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September 23, 1993


   September 23, 1993



            Parking/Transportation Committee Meeting




  Present: J. B. Sutphin, R. Alvarez, George Lux, George Sanzone,

  Bill Aliff, Widget Shannon, Rob Molique, Patty Murdock and Carl



  The meeting was conducted by retiring Chair Polan.



  Items discussed follow:


  1. Polan updated the Committee on the Administrations decision

  for graduate student parking and the implementation of it.

  Instead of our recommendations, some nearer spaces in Lot B and

  behind Hillcrest have been specifically designated for TA's.

  Permits are obtained from the Graduate School which includes

  days of the week when permits are valid.  Alvarez reported that

  Parking was watching the use of these spaces and were adjusting

  the number so that a large number were not left vacant.


  2. Safety with bicycles is becoming a bigger issue.  More are

  riding on pedestrian areas. Placement of racks seems to be

  critical for traffic and safety also.  The Committee wants to

  meet with Peter Karp and Bobby Criminger concerning bicycle



  3. Student leader parking privileges were discussed.  Special

  tags were issued complying with Dr. Goodale's request list.

  The concensus of the Committee was that we should determine if

  this privilege should require Faculty/Staff fee rates.


  4.Special Purpose Housing- House leaders have complained that

  they should not have to buy a parking permit to park over



  5. New Chair- Alvarez moved that George Lux be recommended as

  this years Chair. Motion seconded by Sanzone.  Nominations were

  closed and Lux reluctantly accepted after other members offered

  full assistance on his request.


  6. The meeting was then adjourned.

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