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January 6, 1988



   6 January 1988



   Jack Duke, Faculty Senate  Julie Ozanne, Business

   Bill Cox, Engineering       Francis Ventre, Architecture

   Norman Dodl, Education     Jane Wentworth, Human Resources

   Marion Ehrich, Vet Med     David West, Arts & Sciences

   Paul Gherman, Library       James Wood, GSA

   Loke Kok, Agr. & Life Sci.



   Bela Foltin, Library   Marilyn Norstedt, Library

   Shirley Glazener, Library  Frances Painter, Library

   Phyllis Johnson, Library



   E. Carson, Provost's office     Michael Vorster, Engineering

   Jeff Tibbetts, SGA


   The meeting was called to order by F. Ventre at the request of M.

   Ehrich, Chair, whose arrival was delayed.






   F. Ventre said that he had a copy of the University

   Biennial Budget, and the first university initiative

   listed is 3.3 million for the library.  A reply to the

   letter the University Library Committee addressed to

   Minnis Ridenour also indicated that library funding

   would be a high priority item.


   B. Foltin reported on spending in the library for the

   current fiscal year.  He said that 94% of the $2.7M

   materials budget is now obligated and 73% expended.

   This is normal, as journals are renewed early in the

   year.  Firm order funds are now 73% obligated and 49%

   expended, which is also normal for this time of year.

   No final figures on journal price increases are yet

   available for this year, but estimates are that foreign

   journal price increases will be between 20 and 30

   percent.  Domestic journal price increases will be

   around 10%.


   The committee was given a handout on percentages spent

   in various disciplinary areas.






   2.DATABASE OF DATABASES (P. Gherman and P. Johnson):


   P. Gherman had nothing to report on funding needed until

   the questionnaire has been sent and returned and the

   level of response assessed.  The questionnaire will

   probably be sent first to those people who responded to

   the original task force survey.  The University Library

   Committee will see the draft of the questionnaire before

   it is sent.



   OF MATERIALS (members of Library Committee):


   Faculty Senate (J. Duke): A very interesting report and

   a meaningful way of helping to determine long-term

   storage needs.


   Architecture (F. Ventre):  There is a natural cross-over

   in the information gained in the report and developing

   the performance measurements for the library.


   Human Resources (J. Wentworth): Results of the study

   seemed erroneous for Human Resources, as Home Economics

   is only a small part of Human Resources.  It was noted,

   however, that the report had flaws due to the small

   number of call numbers which could be used for this

   study.  Also in this study there was no way to determine

   who had used a particular volume.


   Arts & Sciences (D. West): Knowing who had used a volume

   was not necessary information for this kind of study on

   in-house use.






   a)  P. Gherman showed the committee a short video made

   by the Apple Computer Company on the future of computers

   in the year 2017.  He also handed out a brief paper

   comparing Virginia Tech library budget to the median ARL

   library budget.


   b)  P. Gherman announced that the library has been

   awarded a contract from CIT to become the information

   resource for Directors of Technology Transfer located at

   each community college throughout the state.  These

   directors will work with local businesses to help them

   solve technological problems.  The library will receive

   a four month start-up contract, which can be extended.

   The library, in response to requests for information,

   will provide full text articles, technical information,

   computer searches, etc.  Eventually, the library hopes

   to become the technological information resource center

   for academic and non-academic patrons, including the

   tenants at the research park.


   c)  The Library will be contracting with Westlaw to

   offer the Westlaw law database for a period of 18

   months.  The database contains full text of many law

   journals, to some of which the library does not

   subscribe.  This project has been funded for the first

   six months by $1,000 contributions by key participants,

   such as the College of Business, the College of

   Education, the Water Resources Center, the University

   Attorney's Office, the Department of Agricultural

   Economics, and the Vice President for Research.  Westlaw

   is, therefore, being paid by users of the system, not by

   the library.  Continued subscription to the database

   will depend on resources obtained by cancellation of

   some printed copies of the journals also included on the

   database and by finding other grant funds.  To use

   Westlaw a primary password, to be used in the library,

   will be provided during certain hours of the day and a

   secondary password will be provided to the key

   participants to allow use from their offices during

   restricted hours.  Using Westlaw will be a challenging

   experiment, since it will help library staff explore

   policy issues raised by this type of database.  The

   library is waiting for approval from Richmond to sign

   the contract with Westlaw, which should be granted by

   sometime in February.


   There was discussion of the issues raised by Westlaw.

   The consensus was that the library should use this

   opportunity to learn all they could about the reaction

   of users and library patrons to this kind of electronic

   database, and the implications for the library.  One of

   the most difficult issues raised is the contractual

   restrictions imposed in buying this kind of database,

   which limits access to those in the educational





   M. Norstedt explained that although the library budget

   situation means fewer new books to be cataloged this

   year, there are on-going projects that keep the 50

   person staff of the Cataloging Department fully

   employed.  Cataloging personnel must keep current the

   location codes in VTLS, including any books that move to

   or return from CHEDS.  Also there are library materials,

   such as part of the microform collection, which are not

   yet cataloged, and government documents which are

   accessible, but not under VTLS.  The goal is to make all

   materials accessible on VTLS.  Another project which

   will begin in 1988 is to change the "short records" in

   VTLS to full bibliographic records.  A handout

   demonstrated the difference in these records.




   The committee agreed to meet during this quarter at 4:00

   PM on the first Monday of each month, making the next

   meeting on February 1.




   Members of the committee discussed the fact that faculty

   can borrow books with renewal privileges from up to a

   year, and pay no overdue fines, thereby removing from

   circulation a substantial amount of material.  J. Duke

   informed the committee that Faculty Senate has also

   raised this issue.  B. Foltin will get statistics for

   the next meeting and this item will be rediscussed.




   This item was postponed until the next meeting.




   M. Vorster asked B. Cox to attend and report for him on

   two items.


   a) The first item is the status of Engineering

   Standards.  B. Foltin stated that a subscription for

   ASTM standards has been placed for this year.  Questions

   concerning other standards have not yet been resolved.

   B. Foltin handed out a list of those standards which the

   library had until 1984, with the most used titles

   starred.  The question of purchasing hard copy or

   microform must also be resolved.


   b) B. Cox announced that the College of Engineering has

   formed a Library Strategy Committee.


   It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

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