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November 10, 1988


                        UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMMITTEE                         


                              10 November 1988                               


 John Bowen, Vet Medicine               Milan Patel, GSA                     

 Eugene Carson, Provost's Office        Nicolaus Tideman, Business           

 Norman Dodl, Education                 Francis Ventre, Architecture         

 Jack Duke, Faculty Senate              Ryland Webb (for J. Wentworth)       

 Paul Gherman, Library                       Human Resources                 

 Nancy Harris, SGA                      David West, Arts & Sciences          

 Lok Kok, Agr, & Life Science                                                



 Julie Beamer, Library                  Phyllis Johnson, Library             

 Bela Foltin, Library                   Don Kenney, Library                  

 Robert Heterick, Vice President        Charles Litchfield, Library          

   for Information Systems              Frances Painter, Library             



 Michael Vorster, Engineering                                                


 Norman Dodl,  Chair, called  the meeting to order.  The minutes of the last 

 meeting were approved as submitted.                                         


   I.     LIBRARY ANNOUNCEMENTS (PMG):                                       


          Handouts were distributed, including a memorandum from B. Foltin   

          to P. Gherman (Attachment 2) answering questions Dr. McComas asked 

          about the library.  It will be sent with a cover letter            

          summarizing the information.  B. Foltin's letter to Deans,         

          Department Heads, and departmental liaisons explaining the weeding 

          and Cheds transfer projects was also distributed.                  


          P. Gherman reported on the current status of the Virginia Tech     

          Information Center (VTIC).  The project is funded for the next 13  

          months, with $140,000 from the Center for Innovative Technology    

          (CIT).  VTIC delivers information to CIT's Technology Transfer     

          Project.  The state has hired eight Directors of Technology;       

          ultimately there will be 22, with a Director located at each       

          community college.  These directors help local-area businessmen    

          solve technological and business related problems.  Local sources, 

          including the community college libraries, are not sufficiently    

          extensive to provide all the necessary information.  The           

          University Library proposed to CIT the creation of an information  

          center, with the unit to be set up in the library and similar to   

          those at Rice, Georgia Tech, Cornell, and Ohio State.  At this     

          time, the CIT project is the primary VTIC client, but the          

          intention is to expand the service to the private sector.  VTIC    

          researches the answer to almost any technical question posed by a  

          client using computerized databases.  VTIC then sends to the       

          client full-text articles, patents, etc., arranging for            

          translations when necessary.  Charges for these services are on a  

          fee basis that fully covers the cost of the service.  The grant    

          from CIT also pays salaries for the center's 1 1/2 FTE staff       

          members.  In the future, and with additional staffing, this        

          enhanced service might be provided to faculty working on a grant.  

          No university money has gone into the project.  A brochure is      

          being prepared which explains the project and lists charges.       

          Committee members raised questions about the impact of this        

          project on the library, and the Chair will place the subject on    

          the agenda for January.                                            



  II.     OLD BUSINESS                                                       


          STATUS OF REFERENCE SERVICES (D. Kenney):                          


          The following points were made in the report given to the          

          University Library Committee by Don Kenney, Head, Reference        

          Department.  See Attachment 3 for the full report.                 


          a.  Services                                                       


          - Reference Department librarians and staff provide reference      

            service, library instruction, online database searching, and     

            materials selection for collection development.                  


          b.  Staffing                                                       


          - Department has 14 FT library faculty, 3 1/2-time positions, 1    

            1/2-time position assigned to VTIC, 3 coordinators and 5         

            graduate assistants (90 hrs/week) to assist at reference desk    

          - Classified staff of 3 secretaries, 2 library assistants, 1       

            clerk, and 23 student assistants                                 

          - Service provided at Main Reference Desk on 2nd floor 103         

            hrs/week of the 106.5 the library is open                        

          - Service provided at Science Reference Desk on 4th floor 72       

            hrs/week, an increase of 12 hrs/week since 1986                  


          c.  Statistics                                                     


          - Increase of over 4,000 desk transactions from FY 1986/87 to      


          - Science Desk had 20,438 transactions (constant last 3 years)     

          - Total of 1,512 online searches conducted                         

          - Tours, classes, and orientation sessions conducted for 3,953     

            users in FY 1987/88                                              


          d.  Improvements in reference service                              


          - OCLC terminal placed at each reference desk                      

          - Reference service provided to campus through Local Area          


          - Reference research appointment service for all users             


          - Clearer organization of science reference collection and a       

            librarian designated to maintain that collection                 

          - End-user searching of online databases being implemented         

          - DIALOG and Wilsonline databases made available to librarians     

            at main reference desk to help answer reference questions        

          - Grant from the National Agriculture Library (NAL) will           

            provide computer workstation to access full text documents       

            in aquaculture, agricultural economics, acid rain, and agent     


          - Four CD ROM databases (NTIS, ERIC, MLA Bibliography, and         

            PsychLit) will be purchased in the near future                   

          - Greatly enhanced access to government documents through          

            Autographics CD ROM database                                     


          e.  Future goals and objectives                                    


          - Library faculty to strengthen reference skills and cross-        

            train in use of various bibliographic reference tools            

          - Electronic online database searching integrated into the         

            routine of providing reference service                           

          - Collaborate with CNS to set up pilot project to introduce        

            EasyNet to campus                                                

          - Establish a library television channel on new university         

            cable system                                                     

          - New publications program to increase the scope of                

            instructional and bibliographic aids                             


          In the discussion that followed N. Tideman (Business) asked why    

          Nexus and Lexus databases have not been selected.  D. Kenney       

          responded that some criteria for selection are the size of the     

          anticipated user group, and the number of CD ROM products offered  

          by a vendor.  (Since the library must rely on the vendor to support

          the product, it is more effective to purchase several products     

          from the same vendor.)  The Westlaw database serves some of the    

          same needs as Lexus.  The decision to purchase Westlaw was made    

          because the groups on campus who needed Westlaw were willing to    

          raise about half the purchase price by departmental contributions. 

          L. Kok (Agriculture & Life Sciences) asked whether there were      

          fewer reference librarians now than before the reorganization.     

          Complete figures were not available, but the number of science     

          reference librarians has increased from 6 in FY 1984/85 to 6 1/2   

          now, with an additional vacant position about to be advertised.    


 III.     NEW BUSINESS                                                       


          1.  DELIVERY SERVICE TO DEPARTMENTAL OFFICES (J.  Beamer):         


            J. Beamer distributed the questionnaire developed to             

            determine user interest in document delivery which will be       

            sent to department heads and explained how the service would     

            work.  Faculty would complete a request form to be picked up     

            by courier and returned to the library.  The request would be    

            processed, with books being checked out in the requestor's       

            name.  The courier would deliver the books, photocopied          

            journal articles, etc., to a central office drop in each         

            department.  The service would be scheduled Mon-Fri at set       

            times for pick-up and delivery, with no rush or special          

            service available and no special permission items delivered.     

            The patron would become responsible for the item at the          

            moment of delivery.  A method for electronic requests is         

            being developed, but is not yet ready for implementation.        

            The service would require 1 FT employee and about 20 hrs/day     

            of student wage.  Costs of providing the service would be        

            charged to departmental budgets on a per item basis.             





            The Chair asked that this agenda item be postponed until the     

            December meeting.  J. Bowen (Vet Medicine) reported the          

            questions that concern those at the Equine Center, so that       

            committee members have a basis for discussion at the next        



            - Leesburg Equine Center has 6 faculty members, 6                

            residents on a 3-year Master's program, and next year            

            there will be 5 students on three week rotations.                

            - There is no library support except requesting books to         

            be sent from the Vet Med Library, or going into D.C. to          

            the National Medical Library.                                    

            - Is the library developing a policy to address this issue?      


            P. Gherman is currently chairing a committee of 5 directors      

            from state libraries, appointed by J. Molnar of SCHEV.  The      

            committee is looking at ways to deliver library resources to     

            dispersed users.                                                 




            The self-study produced 30 pages of recommendations and D.       

            Hinkle, working from the Provost's office, is charged with       

            follow-up.  Dr.  Hinkle has asked the University Library         

            Committee to respond by December 15 to those items that          

            concern the library.  This initial response should be to         

            individual items in the recommendation list and the              

            information needed at this time are to know which items have     

            already been acted on, which items the committee recommends      

            be sent to another committee, other items the library might      

            wish to address, and which items the committee will work on.     

            The committee needs to be aware of the financial implications    

            of the recommendations during their deliberations.  The Chair    

            asked that each member discuss the recommendations with their    

            constituency before the next meeting, when a response will be    



          4.  ANNOUNCEMENT (P. Gherman):                                     


            P. Gherman announced that a collection of about 100              

            commercial tapes in Whittemore will be moved to the library      

            and cataloged on VTLS.                                           


 The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 PM.                                       



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