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November 19, 1992





                            325 BURRUSS HALL

                            NOVEMBER 18, 1992


   PRESENT:  Alan McDaniel  (Chair), Lore  Balkan, Widget Shannon  for

             Martha  Johnson, Edward  Spencer, Evelyn  Ratcliffe, Joan

             Moore,  Bruce Reed,  Glenn Kraige,  Rita Purdy  for Irene

             Leech, Colin Carrig, Sarah Wheeler, Kevin Mayo,  Jennifer



   ABSENT:   James Wolfe, Michael  Jones, Ellen Braaten,  Pam Burwell,

             Joyce Williams-Green, Mary Thompson, Wanda Dean


   1.   Call to Order


             Dr. McDaniel called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


   2.   Approval of Minutes


             The  minutes of  the  meeting of  October  14, 1992  were

        approved with one-minor  correction:  #4,  line 3, the  phrase

        should read "proposing a 1994-95 Academic Calendar."


   4.   Report from CUS--Ms. Dean


             With Ms. Dean being absent, there was no report.


   5.   Report from Sub-Committee  on Calendar Construction Criteria--

        Dr. Kraige, Chair


             Dr.  Kraige   reported  that  this   sub-committee  (also

        consisting  of Ms. Chilton, Dr. McDaniel, and Dr. Spencer) had

        met  three times.  They  reviewed all correspondence about the

        calendar received  by the Provost's  Office over the  past two

        years,  the vast majority  of which  appealed for  two, 75-day

        semesters.  They also reviewed the calendar criteria, item  by

        item, and made suggested revisions.  The major conclusion from

        their  study  was  that  in  order  to  fulfill  the  endorsed

        criteria, the only way to schedule two, 75-day semesters would

        be to reduce the length of the summer term.   Accordingly, the

        sub-committee presented  a draft of a  calendar which provides

        for  two such  semesters  and one,  nine-week (45-day)  summer


             Although the committee responded favorably to the revised

        criteria, a number of issues and questions were raised:

        a)   Will faculty wish to  teach over a longer period  of time

             (rather than during just one, six-week session)?

        b)   Returning co-op students could not complete a sequence of

             courses  during  the  summer  (such  as  a  senior  level

             mathematics sequence).

        c)   What would the impact be on enrollments and revenues?

        d)   Would  there be  a  problem with  student employment  (do

             students need to work for part of the summer)?

        e)   How could the summer transition program be accommodated?


             By  the  same token,  many  positive  comments were  made

        (e.g., most universities have only one summer session, the 75-

        day semesters would satisfy faculty concerns, future calendars

        "work" under the new criteria, Fall Commencement could be held

        after exams are  completed, breaks of desired length  would be

        provided  between  each  term,  and Memorial  Day  would  fall

        between the spring and summer terms).


             It was  emphasized that  the sub-committee's  proposal is

        strictly a draft.  Committee members were asked to discuss the

        draft  with their constituents and to come to the next meeting

        (Wednesday,  January 20,  1993  at 3:00  p.m.--location to  be

        announced)  prepared to  discuss  pros and  cons  and to  take

        action on the proposal.


   6.   There being  no other business,  the meeting was  adjourned at

        4:20 p.m.





                            CALENDAR CRITERIA


       (Proposed by the Scheduling and Registration Subcommittee,

                for consideration by the full Committee)


   1.   The fall and spring semesters shall be of equal length, and

        each semester shall consist of 75 class days (no more, and no

        fewer).  At least five days shall be set aside for



   2.   Each semester shall begin on a Monday.  (It is assumed that

        telephone registration will be in place by the approximate

        time these criteria take effect.)


   3.   The fall semester shall contain a one-week break for

        Thanksgiving.  The spring semester shall contain a one-week

        spring break approximately half way through the spring

        semester, positioned so that it will not end on Easter Sunday.


   4.   The Fall Commencement shall be scheduled after the completion

        of examinations whenever possible.  When this is not possible,

        there shall be no examinations scheduled on the Saturday of

        Fall Commencement.


   5.   There shall be at least two days between the end of spring

        semester examinations and the Spring Commencement.  (The

        primary purposes of these days are the academic clearance of

        seniors for graduation and the preparation of the residence

        halls for family use at Commencement time.)


   6.   There shall be no scheduling of Spring Commencement on the

        same weekend as Commencement at Radford University.


   7.   There shall be one nine-week summer term.  There shall be at

        least 45 class days and three exam days.  A three-hour class

        will meet 45 days at 50 minutes per day.  The summer term

        should be positioned so as to allow a two-week free period

        both before and after the summer term.


   8.   There will be classes on Labor Day; there will be no classes

        on Memorial Day and Independence Day.


   9.   The add deadline will be the fifth class day during a regular

        semester; the add deadline will be the fourth class day during

        a summer term.


   10.  The drop deadline will be the thirtieth class day during a

        regular semester; the drop deadline will be the fifteenth

        class day during a summer term.


   11.  The resignation day will be the fortieth class day during a

        regular semester; the resignation day will be the twenty-

        second day during a summer term.





                       PROPOSED 1994-1995 CALENDAR


                           Fall Semester 1994


   Classes Begin                 Monday, August 22

   Last Day to Add Classes       Friday, August 26

   Last Day to Drop Classes      Friday, September 30

   Last Day to Resign            Friday, October 14

   Thanksgiving Break Begins     Saturday, November 19

   Thanksgiving Break Ends       Sunday, November 27

   Classes End                   Friday, December 9

   Reading Days                  Saturday & Sunday, December 10 and 11

   Exams Begin                   Monday, December 12

   Exams End                     Friday, December 16

   Fall Commencement             Saturday, December 17


                          Spring Semester 1995


   Classes Begin                 Monday, January 9

   Last Day to Add Classes       Friday, January 13

   Last Day to Drop Classes      Friday, February 17

   Last Day to Resign            Friday, March 3

   Spring Break Begins           Saturday, March 4

   Spring Break Ends             Sunday, March 12

   Classes End                   Friday, April 28

   Exams Begin                   Monday, May 1

   Reading Days                  Wednesday & Thursday, May 3 and 4

   Exams End                     Tuesday, May 19

   Spring Commencement           Saturday, May 13


                            Summer Term 1995


   Check-in and Classes Begin    Wednesday, May 31

   Last Day to Add Classes       Monday, June 5

   Last Day to Drop Classes      Tuesday, June 20

   Last Day to Resign            Thursday, June 29

   Independence Day-no classes   Tuesday, July 4

   Classes End                   Wednesday, August 2

   Exams Begin                   Thursday, August 3

   Exams End                     Saturday, August 5

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