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October 15, 1992


                                 STAFF SENATE



                        MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING

                          THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1992

                   ROOM 102 - PHASE IV - VETERINARY MEDICINE





  SENATORS PRESENT:  Bill Aliff, Carolyn Alls, Pat Ballard, Lisa Barroso,

  Janet Bryant, Clara Cox, Marge Dellers, Patrick Donohoe, Spencer Foster,

  Betty Greene, Linda Haney, Diane Kaufman, Margie Lawrence, Don Massie,

  Sherilyn McConnell, Margie Murray, Charles Paige, Diane Patty, Fred

  Phillips, Carlile Price, Peggy Rasnick, Kathy Reynolds, Widget Shannon,

  Buddy Shaver, Barbara Shelor, Sonja Stone, Charlie Stott, Sarah Wheeler,

  Deb Williams, Pat Worrell.




  GUESTS:  Richard Lovegrove for SPECTRUM







  The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by President McConnell who

  welcomed senators, alternates, and guests.





  President McConnell announced that Senator Rasnick has been appointed to

  the search committee for Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

  and that Senator Reynolds has been appointed to the search committee for

  Dean of Human Resources.  She said a senator will also be included on the

  search committee for Vice President for Information Systems.


  President McConnell encouraged Senators to attend the governance program

  organized by Personnel Services.


  She also extended congratulations to Senator Hise, who has married and

  changed her last name to Shelor.





  The minutes of the September 17, 1992, Staff Senate meeting were approved

  with three corrections.  Lola Yelverton is an alternate, not a senator.

  Pam Orcutt is not a member of the social committee, and Senator Paige

  should be quoted instead of Senator Donohoe on page 3.





  *COMMUNICATIONS--Senator Cox, chair, reported that Senator Shaver learned

  several impacts of the Americans with Disabilities Act on campus communi-

  cations:  written information can be converted to braille with help from

  the library and telephone recordings can be made.  Senator Shaver also

  learned that there are no plans to convert campus publications to some form

  that would be accessible to the visually impaired and that Personnel Ser-

  vices is developing a survey for each department to identify disabled em-

  ployees and submit plans for services to be offered these employees.


  Regarding information on illiterate employees, Senator Shaver learned that

  they are not identified; it is their responsibility to seek assistance.

  Senator Cox reported that the committee has suggested to Personnel Services

  that a telephone helpline be set up and has discussed various other ap-

  proaches with Linda Woodard, assistant director of Personnel Services, to

  assist illiterate and visually impaired employees.


  The committee will contact staff association presidents for help in identi-

  fying the "unofficial" campus mailing lists.


  The letter to new employees from Staff Senate has gone to Personnel Ser-

  vices for distribution.


  *ELECTIONS AND NOMINATIONS--Senator Phillips, chair, reported that two nom-

  inees had been selected for tonight's election to replace Senator Mertz on

  the Commission of Classified Staff Affairs.  Nominees were provided to rep-

  resent staff on the Steering Committee for the Leadership Task Force - Lisa

  Barroso and the Personnel Advisory Committee - Wyatt Sasser.


  A letter will be sent to all non-senator representatives to University

  Standing Committees, asking them to report to Staff Senate any issues that

  may concern staff.  Reports can be submitted in writing or by PROFS to the

  Senate secretary.


  A nominee form for Council, Commissions, and Committees will be mailed to

  local staff associations with a cover letter.  Senator Phillips said the

  committee had discussed hardware and software options for a nominee data-

  base project.


  *LONG RANGE BUDGET AND PLANNING--Senator Ballard, chair, reported that the

  committee met October 13 and has begun hearing speakers address budget al-

  locations.  Vernon Boggs from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  answered questions.  The next meeting will be November 7.


  *POLICIES AND ISSUES--Senator Murray, chair, said the committee met October

  1.  She divided the committee into three subcommittees.  The Staff Associ-

  ation Relations Subcommittee's first order of business was to schedule a

  meeting October 11 for the soon-to-be College of Forestry.


  The Council of Presidents Subcommittee scheduled the initial meeting of the

  Council of Presidents on November 12 at noon.  Senator Murray said that

  staff association presidents will be getting a letter advising them of the



  The Policies and Issues Subcommittee suggested Richard Alvarez be ap-

  proached to provide an informational meeting to the Staff Senate.





  *UNIVERSITY COUNCIL--Senator Cox reported that the sole business of the

  last council meeting was to approve minutes of various commissions.  Presi-

  dent McComas discussed several issues with the council, noting that a high

  priority of the university is to get raises for faculty and staff.  Presi-

  dent McComas also talked about the importance of support for the higher ed-

  ucation bond issue.


  *HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY--Senator Aliff reported that one

  issue discussed was what accountability managers have.


  *STRATEGIC BUDGETING AND PLANNING--President McConnell announced the coun-

  cil had held two informative meetings explaining budgeting and planning.


  *COMMISSION ON STAFF AFFAIRS--Vice President Stott reported that the com-

  mission plans to set short and long range priorities.  Short term concerns

  are leave pay, parental leave, faculty/staff leave, educational aid policy,

  and academic year appointments for staff.  Long range goals are issues of

  staff development and training, leadership and management issues on campus,

  promoting staff involvement in governance, and staff recognition.


  *COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS--Alternate Senator Smith reported that the

  October 9 meeting was cancelled, and the next meeting is scheduled for Oc-

  tober 25.  After the meeting she was approached about new employees having

  to purchase parking decals before receipt of their first check.  Another

  issue of the same nature is initial payment of health care premiums.  Sen-

  ator Williams stated that premium payments must be paid in advance.  Presi-

  dent McConnell referred the issue to the Policies and Issues Committee.



  new computer lab will be built in Campbell Hall.  The Student Government

  Association is encouraging support for the bond referendum for higher edu-

  cation.  Most of the October 7 meeting was spent making committee assign-

  ments and appointments.  Graduate students parking in faculty/staff lots

  did come up.




  *COMMISSION ON RESEARCH--Senator Rasnick reported that Linda Woodard wants

  input on how the human resources side of Personnel Services could stream-

  line paper work.


  *COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS--Senator Cox reported for Senator Blecher,

  who was attending a commission meeting.  No items of interest to staff were




  the commission has met twice and no items were discussed that involved

  staff.  A faculty member was elected chair.


  *COMMISSION ON UNIVERSITY SUPPORT--Senator Donohoe stated that this commis-

  sion is a new one.  Joe Falkinham was elected chair.


  *SCHEDULING AND REGISTRATION COMMITTEE--Senator Wheeler reported that Alan

  McDaniel was elected chair.  The committee is in charge of the 1994-95 cal-

  endar and is now in the process of revising its mission statement.


  FACILITIES ADVISORY REVIEW COMMITTEE-- Senator Williams said the committee

  has received the Coopers and Lybrand report but was asked to keep its con-

  tents confidential.  Senator Williams assured the Senate she had made care-

  ful notes and would be watching many things to see if the report was taken

  seriously.  Senator Cox stated that two years ago the Learning Resources

  Center and University Relations were evaluated by an inhouse review team.

  At that time, Wayland Winstead indicated that an outside firm would conduct

  the next study and that future inhouse studies would be based on the proc-

  ess used by the outside consultant.  Consequently, Senator Cox objected to

  keeping the Coopers and Lybrand report confidential.  Senator Williams said

  the Facilities department heads and division heads would have an opportu-

  nity to rebutt the report at the next meeting.  Senator Aliff stated it was

  fair to ask that the report be made public, or at least be made available

  to the Staff Senate.  Senator Williams noted that a senator on the commit-

  tee who left university service was not replaced.  She stressed the need to

  keep two senators on these review committees.



  committee is comprised of three members each from the faculty, staff, and

  students; Richard Alvarez, Director of Public Health, Safety, and Transpor-

  tation; and Curtis Lynch, Director of Parking.  Senators expressed concern

  that the daily parking passes are easy to photocopy since they are printed

  in black and white.  Faculty and staff stickers can be reproduced by some-

  one downtown.  Special Purpose Housing students, who must buy a meal plan,

  requested 12 additional spaces at Owens Dining Hall.  The committee asked

  the BT to swing around more at dinner time.  Bike racks will be built on

  campus with a $60,000 allocation.  There is a problem of inconsiderate

  bikers on campus; bike clubs are helping to monitor the problem through

  peer pressure.  Registrations for bikes are voluntary but may become manda-

  tory by next fall.  B Lot will be paved a third at a time, and its users

  will be directed to other lots.  Parking tickets can be appealed to a re-

  view committee.  Senator Patty asked why employees at off-campus buildings

  don't purchase decals.  Senator Haney was told all university employees

  parking at university facilities must buy a permit.  Senator Hancock said

  employees at rental properties do not buy decals.  Other senators supplied

  information that decals are required, but there are only three full-time

  parking enforcement officers to patrol the entire campus.  Senator Aliff

  stated there was an access problem at the Veterinary Hospital during foot-

  ball games since the hospital is always open.  Customers with sick animals

  have difficulties getting to the hospital in football traffic.  Senator

  Kaufman cited another problem at the CEC lot at 4:15 in the evenings when

  students are trying to find spaces.


  Senator Barroso suggested Senate cover commission reports through written

  reports due to the time it takes to report on all of them verbally.  Presi-

  dent McConnell said there had been much discussion, and she felt that only

  pressing issues should be brought to the floor in Senate meetings.


  FACULTY SENATE--Senator Rasnick reported the first meeting of the academic

  year was hosted by Leon Geyer with Ray Smoot and Minnis Ridenhour as

  guests, who discussed the Hotel Roanoke, reported that advance funding

  would be repaid once the project was completed, and said they were looking

  for someone to run the facility.


  BUILDING COMMITTEE--Senator Donohoe announced the Building Committee has

  been changed to the Facilities Committee.  It has not met.





  Senator Phillips conducted the election for a Senate representative to the

  Commission on Classified Staff Affairs.  Senator Bryant and Senator Hancock

  were candidates.  The vote was taken by written ballot.





  Vice President Stott reported that the Joint Health Care Task Force is

  still monitoring changes in the health care program.  The task force urges

  senators to report to staff in their areas that adequate documentation is

  necessary for the task force to make a good argument for suggested changes

  in the system.  Concerns should be sent to Senator Eschenmann and Vice

  President Stott.


  President McConnell discussed the University Awareness Program.  She said

  the committee working on the program had decided it was not practical to

  put a university-wide program together this fall.  The committee decided it

  would rather take more time and begin the program in the spring.





  *BROCHURE-SEXISM ON CAMPUS--President McConnell announced that a brochure

  for sexism on campus was available at the front of the room and that sen-

  ators were encouraged to take the brochure.


  *ELECTION RESULTS--Senator Phillips announced the election of Senator

  Bryant to the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs.


  *MEETINGS--Faculty Senate President Leon Geyer and President McConnell will

  be meeting with Richard Alvarez, Carl Polan, and Curtis Lynch to discuss

  parking issues.


  President McConnell and Vice President Stott will be meeting with President

  McComas on a regular basis, along with Fred Carlisle, Minnis Ridenhour, Ann

  Spencer, Cornell Morton, and Carol Nickerson.  President McConnell asked

  senators to send ideas for discussion items to her by November 1.


  *OTHER--Senator Cox stated one of her constituents had received a letter

  one day ago from Compensation and Benefits announcing that employees had

  the month of October for open registration for flex benefits.  The letter

  should have gone out prior to the registration month instead of the middle

  of the enrolling month.  President McConnell asked the Policies and Issues

  Committee to write a letter to Benefits, expressing the need to give em-

  ployees the full time alloted to make decisions.


  Senator Aliff announced that senators should be aware of a growing rabies

  problem in Montgomery County.  There is no treatment for rabies, and se-

  veral cases have been reported in the last three months.


  Senator Shannon noted that an announcement was made to the Commission on

  Research that only faculty could chair commissions.


  The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.




  Barbara Hise Shelor



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