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January 19, 1993





                         January 19, 1993



  Meeting called to order at 10:18 AM


  Present:  Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop, Chris French, George Lux,

  Curtis Lynch, Gail McMillan, Valerie Myers (Minutes), Dave

  Nicks, Carl Polan, Widget Shannon, J.B. Sutphin.


  Absent: Richard Alvarez, Ben Dichoso


  Motion was made to approve minutes of December 3 meeting, motion



  Polan read a letter from the Staff Senate requesting a

  moratorium on the Graduate Student parking issue until

  renovation and construction is completed.


  Polan sent a letter to Ann Spencer stating that a motion was

  passed by this Committee to accept the recommendation in concept

  made by University System Analysis report. Spencer responded to

  Polan's letter stating that she is awaiting response to some

  issues and funding.


  McMillan gave subcommittee report on progress addressing issue

  of who should be required to obtain parking permits that park at

  work stations off central Campus.


  Bishop distributed a list of the graduate and undergraduate

  students who have been given special parking privileges.  He has

  spoken with Tim Reid on the telephone. Bishop has also received

  an 8 page report on the policy used for awarding the special

  privileges.  Due to the fact that he has not had a chance to

  thoroughly review the report, Polan requested that Wayne give

  the highlights of the policy at the next regular meeting. Nicks

  volunteered to check into other lists that give students special

  parking privileges.


  Bicycle report - Polan wrote a letter to Peter Karp concerning

  bicycles.  There is concern about relaying a positive, tactful

  message thru signage.  Karp replied stating that he is working

  with Alvarez' office on this issue and is optimistic about the

  final outcome.  Sutphin added that a permanent storage facility,

  trash receptacles, benches, landscaping, etc. is underway, Nicks

  reported that he had written a letter to the Editor of the

  Collegiate Times commending the University for their effort on

  addressing the bicycle issue  and encouraged the Tech community

  to fully and correctly utilize the facilities.   Nicks has

  suggested that an article appear periodically in the Collegiate

  Times to inform the students what is happening with the

  parking/transportation situation.  Lux stated that he would like

  to get the student organizations involved in an educational and

  cooperative effort to improve bike safety. Ballard interjected

  that the Spectrum needs to be included in this effort.


  Committee Charge - Discussion followed after a draft of

  Committee charge was passed out.  Lux moved that we accept the

  charge as modified.  Stated charge was accepted as follows:


  To consider needs of faculty, staff and students and recommend

  policies pertaining to vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian and mass

  transit traffic and parking.  Areas to consider are

  parking/storage facilities, routing of vehicle/pedestrians and

  associated safety issues.  The Committee will gather information

  from pertinent sources and groups bearing on the issues.

  Recommendations will be made to the appropriate Administrator

  and/or University Governance body.


  CSA-GA Faculty/Staff Parking - Nicks requested that this be

  deferred.  Ballard has concern that wage employees who get

  faculty/staff hangtags, State vehicles, and vendors were all

  excluded from the figures on availability of Faculty/Staff



  Lux has concern that there is not enough action being taken on

  nighttime parking. There are cars parking in service vehicle

  spaces and blocking service vehicle entrances. There is a

  conception that after usual operating hours it is permissible to

  park in service vehicle spaces.  Clarification needs to be made

  in the Rules and Regulations booklet.


  Lynch reported that the Parking Office has been busy with

  check-in.  Students were registered at Squires.  They are

  looking at a plan to register faculty/staff in the spring and

  students in the summer.  Complaints are down from the previous

  month mostly due to strict enforcement.  They are also working

  with the Personnel Department to be able to identify

  faculty/staff who qualify for parking privileges because

  currently there are 3 types of ID's being distributed.


  Polan asked that everyone review the Parking Rules and

  Regulations booklet and make recommendations for update and



  Polan announced that the next regular meeting will be Feb. 16.

  Shannon asked why it is that between breaks, students are

  allowed to park anywhere on Campus?  When school is not in

  session students park in Faculty/Staff spaces.  Concern was

  expressed that there is not enough enforcement during breaks.


  Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.



  Approved February 16, 1993

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