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September 8, 1988

                            UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMMITTEE


                                  8 September 1988


   John Bowen, Vet Medicine           Nicolaus Tideman, Business

   Norman Dodl, Education             Francis Ventre, Architecture

   Paul Gherman, Library              Michael Vorster, Engineering

   Nancy Harris, SGA                  Peter Wallenstein, Arts & Sciences

   Lok Kok, Agr. & Life Science        (for David West)



   Bela Foltin, Library               Charles Litchfield, Library

   Shirley Glazener, Library          Frances Painter, Library

   Phyllis Johnson, Library



   Eugene Carson, Provost's Off.      Jane Wentworth, Human Resources

   Jack Duke, Faculty Senate          GSA Representative


 The minutes of the last meeting were entered into the record.


 The committee acted on establishing the time and date for future

 meetings and on rules of procedure for the University Library

 Committee for the 1988/98 academic year.




   1.   TIME OF MEETING (Committee):


        The University Library Committee agreed to meet in the Library Board

        Room at 4:00 P.M., on the second Thursday of each month during first

        semester of this academic year. The committee will meet at the same

        time for the first meeting after the beginning of second semester and,

        if necessary, agree to any changes at that time.


   2.   ASSISTANT CHAIRPERSON (Committee):


        It  was moved and seconded that Frances Ventre (Architecture) would

        serve as the Assistant Chairperson, and he accepted.


   3.   PROCEDURES FOR THE 1988/89 ACADEMIC YEAR (Committee):


        Committee discussion resulted in the following decisions:


        a.   Visitors: Persons wishing to attend the University Committee

             meeting as guests will obtain permission of the Chair before the

             meeting. Guests will be allowed to speak for three minutes when

             recognized by the Chair.  Visitors to the meeting may not place

             items on the agenda, but their ULC college representative may do

             so on their behalf.


        b.   Alternates: If a committee member must be absent the Chair should

             be notified of the identity of the alternate attending in his/her

             place. The alternate will vote for the absent member.


        c.   Agenda: Agenda items should be submitted to the Chair, in writing

             if possible, by two weeks after the preceding meeting.  In cases

             of emergency, exception to the rule will be made so that late

             items are considered. The secretary will mail the minutes of the

             last meeting and the agenda at least one week before the next



        d.   Library Faculty Association President (requested by N. Dodl,

             Chair):  The person holding the office of President of the

             Library Faculty Association will be listed with the Assistant

             Directors of the Library as a permanently invited guest to all

             meetings of the ULC, and to receive all mailings of minutes and



   4.   BUDGET (B. Foltin):


        a.   Budget update:  The budget situation is much improved, with the

             legislature having appropriated an additional amount for library

             materials for this biennium. The beginning materials budget for

             FY 1988/89 is $2,943,500, with an additional $400,000 added in

             the following year.  The budget for monographic spending will

             increase from $594,000 last year to a beginning budget FY 88/89

             of $877,000.


             The serials review project, in which all colleges were involved

             last year, is in the final stage.  The list of serials titles

             designated by faculty members for cancellation is now being

             circulated through the department heads to all faculty, to check

             for cross disciplinary titles. Any cancellations then made will

             enable the library to order new subscriptions in the same

             academic areas from which cancellations were made.  The deadline

             for the return of the lists is Sept. 23, and a report on the

             results will be given at a later ULC meeting.  The library is

             still considering possible cancellations of some duplicate issues

             of serials. These would mainly be microform backups.


             Last year the library prepaid about $300,000 for periodicals.

             Reports of increases in foreign journal prices for the coming

             year are expected to average 7% for 1988/89, which is a smaller

             increase than originally projected.


        b.   Long overdues: The library will run a program to identify long

             overdue items once a semester, rather than once a year.


        c.   Survey of branches: A survey of the branch libraries was

             conducted at the end of last year. The results of this survey

             will be reported at a future meeting.


        d.   Liaison guidelines: Based on  a request  from last year's

             committee, guidelines for library liaison representatives from

             the different departments, and for the subject area librarians

             were prepared and delivered to each department head on campus. A

             copy of the guidelines was distributed to the committee members.



        a.   Recon Project (C. Litchfield): The Recon Project began work a

             month ago, with the hiring of 7 FTE staff. The project is

             working through the shelflist catalog of library holdings,

             beginning with A, and is now in the Cs. The entire project will

             take 2 years and, at completion, all materials that the library

             currently has cataloged will be in the VTLS online system.


        b.   Conversion to the new 950 computer (S. Glazener): The library is

             in the process of bringing up new computer  hardware and

             transferring the online catalog database to the new equipment.

             We are able to run the HP 3000/70 concurrently, while testing and

             setting up the 950, and anticipate very little interruption in

             access service.


        c.   Library plans and future projects (P. Gherman): The projects

             listed below are in the planning or early discussion stage.


             Telefax: The state has allocated funding to have high level

             telefax machines in state libraries.  SCHEV is purchasing the

             equipment, which is taking longer than anticipated. Therefore,

             the library has rented a machine to use in the interim.  As soon

             as a telephone line has been installed it will be operational.

             It will be available to faculty and students at a charge yet to

             be determined.


             Document delivery: The library is considering document delivery

             on campus, i.e., delivery of journal articles and books to

             faculty offices. J. Littlefield, Marketing, is working with the

             library on a marketing questionnaire to determine interest in

             this service, and the price the departments might be willing to



             Easy-Net: The Telebase Company of Pennsylvania markets Easy-Net,

             a program for accessing over 900 databases by translating their

             command language structure to a single command language to be

             used for searching those databases.  The user may choose from

             four levels of difficulty for searching. A search would have a

             basic cost of about $7.00 at the lower level.  Erv Blythe is

             interested in offering this service through the new telephone

             system. Again there are pricing and policy issues still to be

             determined.  There are plans to have a pilot project later this

             fall, and there will probably be a joint CNS and Library Task

             Force to consider the policy issues.


             Mainframe databases: In the very early stages of discussion is

             the possibility of loading onto the mainframe high-use databases,

             such as ERIC.  Mike Williams, Director of the Computing Center,

             estimates it will take $200,000 for the necessary hardware and

             software in addition to the annual subscription fee for the

             databases, which can be anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 per year.

             Distance learning: The library is facing a new concern, which

             will soon need to be considered. The University's program of

             Distance Learning now offers courses at 24 sites across the state

             where the classes are received on television. By January there

             may be many more. For an example of the problem, there are 40

             matriculated Tech graduate students in Abingdon taking courses,

             but with no access to library materials.  Delivery of library

             services and the related costs of such services pose important

             academic and fiscal problems for the Library and the University.

             Some of the same issues were raised in the meetings of the

             Telecommunications Policy Group.  F. Ventre (Architecture) will

             try to obtain information which can be shared with ULC.


 The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 P.M.


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