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March 19, 1992


                                 STAFF SENATE


                        MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING

                           THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1992

                   ROOM 102 - PHASE IV - VETERINARY MEDICINE



  SENATORS PRESENT:  Carolyn Alls, Pat Ballard, Larry Blankenship, Clara Cox,

  Patrick Donohoe, Kathy Eschenmann, Spencer Foster, Linda Haney, Jane

  Harrison, Barbara Hise, Lisa Jansen, Eileen Keeney, Sherilyn McConnell,

  Margie Murray, Charles Paige, Diane Patty, Fred Phillips, Rocky Price, W.

  T. Price, Bill Ranck, Peggy Rasnick, Kathy Reynolds, Buddy Shaver, Sonja

  Stone, Charlie Stott, John Strauss, Keith Tignor, Sarah Wheeler, Deb

  Williams, Pat Worrell


  ALTERNATES IN ATTENDANCE:  Janet Bryant for Janis Brown, Patty Hall, Bruce

  Harper, Richard Hayman, Mary Ann Johnson, Dianne Kauffman for Doug Jones,

  Linda Jones, Dean Miller, Kim O'Rourke for Carolyn Ramsey, Wanda Garrison

  for Widget Shannon, Chuck Shorter for Valerie Myers-Jones, Sherri Turner,

  Shannon Worringham.




  GUESTS:  Margie Lawrence - Residential Programs, Marge Dellars - Health and

  Safety, Dolly Connor - Division of Student Affairs.







  The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by President McConnell, who

  welcomed guests, liaisons, senators, and alternates.





  President McConnell announced that elections for Staff Senate officers and

  for positions in the university governance structure would be held first to

  allow the Elections and Nominations Committee time to tally votes before

  the close of the meeting.





  Senator Phillips, chair, Elections and Nominations Committee, conducted

  elections for Staff Senate officers for the 1992-93 term and for represen-

  tatives to serve on various university councils and commissions.  Senator

  Phillips expressed appreciation to all who helped during the nomination

  procedure, especially Senators Rasnick, Patty, and Murray and President






  The minutes of the February 20, 1992, Staff Senate meeting were approved.





  *POLICIES AND ISSUES--Senator Stott, chair, reported that the committee has

  been trying to identify as many issues as possible.  He solicited input for

  the committee with the exception of issues relating to salaries.  Sug-

  gestions or comments can be directed to Senator Stott or Senator



  *POLICIES AND ISSUES/STAFF ASSOCIATIONS--Senator Murray, chair, reported

  that suggestions for changes to the area staff associations' bylaws are be-

  ing sent to selected associations.


  *LONG-RANGE PLANNING--Senator Blankenship, chair, reported that the commit-

  tee had not met.


  *COMMUNICATIONS--Senator Cox, chair, reported that members have been as-

  signed to verify senator User ID's and that the list will soon be com-

  pleted.  She also reported that the editor of SPECTRUM. is interested in

  staff-written columns on graduate teaching assistants parking in

  faculty/staff lots and increased job responsibilities for staff resulting

  from budget cuts, with the columns running in the summer and before semes-

  ter's end, respectively.  The committee is working on the columns.


  In highlighting the March 5 Classified Staff Affairs Committee meeting,

  Senator Cox said that the CSAC final report would go to Minnis Ridenour for

  review and comment on March 24 and would be published in SPECTRUM on April

  16.  The report will also be presented to University Council.  An announce-

  ment was made that CSAC representatives would discuss health and safety is-

  sues with Minnis Ridenour and Richard Alvarez in late March.  The final

  regular meeting of CSAC will be held May 7, with plans under way for CSAC

  representatives to meet with Staff Senate on May 21.


  *CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS--Senator Tignor, chair, reported the committee's

  work is completed and that members will be absorbed into the Policies and

  Issues Committee.


  *ELECTIONS AND NOMINATIONS--Senator Williams reported that a correction

  needed to be made in the committee minutes to read "newly elected officers

  will take office at the end of the June meeting."






  o   MOVIES--President McConnell introduced Joyce Smith, CSAC

      Parliamentarian, who explained why parliamentary procedure is such an

      important part of every meeting.  A movie was shown demonstrating vari-

      ous scenarios that can occur and how they would be addressed according

      to Robert's Rules of Order.  The video is available for checkout

      through University Libraries.


  o   EDUCATIONAL AID TASK FORCE--Senator Cox reported that four decisions

      have been made regarding tuition waivers and educational leave:  (1)

      that persons on educational leave with partial pay and who are working

      for wages would not be expected to earn more than received through reg-

      ular salary, (2) that part-time classified staff and faculty should re-

      ceive waivers and tuition reimbursement for six hours a year with up to

      four hours in any one semester, (3) that wage employees would not re-

      ceive educational aid, and (4) that persons on leave status would not

      be eligible for waivers.






  o   ELECTION RESULTS--Senator Phillips, chair, Elections and Nominations

      Committee, reported that the Staff Senate Constitution was ratified,

      with 27 percent of the staff voting.  The tally was 924 in favor, 34

      opposed.  Senator Phillips made a motion that Staff Senate present a

      resolution requesting University Council ratification of the Staff Sen-

      ate Constitution.  The motion passed unanimously.



      Senator Phillips announced that Staff Senate officers for the next term

      include President - Sherilyn McConnell, Vice President - Charlie Stott,

      Secretary - Barbara Hise, and Parliamentarian - Betty Greene.


      The following were elected to serve on university councils and commis-



      -   University Council - Senators Fred Phillips, Clara Cox, Margie


      -   Commission on Classified Staff Affairs - Staff Senate: Senators Pat

                    Ballard, Pat Worrell, Mary Mertz

               Academic Departments: Pam Orcutt, Bill Aliff, Carolyn Alls

               Administrative Departments:  John Ashby, Wyatt Sasser, Wanda


      -   Commission on Faculty Affairs - Senator Joyce Smith

      -   Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies - Senator Linda Haney

      -   Commission for Public Service and Extension - Senator Patty Hall

      -   Commission for Research - Senator Peggy Rasnick

      -   Commission for Student Affairs - Senator Spencer Foster

      -   Commission for Undergraduate Studies and Policies - Senator Sarah


      -   Commission for University Support - Senators Pat Donohoe and



      -   University Advisory Council on Human Rights and Social Responsibil-

          ities -

                    Senator Kathy Eschenmann.  The names of Bill Aliff and

                    Nancy Feuerbach will be forwarded to President McComas,


                    will select one as representative.


      Additionally, the University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting

      and Planning will include a Staff Senate officer, who will be appointed

      by President McComas.



      The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.





      Barbara Hise



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