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March 23, 1993





                       March 23, 1993

                    Approved April 20, 1993



Meeting was called to order at 10:20 AM.

Present:  Richard Alvarez, Pat Ballard, Wayne Bishop, Gail

McMillan, Patty Murdock, Valerie Myers (Minutes), Dave Nicks,

Carl Polan, Widget Shannon.


Absent: Ben Dichoso, George Lux, Curtis Lynch, J. B. Sutphin


Motion made to approve minutes of February 16 meeting.  Motion

seconded and passed.


Nicks requested to address the Committee to clarify his

position at the February 16 meeting.  He stated that he was

trying to get the Committee to agree to special parking

privileges for graduate students that are also state employees.

Ballard questioned whether all groups of graduate students were

represented by the GSA. Nicks stated that all groups were



Report of the Subcommittee to address who should be required to

pay for parking was given by McMillan.  Persons who park in

University maintained areas would be required to purchase

parking permits; others would not pay unless they expect to

park on campus for meetings, etc.  Murdock made the point that

in outlying areas (such as Water Resources) where employees do

not pay for parking, that sometimes the Parking Office is asked

to provide enforcement.  Motion was made that we accept the

recommendation in concept of the Subcommittee and that we, at

a later time, determine which lots fall outside the service

area.  Motion seconded and carried.


Issue was raised about whether a University employee that works

in other locations of the state should purchase a hangtag,

dollar-a-day hangtag, or be treated as a visitor.   The motion

was made that those persons employed away from campus, be

required to pay for temporary or full-time parking except when

driving a state vehicle.  Murdock commented that it is not

currently worded that way in the rule book.


Bishop, Chair of Rule Book revisions, reported as follows:

There were no major changes.  The recommendation was made under

"Fines and Violations", that illegal parking in Faculty/Staff

lots fine be raised from $10.00 to $25.00.  To avoid targeting

students, the concensus was against this recommendation.  It is

stated in the Rule Book that anyone receiving 10 or more

tickets per semester may lose parking privileges on campus.

Nicks feels that this policy is too relaxed.  Motion was made

to define a "habitual offender" as some one who is caught

parking illegally more than 5 times in one academic year.

Motion was seconded.  Alvarez and Murdock expressed concern

that enforcement and tracking of those with 5 tickets would be

a hardship on the personnel in the Parking Office.   The motion

was voted on with 4 in favor, 1 opposed, Nicks abstained.


Alvarez has been working with the University Architect to

standardize signage and hangtags.  He displayed examples of the

new signs and permits.


Shannon asked if there was any way to help car-poolers.  The

response was that all they have to do is register all pooling

vehicles involved and switch the tag as necessary.  Murdock

stated that it is important for car-poolers to be aware that

whoever's name the hangtag is registered to is responsible for

all vehicles (i.e. tickets, fines, etc.) that the hangtag was

displayed on.  Shannon stated that perhaps something needs to

be added to the Rule Book to clarify and encourage car-pooling.




Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.


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