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December 2, 1987


                         UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMMITTEE                           


                                2 December 1987                                 




   Jack Duke, Faculty Senate         Francis Ventre, Architecture               

   Marion Ehrich, Vet Med            Jane Wentworth, Human Resources            


   Paul Gherman, Library             David West, Arts & Sciences                

   Julie Ozanne, Business            James Wood, GSA                            

   Jeff Tibbetts, SGA                                                           



   Shirley Glazener, Library         Charles Litchfield, Library                

   Phyllis Johnson, Library          Paul Metz, Library                         



    Norman Dodl, Education            Michael Vorster, Engineering              

    Loke Kok, Agr. & Life Sci.                                                  


 The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Marion Ehrich.                     




 Item 3, Long Term Storage Needs: David West noted that he had                  

 spoken for Arts and Sciences on the need for accessibility of                  



 The minutes were then accepted as read.                                        


  I.     OLD BUSINESS:                                                          


         1.   LONG TERM STORAGE NEEDS (members of Library Committee):           


              Business (J. Ozanne):  The College of Business relies             

              heavily on the use of journals and there is consensus that        

              the library should maintain at least 10 or 15 years of a          

              journal in Newman.                                                

              Journals older than that could be put in storage,                 

              with the exception of some premier journals.  It                  

              was suggested that old textbooks, which become                    

              dated very quickly, be moved to Cheds before journals.            


              Human Resources (J. Wentworth):  The Deans and                    

              Department Heads in Human Resources said that                     

              individual departmental representatives were                      

              working directly with the librarians in their                     

              subject areas and they wanted to see the contact                  

              continue on a department level.                                   


              Arts & Sciences, Education, Engineering, SGA, and                 

              Agriculture had no report.                                        


              P. Gherman commented that it would be the summer                  

              of 1988 or later before the library would begin                   

              any major shift of additional materials to Cheds.                 

              M. Ehrich noted that it was not too early to begin                

              soliciting comments from the departments.                         


              Charles Litchfield, in charge of Cheds, shelving                  

              circulation, etc. for the library, noted that                     

              there are presently about 300,000 volumes at                      

              Cheds, most of which are journals.  Moving                        

              monographs to long term storage puts a much                       

              greater burden on the Cataloging Department, and                  

              presents more complex problems than moving blocks                 

              of bound journals.                                                


              D. West asked for clarification of the term                       

              "weeding", and what criteria are used for making                  

              selections.  P. Gherman answered that the criteria                

              are different for different fields and librarians                 

              must work very closely with teaching faculty in                   

              making these selections, but multiple copies of                   

              old textbooks or duplicate subscriptions to                       

              journals are more likely to be "weeded" than                      

              individual books.  P. Metz commented that the                     

              faculty could count on the librarians to be very                  



              J. Duke wanted clarification on the role of the                   

              departmental representatives.  His concern was                    

              that members of the University Library Committee                  

              not be the only source of information from faculty                

              to the library.  P. Gherman answered that a                       

              subject area librarian works with a representative                

              from each department.  These representative should                

              channel concerns and information back and forth                   

              between their department and the library.                         


         2.   DATABASE OF DATABASES REPORT (members of the                      



              A number of comments were made and questions                      

              raised by members of the Library Committee.  These                



                   1)   Potential users of this information need                

                        to be consulted to determine in what                    

                        form information in the database would                  

                        be most useful. (D. West)                               


                   2)   Where would funds come for this?  This                  

                        should not detract from purchases of                    

                        books and journals. (D. West, J. Duke)                  


                   3)   How much time may have to be committed                  

                        from individuals donating?  Would they                  

                        have to serve as resource persons? (J.                  



                   4)   Who is responsible for accuracy? (F.                    



                   5)   How would the database be kept up to                    



                   6)   Would a questionnaire sent now cause                    

                        misunderstanding on campus? (J. Duke)                   


                   7)   Would the library store computer tapes                  

                        that were donated? (J. Wentworth)                       


              Among the information provided by Library                         

              personnel was the following:                                      


                   1)   No funds have been committed to the                     

                        project at this time.  The current plan                 

                        is to produce a questionnaire, probably                 

                        online, during Spring.  The initial                     

                        response is not expected to be so great                 

                        as to require a significant level of                    

                        funding at the beginning.  The important                

                        value of the questionnaire will be to                   

                        set a precedent that the library's                      

                        database is for university information,                 

                        not just library information.  Dr.                      

                        Heterick's great interest is to see the                 

                        library become a more expansive concept                 

                        than just what is contained within the                  

                        walls.  If the survey results did                       

                        indicate widespread campus interest in                  

                        participation in the project, the                       

                        library would have to go to Dr. Heterick                

                        to seek new funding for implementation,                 

                        or else not proceed further at this                     

                        time. (P. Gherman)                                      


                   2)   A method could be found to protect                      

                        people who didn't want their name listed                

                        in the database, although probably the                  

                        first collections added would be the                    

                        film collection at LRC or the software                  

                        at the Computer Center, where expert                    

                        resource staff already exist. (P.                       



                   3)   In the future extra personnel would                     

                        probably be necessary to inventory and                  

                        maintain the database. (P. Johnson)                     


                   4)   The existence of this information could                 

                        save money in the long run, if it would                 

                        prevent duplicate purchases of material                 

                        or programs already available on campus.                

                        Other libraries are exploring this same                 

                        concept, but it is not known if any                     

                        projects are complete and running at                    

                        this time.  Some cases may have to be                   

                        decided on an individual basis. (P.                     



              Further discussion on this item was postponed                     

              until the next meeting.                                           


         3.   UPDATE ON THE BUDGET                                              


              The report on the budget was postponed until the                  

              next meeting since B. Foltin was unable to attend                 

              this meeting.                                                     


              P. Gherman mentioned two hopeful signs.  SCHEV                    

              (State Council on Higher Education in Virginia)                   

              has listed full funding of libraries as the number                

              two priority for their legislative                                

              program next year, and the university                             

              administration is aware of                                        

              the funding problem facing this library and have                  

              given it high priority also.                                      



      II.  NEW BUSINESS                                                         


    1.   IN-HOUSE USE OF LIBRARY MATERIALS (P. Metz and C.                      



         The statistics presented on handout material were                      

         the results of a study conducted during January                        

         through June of this year.  The study became                           

         possible when a VTLS  program was designed to                          

         capture circulation data over a limited number of                      

         call number ranges (30), that were selected to be                      

         compatible with the 81 call numbers ranges used in                     

         a study done five years ago.  The new study was                        

         designed not only to show circulation patterns,                        

         but to include data on in-house use of library                         



         On the two documents provided, it was shown that                       

         the percentage of use of library materials from                        

         the various call number ranges was remarkably                          

         stable over the duration of this study, and                            

         compared to results of the study done five years                       

         ago.   Among the statistics collected for the                          

         month of May was information on all bound volumes                      

         reshelved in the main library and at the branches                      

         (excluding those volumes returned from                                 

         circulation) in the thirty call number ranges.                         

         (This was a total of 101,330 volumes.)  The study                      

         showed that 2/3 of what was being reshelved was                        

         material used in the library and totally unrelated                     

         to what circulated outside the library.  Within                        

         the library bound periodicals, books, and bound                        

         reference books accounted for 49.8% of materials                       

         used.  Current periodicals accounted for 21% of                        

         use.  Materials that circulated outside the                            

         library accounted for just under 30% of total                          

         materials used.                                                        


    2.   ENGINEERING CONCERNS                                                   


         Michael Vorster was out of town, so discussion on                      

         this item was postponed.                                               


    3.   UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMMITTEE MINUTES (P. Gherman):                     


         The opportunity exists through Profs to place this                     

         committee's minutes online each month, to be                           

         available to everyone.  P. Gherman asked for a                         

         consensus from the committee as to whether  this                       

         should be done.  The committee agreed to have the                      

         minutes placed online.                                                 


      It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.                  


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