules

  and better placement of racks.  At this point registration

  of bikes is voluntary.  Alvarez stated that funding has

  been approved for $60,000 of new bike storage.  It will

  most likely be the start of the next academic year before

  a program can be implemented.  A motion was made and

  passed to endorse the development of a program to improve

  bicycle storage and transportation routes on campus.


  Operations update - Alvarez stated that this Committee

  plays a very active role in directing the Parking

  Auxiliary.  Many changes are made as a result of the

  Appeals process.  There were 40,546 tickets written last

  year, 20% void rate, 12% this year, 52,000 transactions

  were made in the front office of the Parking Office last



  The question was raised as to how many people the

  Auxiliary employs.  There is a Parking Manager, Assistant

  Manager, 2 data entry , 2 front counter persons, 3

  full-time parking enforcement officers, 2 accounts

  receivable positions, part-time wage positions vary by



  October 7 is tentative start date for new commuter lot.

  1/3 of that lot will be shut down at that time.

  Announcements will be in campus newspapers.  Paving costs

  of cage, Wallace - Litton-Reaves, and Engel was over 4

  million; this money has to come from fees.


  Sachs stated that the Graduate Student Assembly is

  interested in expanding the route of the Blacksburg

  Transit to include the Corporate Research Center.

  Alvarez stated that the circulator is in existence to

  service central campus. The Corporate Research Center is

  not owned by Virginia Tech so any proposal should come

  from groups at CRC.


  Washington Street - Construction continues this year, so

  the parking situation on that street will remain mixed

  Faculty-Staff-Commuter Student.


  Stanger lot - Sachs proposed that graduate students be

  allowed to use this lot south of the entrance.  Alvarez

  stated that there are proposals for improvements to

  Stanger. Action was deferred on this request.

  Parking Appeals - There is concern that the Appeals

  Committee disappeared from the Rules and Regulations book.


  The Meeting adjourned at 12:03 PM.





                      Approved November 3, 1992

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