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November 16, 1993


                            Parking and Transportation Committee


  Meeting:      Nov. 16, 1993, 11:00 am - 12:25 pm


  Present:      J. B. Sutphin                      Facilities Planning

                Pat Ballard                        Staff Senate

                Richard Alvarez                    Public Safety

                Cameron Weaver                     Graduate Student Assembly

                William R. Aliff                   Faculty Senate

                Carl Polan                         Immediate past chair

                George Sanzone                     Faculty Senate

                Widget Shannon                     Staff Senate

                Rob Moilque                        Graduate Student Assembly

                George Lux, chair                  Faculty Senate

                A. Curtis Lynch                    Parking Services

                Gail McMillan, scribe              Faculty Senate


                Guests:       Bob Criminger        Associate Vice President for


                              Peter I. Karp        University Architect


  Lux outlined some concerns about parking and transportation on the

  Virginia Tech campus.


         Turner Street is a parking and transportation nightmare,

         especially when vehicles drive down the street, don't find a

         parking spot, and then have to drive on the sidewalk to get

         out of Purgatory.


         Bike racks in pedestrian-only areas, for example in Cowgill

         and Library plazas


         Whitemore parking lot:  what will happen when the new

         engineering building is built?


         What are the plans for future parking needs at Major Williams

         Hall and Upper Quad?


         There are trade-offs between parking structures and lots.


  Karp's responses did a great deal to reassure the committee that

  planning is never done in isolation, but in close association with

  many areas of campus.  Many of the issues Lux raised are a result,

  not of plans being put in motion but of very preliminary



         Bikes are a large and complex problem.  We want to encourage

         students to ride bikes where it is safe for them as well as

         for pedestrians.


         An engineering building is at least six months away from going

         out for bid.  However, the Stanger lot was paved so it would

         be ready to absorb parking displaced by the new building or

         its construction.


         Major Williams is going out for bids for construction; Aug.

         1995 the date set for occupancy.


         Turner St. has been studied, discussed, but not yet in the

         planning stages.


         A major update to the University Plan is in our immediate

         future.  The outcome will shape the university for the next 40

         years.  Transportation and parking are a special component of

         the plan and the firm hired to do the plan will be meeting on

         campus with lots of groups, including this committee.


  Criminger added that fire access to Cowgill and loading docks for

  Burruss must receive special consideration for life safety, access,

  and service in making future plans for Turner St.  Sutphin added

  that when it was studied in the past, the decision was made not to

  cut down mature trees and too many parking spaces would have to be

  eliminated to provide for adequate turning radius to exit Turner

  St.  The intersection of Turner and Stanger has been studied and it

  was determined that there was sufficient traffic to warrant making

  it a four-way stop but there was not sufficient traffic to warrant

  putting in a traffic light.


  Alvarez commented on the above issues also.


         Bike update:  There are not enough bike racks, in part due to

         the dramatic increase in the number of bikes on campus this

         year.  During Thanksgiving break, bike racks will be moved

         from under-utilized areas to areas of greater need.  There has

         also been greater enforcement of bike rules violations.  Lux

         suggested to the student committee members that they work with

         the local bike clubs and that they write articles and promote

         bike registration and safety.


         Parking update:  Fees and fines are the only revenue source

         for the university's parking and transportation system.  Fines

         are down, fewer tickets are begin written, voided tickets are

         down, and improved signage on I81 and Rt. 460 has led more

         people to the Visitors' Center.  As a result, revenues are

         down $20,000 from what they were last year.


         The automated parking system has improved efficiencies in

         recordkeeping for parking registration and services.  After

         some more testing, hand held computers will be used to produce

         parking tickets; therefore, this information will be

         downloaded nightly into the automated system, further reducing

         the need for data entry.


         Lynch also contributed some statistics about bicycle

         registration and ticketing.


  Widget reported that she is serving on a subcommittee to review

  graduate student leaders parking privileges.  This subcommittee

  will recommend any needed changes in the current policies to the

  Parking and Transportation Committee.


  Sutphin raised the issue of stopping rumors by having more open

  discussions at the committee meetings.  Today's was an excellent

  example of this.  Sutphin is in an excellent position to keep us

  informed and Lux will invite Karp and Criminger to more frequently

  meet with the committee.


  Aliff asked Lynch to study the feasibility of curbside parking at

  Vet Med.


  The question was raised about online minutes.  McMillan will

  distribute the draft of the minutes to each committee member's VM

  account and when they are approved, she will send them to the

  proper account to get them posted for university-wide access.  The

  standard committee meeting time is 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Tuesdays as

  called by the chair.


  * * * * * * * * * * *


  Minutes amended and approved by the Parking and Transportation

  Committee on Feb. 1, 1994.

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