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February 10, 1993



                             325 BURRUSS HALL

                             FEBRUARY 10, 1993


  Present:  Lore Balkan, Jennifer Chilton, Wanda Dean, Charles Baffi for

            Elyzabeth Holford, Carol Dalton for Martha Johnson, Palmer

            Caldwell for Michael Jones, Glenn Kraige, Irene Leech, Al

            McDaniel, Joan Moore, Bruce Reed, Edward Spencer, Mary

            Thompson, Sarah Wheeler, and Joyce Williams-Green


  Absent:   Ellen Braaten, Colin Carrig, Kevin Mayo, and James Wolfe


  1.   Call to Order


            Dr. McDaniel called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.


  2.   Adoption of Agenda


            The agenda was adopted with one addition:  Item 4a--Internal

       guidelines for calendar construction.


  3.   Approval of Minutes of January 27, 1993


            The minutes of this meeting were approved with three



       Page 2, the paragraph beginning with "Dr. McDaniel," should read

        "Dr. McDaniel indicated that the Agriculture and Life Sciences

        Faculty (which includes representation from the Forestry and

        Wildlife Resources faculty) expressed the same opposition and

        are willing to sacrifice somewhat on the semesters in order to

        maintain two summer sessions."


       Page 2, third line from the bottom should read, "Monday as a class

        day rather than a drop/add (check-in) day."


       Page 3, fourth paragraph, line 4, last sentence should read "It

        may be that some years it will work to have two weeks between

        summer and fall, but in most years this will not work."


  4.   The motion for approval of a 1994-95 and a 1995-96 calendar as well

       as the accompanying criteria was taken off the table.


            Committee members reported the following comments made by some



       a.   There is still too short a time between the end of summer and



       b.   A desire to celebrate Labor Day as a holiday with classes

            cancelled and offices closed.





       c.   A desire for a fall break rather than a long Thanksgiving



       d.   A desire to have 80 minutes rather than 70 minutes in summer



       e.   A desire for a separate day for "check-in."  A concern that

            staff not wind up working on weekends.


       f.   "Express Check-In" will continue.


            Dr. Kraige noted that deleting Monday as a class day results

       in a student losing eight or nine class days overall during his or

       her academic career.  Dr. Spencer noted that not having a Monday

       class day is a problem for those who teach three hour seminars on

       a Monday since there are no classes on that Monday, an entire week

       of classes is missed.

            Following the discussion, the committee voted unanimous

       approval of the drafted calendar criteria and proposed calendars

       for 1994-95, and 1995-96 (copies attached).


  4a.  Internal Guidelines for Calendar Construction


            Following a brief discussion there was a unanimous vote to

       adopt the drafted "University Scheduling and Registration Committee

       Internal Guidelines for Calendar Construction" (copy attached).

            There was subsequent discussion about the role of the

       committee as no longer simply advisory to the Provost but now a

       Subcommittee of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies.  A

       question was raised as to whether we should now publish the

       proposed calendars and criteria in Spectrum.  The consensus of the

       committee was that input had already been obtained from the various

       constituencies and that we should send on the proposed criteria and

       calendars directly to the Commission on Undergraduate Studies.

       Internal guidelines will stay with this committee.  An official

       vote was taken on this and there was unanimous consent to follow

       this procedure.


  5.   Report on On-Line Registration--Ms. Dean


            Ms. Dean reported that we have been working on simplifying

       drop/add procedures for several years.  The better and greater

       solution might be telephone registration, but it has been

       determined that this is too costly and complicated a system to

       install at this time.  Instead we will be moving towards an on-line

       access system so that students will be able to accomplish add/drops

       from a PC or terminal.  It was noted that these would be add/drops,

       not course requests themselves.

            The plan for this includes trying the system out with the

       incoming freshmen in the University Studies Program during summer

       orientation in July of 1993.  In August of 1993, the Resident

       Advisor staff and the Residence Hall Federation Officers will serve

       as a second pilot study group.  In December of 1993 it is

       anticipated that we will use the senior class in the project.  In

       March of 1994 the plan is to include the sophomore and freshman

       classes and by the fall of 1994 all would be able to use the



  6.   Other Business


       a.   It was decided not to take any action regarding the

            coordination of dates with Radford until calendars are

            considered again.


       b.   Ms. Chilton expressed concern from the Student Government

            Association that there is no rule that requires faculty to

            give feedback on grades to students by the drop date.  The SGA

            would like to see the drop date moved back later in the

            semester and have forwarded on a resolution to that effect

            (see attached).

                 Ms. Moore counseled that this would create problems with

            work/seminar groups where a later drop could severely disrupt

            the class and format of the groups.  Ms. Wheeler noted that

            research in the files indicates that the establishment of the

            drop date was done so that students can determine if they can

            carry the load they have rather than how well they are doing

            in a course.

                 Dr. Williams-Green indicated that a direct recommendation

            of the University Retention Committee was a later drop date

            and she will be referring this matter to CUS for further

            study.  It was recommended that at the March meeting of CUS

            Dr. Williams-Green report on the Retention Committee's

            recommendation and the SGA resolution (both suggesting a later

            drop date) at that time.


       c.   Approval of Minutes--Ms. Dean and Dr. McDaniel will carry the

            minutes of our previous meetings to CUS for approval at their

            next meeting.  The committee agreed to give tentative prior

            approval to the minutes of this meeting with any subsequent

            corrections that might be necessary being made at the next

            meeting of the committee.


  7.   Adjournment


            The meeting was adjourned by Dr. McDaniel at 4:11 p.m.


                           Respectfully submitted




                           Edward Spencer



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