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October 13, 1988



                              13 October 1988


 John Bowen, Vet Medicine               Nancy Harris, SGA

 Walter Butke, Architecture             Lok Kok, Agr. & Life Science

   (for Francis Ventre)                 Nicolaus Tideman, Business

 Norman Dodl, Education                 Michael Vorster, Engineering

 Paul Gherman, Library                  Jane Wentworth, Human Resources

 Jack Duke, Faculty Senate              David West, Arts & Sciences



 Bela Foltin, Library                   Charles Litchfield, Library

 Shirley Glazener, Library              Frances Painter, Library

 Phyllis Johnson, Library



 Eugene Carson, Provost's Off.          Milan Patel, GSA


 The minutes were approved as submitted.




     1.   CANCELLATION PROJECT (B. Foltin):


          The cancellation project was begun a year ago as a contingency

          plan in the event that additional funding for library materials

          would not materialize for FY 88/89.  The project has become a

          general review of serials holdings and not a budget crisis

          cancellation project.  Librarians and teaching faculty reviewed

          the library subscriptions list for possible cancellation of

          subscriptions no longer needed.   Money recovered from

          cancellations will be used to purchase new subscriptions in the

          same subject area from which the cancellation occurred. The

          composite list of suggested cancellations has been reviewed by

          all departments and returned to the library.  From this final

          agreed-upon list, cancellations will be made.  The final review

          process deleted 80 of the 420 titles on the composite list; the

          remaining 340 will be cancelled. The amount of savings (based on

          past subscription cost) will be approximately $35,000. A review

          of serials subscriptions will be undertaken every three to five





          The Film Library moved from LRC to Newman Library on June 28,

          1988.  It is in full operation.  No complaints have been

          received.  The name of the Listening Room was changed to Media

          Center to reflect the broader scope of the facility. Several

          benefits are apparent. There is more flexible staffing now, the

          unit is open about 100 hours a week, no seating in the media

          center was  displaced, and services were not significantly

          interrupted. LRC is now delivering videos for the library along

          with the film deliveries.  The Media Center has experienced an

          increase in use, with patrons of the Film Library aware of other

          Media Center services and materials and vice versa. The staff is

          developing automated procedures for booking films which will give

          enhanced access to the collection.




          The three on-campus branch libraries were surveyed during the

          first two weeks in May. User response was limited, therefore it

          is not possible to assess whether a true cross-section of users

          was reached.  B. Foltin distributed three handouts to the

          committee.  A statistical chart showing the number of surveys

          returned, with faculty/student breakdown, a summary of highlights

          from all the surveys, and a more complete report on the Art and

          Architecture Library survey. Some results and comments were: Vet

          Med generally had the most favorable ratings, but their

          collection was rated lower than the other two branches; online

          searching and bibliographic instruction needs to be promoted in

          the Geology and Art and Architecture Libraries; photocopiers are

          a problem in all three; (this is being addressed, and all three

          copiers are being changed very soon); comments from Geology

          indicated too much material was at CHEDS (this is because of the

          very limited space in  the  Geology  branch); Architecture

          responders commented that too many items were missing and there

          was too much old material. A more detailed report will be made

          to the  individual Library Committees concerned with these

          branches. The staff in all the branches had very favorable

          ratings, as was the case in the Newman survey.


          J. Duke raised the question of the quality of the photocopiers,

          since this is a persistent concern. Discussion followed, and the

          committee was reminded that the library is in the final year of a

          three year contract, and that, with a new contract, improvement

          in service can be expected.  The comparatively remote physical

          location of the university has a bearing on the problem, since

          some companies with excellent products (for instance OCE) have no

          offices in this area and are unwilling to open an office for one



          P. Gherman informed the committee about the new photocopier

          policy. To encourage use of debit cards, a copy now costs ten

          cents in coin, but is still five cents when a card is used.

          Cards may be purchased in amounts as low as one dollar. The

          first card an individual purchases includes a 50 cent card fee.

          The card is renewable, and the 50 cents is refunded when the card

          is turned in.  The University's auditors have requested that

          money in the machines be balanced and deposited once a day. The

          amount of work involved to implement this request made it

          necessary to find a way to encourage use of fewer coins. Since

          introducing the new system, card sales have quadrupled and total

          photocopy income is up.


     4.   DATABASE OF DATABASES (P. Johnson):


          The project is on hold at this time.  There were 96 positive

          responses  to  G.  Hooper's  survey, indicating collections

          responders were willing to  share, yet  only 15  of them

          subsequently responded to the request for further information.

          There are some departmental collections which could be entered

          into the database. The current upgrade of the computer will make

          space available for this information.  However, the major recon

          project now underway in Technical Services means it will be

          sometime in the future before staff is available to catalog these





     1.   COMPUTER CONVERSION (S. Glazener):


          The HP 950 upgrade is being installed.  The hardware has been

          installed and is running with a small test database, accessed by

          the systems staff. The system will be unavailable from Saturday,

          October 15 at 6 PM  until 11 AM Sunday, to convert to a new

          version of VTLS software, before migrating the full database to

          the new machine.  Installation and testing have gone extremely

          well, and it is hoped the library will be on the new machine by

          the end of November.


     2.   SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (P. Gherman):


          In 1985 Milka Bliznakov, College of Architecture, suggested

          formation of the International Archive of Women in Architecture

          (IAWA) as a joint endeavor of the Library and the College of

          Architecture.  The Archive now contains the collected papers of

          65 women architects from around the world.  In early October

          there was an international convention of women architects in

          Washington. The IAWA Board of Advisors met in Alexandria, VA,

          and hosted a reception for participants attending the convention.

          Sixteen of these women took time to visit Virginia Tech after the

          meeting, to learn more about the IAWA and the University. These

          women were from Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Rumania,

          and around the United States.  The library is encouraged that

          this project is gaining momentum, and will become a very

          important part of Special Collections at the library.


          The  Archive  of  American  Aerospace  Exploration is also

          progressing, and John Parsons was recently on campus to help

          organize his papers for the collection. Special Collections has

          the papers of the Norfolk and Southern Railway, and recently

          began an Archive on Appalachia.  Collections of archives and

          original manuscripts in a research library are an important

          measure of the stature and reputation of the library, and help

          draw scholars to the campus.


          The library may approach organizations with an interest in these

          archives to request supporting grant money. One grant is pending

          now, to support work in the Aerospace Archive.  The committee

          discussed other fund-raising efforts of the library. P. Gherman

          informed the committee about conversations held with Mr. Perry.

          Requests for donations to the library will be a part of the

          University's general fund-raising drive  next spring.   In

          addition, the library has a list of 3,000 library users, who are

          not affiliated with the university, and will write to this

          constituency soliciting their support.  The committee asked the

          Chair to consider inviting Mr. Forbes to a future meeting to

          discuss library fund-raising.

 The meeting was adjourned.


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