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September 17, 1992


                                 STAFF SENATE



                        MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING

                         THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1992

                   ROOM 102 - PHASE IV - VETERINARY MEDICINE





  SENATORS PRESENT:  Carolyn Alls, Pat Ballard, Larry Blankenship, Freda

  Blecher, Janet Bryant, Clara Cox, Marge Dellers, Patrick Donohoe, Charlie

  Gills, Betty Greene, Diane Kaufman, Eileen Keeney, Don Massie, Bhaba Misra,

  Margie Murray, Diane Patty, Fred Phillips, Rocky Price, Bill Ranck, Peggy

  Rasnick, Kathy Reynolds, Widget Shannon, Buddy Shaver, Charlie Stott, Sarah

  Wheeler, Deb Williams, Pat Worrell, Lola Yelverton


  ALTERNATES IN ATTENDANCE:  Mary Ann Johnson for Kathy Eschenmann, Terry

  Lawrence for Bill Aliff, Joann Miller for Sonja Stone, Lynn Schaefermeyer

  for Julie Hancock, Valerie Myers, Wyatt Sasser, and Joyce Smith for Carlile



  GUESTS:  Roy Jones for Faculty Senate, Richard Lovegrove for SPECTRUM



  The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Vice President Stott, who

  welcomed senators, alternates, and guests.  There were 28 senators and 5

  acting alternates in attendance, which constituted a quorum.





  Vice President Stott announced that Senate Executive Committee had proposed

  names to President McConnell for a social committee that will plan a recep-

  tion for those members of the university community who worked for the

  inclusion of staff in university governance.  Committee members include

  Senator Barroso, Jackie Eaves, Alternate Senator Harper, Senator Hise, Pam

  Orcutt, Senator Patty, Alternate Senator Wyatt Sasser, Keith Tignor, and

  Senator Worrell.


  Vice President Stott announced that Senator Mertz has resigned due to fam-

  ily responsibilities.





  The minutes of the August 20, 1992, Staff Senate meeting were approved.





  *COMMUNICATIONS--Senator Cox, chair, reported the minutes of several com-

  mittee meetings were included in senators' packets.  Senator Cox reported

  that Senate Executive Committee supported the idea of opening Staff Senate

  committees to staff members who are not senators.  Executive Committee sug-

  gested a notice be placed in SPECTRUM, but the editor of SPECTRUM asked

  that an article be developed on the proposal.  The article appeared in the

  September 3 issue in the shared governance column.  It encouraged staff to

  contact Barbara Hise if they were interested in serving on a senate commit-

  tee.  Senator Hise has received one call since the article was published.


  Senator Cox asked for input from senators on the "unofficial" mailing

  lists, suggesting that senators ask their local associations for help in

  identifying these lists.


  The Communications Committee has learned of a staff member who is unable to

  read or write and could not complete the Key Advantage insurance forms.

  Senator Cox asked for suggestions from senators on how illiterate and visu-

  ally impaired staff can be identified and assisted without invading their

  privacy.  Senator Ranck suggested that an article be placed in SPECTRUM and

  Senator Williams suggested a help line be established with a phone mail

  message stating that assistance is available.


  *ELECTIONS AND NOMINATIONS--Senator Phillips, chair, reported that new mem-

  bers were welcomed at the September meeting.  The committee's responsibil-

  ities and objectives were discussed.  Senators Patty and Rasnick are

  working on an information/nominee form to go out to local associations in

  November to get names of staff who are interested in being nominated for

  openings on councils, commissions, and committees.  The format and time

  frame were discussed.  Senators Phillips, Massie, and Schaefermeyer will

  work on developing the nominee data base of names for this year.


  *LONG RANGE BUDGET AND PLANNING--Senator Ballard, chair, reported that at

  the committee's September meeting, members discussed inviting guest speak-

  ers to their meetings over the next several months to "educate" committee

  members on the budget process.  The committee discussed the goals and the

  difficulty of long-range budgeting considering the scope, size, and diver-

  sity of the university.  The goal of the committee is to obtain a complete

  and comprehensive view of the entire budget process and to be able to have

  an impact on future budget decisions that directly affect support person-



  *POLICIES AND ISSUES--Senator Murray, chair, distributed a list of commit-

  tee goals.  The committee will be broken into three groups:  subcommittee

  on staff association relations, council of presidents, and general on-going

  policies and issues.  In the area of staff association relations, Senator

  Murray reported the committee will be checking with local associations to

  see how they get information.  It will obtain a count of staff in each area

  to verify that the number of senators for each area is correct.  She re-

  ported that the School of Forestry will become the College of Forestry in

  July 1993, and the subcommittee will work with the staff to help them or-

  ganize an association when the school becomes a college.  The council of

  presidents subcommittee will prepare a resolution creating the council of

  presidents and will present the resolution to Staff Senate for approval.

  The council of presidents will set up formal communication lines between

  Staff Senate and local association presidents to ensure that each associ-

  ation receives the same information since there is no formal means of

  transmitting information to local associations other than through senators.

  The group on general on-going policies and issues will continue monitoring

  issues such as benefits, parking, training, health, and safety.


  Senator Murray reported that Personnel Services has announced an October

  training program on the governance system and that senators would be re-

  ceiving the information in the near future.  There are currently no plans

  to train local association officers.  Senator Murray said that the commit-

  tee had told Dennis Eavey it would be helpful to include local association

  officers in the training since the council of presidents will be estab-

  lished in the near future.  Senator Murray sent a list of senators and al-

  ternates to Mr. Eavey.





  *UNIVERSITY COUNCIL--Senator Murray reported that University Council held a

  brief meeting in September to introduce members and to approve minutes of

  the meetings of two commissions.  No issues were addressed.


  *COMMISSION ON STAFF AFFAIRS--Senator Stott reported that the commission

  plans to meet later in September.


  *COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS--Senator Smith reported that the commission

  met in early September and there were no issues relating to staff.


  *COMMISSION ON RESEARCH--Senator Rasnick reported that the commission met

  in September and held elections and discussed goals.  The commission has

  been asked to send four names to the Provost to serve on the search commit-

  tee to fill the position left vacant by Dr. Hooper.  Senator Rasnick said

  the commission may ask for staff representation on the search committee.



  the commission will meet later in September.


  *COMMISSION ON UNIVERSITY SUPPORT--Senator Paige stated that the commission

  had not met.


  *EO/AA COMMITTEE--Senator Greene stated that the committee will meet later

  in September.



  committee will meet later in September.


  *SCHEDULING AND REGISTRATION COMMITTEE--Senator Wheeler reported that the

  committee has not met this academic year and meets only occasionally during

  the academic year.


  Senator Murray asked how senators will receive minutes of meetings of coun-

  cils, commissions, and committees since there is no official reporting

  structure.  Senate Executive Committee will discuss this issue.  Senators

  feel it is important to get the information but prefer not to have volumes

  of reading in the monthly packets.


  Senator Phillips asked that representatives to university councils, commis-

  sions, committees inform Senators Patty and Rasnick of meeting schedules to

  aid them in the preparation of the information/nominee form they are final-

  izing to send to local associations.


  Senator Patty reminded senators that Secretary Hise needs copies of minutes

  of all meetings.





  Senator Phillips, chair of the Elections and Nominations Committee, an-

  nounced that Senator Foster had resigned from the Commission on Student Af-

  fairs and that the names of Freda Blecher and Eileen Keeney had been placed

  in nomination to fill the position left vacant by the resignation.  Each

  candidate gave a brief statement about her employment at Virginia Tech and

  her involvement in the governance system.  After conducting a vote, Senator

  Phillips announced that Freda Blecher had been elected to fill the position

  on the Commission on Student Affairs.





  Vice President Stott reported that the Joint Health Care Task Force is

  still monitoring changes in the health care program.  The task force urges

  senators to report to staff in their areas that adequate documentation is

  necessary for the task force to make a good argument for suggested changes

  in the system.  The task force wants an aggregate summary with details and

  documentation, not individual claims problems.  It asks staff not to men-

  tion staff names in the report.  In conjunction with the new health care

  program, staff are urged to participate in the new CommonHealth program.

  The CommonHealth staff will conduct another membership sign-up in the near

  future.  Vice President Stott said there are still problems with the mental

  health part of the health care program.


  Senator Cox gave senators several handouts about the Virginia bond

  referenda, read a resolution endorsing the higher education bond issue, and

  made a motion to adopt the resolution.  Motion was seconded.  Senator

  Blankenship said that staff in his area questioned the wisdom of Staff Sen-

  ate becoming involved in "politics" by endorsing the bond referendum.  Sen-

  ators Cox and Murray explained that the higher education bond directly

  impacts staff employees at Virginia Tech.  Senators felt that staff need to

  be educated about the bond referendum and how Virginia Tech will benefit

  from the funds.  The bond referenda includes three separate bond issues

  that require three separate votes at the polls.  Following discussion, the

  resolution was adopted with one editorial change.





  *PILOT PROJECT--Senator Greene discussed a pilot project in the College of

  Agriculture and Life Sciences that resulted from the large number of work-

  study students trying to find jobs.  Her office decided to hire students to

  help the custodial staff in Hutcheson Hall, and Senator Sasser helped write

  a position description.  Several students were hired, which has proven ben-

  eficial to the the students, the custodial staff, and the building.  Sen-

  ator Greene reported that the department pays 30 percent of the wages in

  the work study program, with 70 percent of the program federally funded.

  Senators who are interested in learning more about the work study program

  should contact Gary Brewer in the Scholarship/Financial Aid Office.


  *PRESIDENT'S AWARENESS PRESENTATION--Senator Phillips reported on the Pres-

  ident's Awareness Program Committee.  The committee consists of Ann

  Spencer, Cornel Morton, Senator Blecher, Carol Nickerson, Senator Phillips,

  Alternate Senator Smith, and Randy Stith.  The purpose of the committee is

  to develop a way to showcase the staff's role in the university's programs

  and missions.  Dr. McComas asked that a program be developed to make the

  staff more aware of how the staff supports the university's missions.  Sen-

  ator Phillips reported that the committee discussed an on-going presenta-

  tion.  It will continue to discuss the possibility of a multi-media

  presentation, how often the presentation should be made, and how off-campus

  staff could be reached.


  The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.




  Diane Patty

  Acting Secretary





                                 STAFF SENATE

                            ENDORSEMENT RESOLUTION



  WHEREAS Virginia's economic growth and development are dependent on the

  Commonwealth's ability to provide for the higher education of its citizens;



  WHEREAS approval of the higher education bond referendum on November 3 is

  critical if the Commonwealth's universities and colleges are to maintain a

  high level of accessibility for Virginians; and


  WHEREAS $472.4 million is earmarked for the capital needs of higher educa-

  tion, providing much-needed classroom, laboratory, and other teaching

  space; correction of life-safety code deficiencies; repairs to libraries;

  additions to computer centers; and other needs; and




  WHEREAS about $70 million is appropriated for higher education in the New

  River Valley at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,

  Radford University, and New River Community College; and


  WHEREAS these general obligation bonds would enhance the New River Valley

  by providing jobs and generating increased economic activity; and


  WHEREAS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University alone needs al-

  most 500,000 square feet of additional space just to serve existing stu-

  dents; yet an additional 65,000 students will seek higher education in the

  Commonwealth in the next ten years; and


  WHEREAS passage of the higher education bond referendum will provide an in-

  vestment in Virginia's future without raising taxes;


  BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Staff Senate of Virginia Polytechnic In-

  stitute and State University endorses the passage of the higher education

  bond referendum on the November 3, 1992, ballot, authorizing the issuance

  of general obligation bonds of the Commonwealth of Virginia;


  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Staff Senate of Virginia Polytechnic Insti-

  tute and State University encourages the voters of Virginia to vote "YES"

  on the higher education bond issue.





  ADOPTED by the Staff Senate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

  University on September 17, 1992.




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