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April 20, 1993




                        April 20, 1993


  Meeting was called to order at 10:22 AM.


  Present:  Richard Alvarez, Wayne Bishop, George Lux, Curtis

  Lynch, Valerie Myers (Minutes), Dave Nicks, Carl Polan, and

  Widget Shannon.


  Absent:  Pat Ballard, Ben Dichoso, Chris French, and Gail McMillan.


  Motion was made to approve Minutes of March 23 meeting as

  amended. Motion seconded and passed.


  Rules and Regulations - Bishop stated that most things

  addressed were "housekeeping".  Discussion was held

  concerning whether personnel who work off-campus that have

  to come on to campus occasionally be required to purchase a

  permit.  Decision was made to allow them to utilize the

  Visitor's permit.  The Traffic and Parking Regulations book

  states that "Any vehicle that accumulates ten (10) or more

  tickets in a semester may lose parking privileges on campus

  for the remainder of that semester."   Motion was made to

  amend this policy to read "Any vehicle that accumulates ten

  (10) tickets in an academic year, five (5) per semester, may

  lose parking privileges, understanding that once the new

  computer system is in place and fully operational, the Committee

  will look at reducing the number to five (5) per academic year.

  Motion was seconded and carried.


  Alvarez thanked the Committee for working with the

  Regulation book and stated that in the four years that the

  Committee has worked with the Parking Office, they have

  collaborated to make valuable recommendations and reasonable



  Lynch gave Parking Office report as follows:

  Commuter B lot will close May 10 so that contractors can

  complete the lot. Target date for completion is July 1, but

  if it is not completed, the alternative is for faculty/staff

  to park at Schultz lot and students in the Wallace lot.

  Lower Stanger area will be unavailable during the early

  summer also.  Mike Conley (Blacksburg Transit) will be

  contacted to see if he can run a shuttle service during the

  summer also.  Summer orientation parking will be in Stadium

  lot again since it worked well last year.


  Nicks expressed interest in 15 minute Special Purpose

  Housing bus service, as opposed to 30 minute service.

  Alvarez suggested that he talk to Conley of Blacksburg

  Transit for his thoughts.


  Lux expressed concern that there were cars driving on the

  sidewalk in "purgatory".  Lynch stated that enforcement will

  be intensified from now until graduation.  Lux also stated

  that all of the slots in the bike racks were not being used,

  but numerous sign posts had bicycles chained to them.


  Nicks stated Squires has a bulletin board, displaying

  blueprints, etc. about bicycle parking.  He commented that

  it was a good idea.


   A Subcommittee met to try to find alternatives for graduate

  student parking.

  Alvarez presented their concepts as follows:  First decision

  is that graduate students will be recognized as a specific

  group by having a decal.  Secondly, suggested parking areas

  that may be considered for faculty, staff and graduate

  students were the new lot behind Wallace near Hillcrest, the

  lower Stanger lot and the north side of Washington Street.

   Faculty/staff spaces in B lot will increase.  The concensus

  of the Committee was to support this concept.


  Lux expressed concern about the numbers associated with the

  proposed parking structure.  He sees an increase in demand

  but a loss in faculty/staff parking spaces and an increase

  in cost.  He is concerned about access to Squires.


  Dave Nicks stated that he thought we needed more data on

  parking behavior.


  Shannon asked how many people will be located in the new

  Whittemore building? Alvarez responded that there actually

  will not be new people moved in, they will just spread out

  the ones already there.

  Shannon expressed concern about considering graduate

  students different from any other student.  Nicks responded

  that he doesn't think that we have really given them much by

  allowing them to share parking privileges.   Polan stated

  that he feels that the Committee has tried to be fair.


  Lux would like to see some plan for improvement in the

  intense Randolph area. Alvarez recommended that University

  Architect representatives be invited to address this

  Committee, since they are responsible for these decisions

  and plans.  Motion was made that the University Architect

  and Bobby Criminger be invited to address this Committee and

  passed unanimously.  Polan will contact them.


  Shannon is concerned about persons who aid others in

  acquiring illegal permits.  It does not fall under the honor

  code. She asked what is done to persons identified as having

  illegal permits.  Alvarez responded that Murdock is

  addressing this.  Some things must be left to people's




  Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.

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