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March 6, 1989



                              March 6, 1989



  John Bowen, Vet Medicine           Loke Kok, Agr. & Life Science

  Norman Dodl, Education             Nicolaus Tideman, Business

  Jack Duke, Faculty Senate          Francis Ventre, Architecture

  Paul Gherman, Library              David West, Arts & Sciences

  Nancy Harris, SGA                  Janice Woodard, Human Resources

                                     (for J. Wentworth)



  Bela Foltin, Library               Frances  Painter,  Library (for LFA)



  Eugene Carson, Provost's Office    Milan Patel, GSA

  Michael Vorster, Engineering




       Norman Dodl, Chair, called the meeting to order.  The minutes of

       the last meeting were approved as submitted.  The Committee voted

       to send Dennis Hinkle the report on staff development and training

       prepared by F. Painter, as the Committee's response to resolution

       10.7 of the self study document.








            Frances Painter, Personnel Officer of the University Libraries

            presented a report to the Committee on staff development and

            training in the library. The report covered training and

            development programs at national or regionally sponsored

            training events, University classes and programs, and training

            and development activities within the Libraries. The full

            report is attached to the minutes.


            To set the stage for reactions and discussion, N. Dodl

            pointed out that the that the self-study document Dennis Hinkle

            sent to the library in December indicated in Resolution 10.7

            that the library should institute an ongoing program of staff

            education and training by increasing its support for external

            training opportunities and by dramatically enhancing its

            programs of in-house staff training. N. Dodl sent the

            following comment to Dr. Hinkle in response: The University

            Library Committee receives regular reports from the library

            staff on its programs of education and training. The ULC will

            examine a report on training efforts at its February meeting

            (postponed to March) as to its responsiveness to this



            Some of the questions raised in discussion were: (F. Ventre)

            How do people qualify themselves for participation in the

            training programs?  Answer: Staff development for classified

            staff requires the recommendation of their supervisor; for

            training events brought to the library each department is

            allotted a proportion of the available training slots; the

            funding for travel by library faculty is handled in part by an

            elected committee of their peers. If the travel is job

            required it is funded by the library administration.

            (J. Duke) Is funding adequate? Answer: Library faculty are more

            active in national associations than in the past, and

            participation in University sponsored programs is at a good

            level. Money goes further by bringing training programs here.

            Travel funding increased by 10% during the past year. For

            travel to national professional meetings, junior faculty pay

            40%, and senior faculty 50%, of their own expenses and there

            is a yearly funding cap on travel for individual faculty

            members. These guidelines for travel were developed by the

            Library faculty.


            N. Tideman moved that the Library be commended for their

            efforts, that the committee hopes the library will be able to

            have more funding for staff development and that the committee

            accepts this report as an adequate response to resolution

            10.7. David West seconded. The motion carried and the report

            will be sent to Dr. Hinkle.




            P. Gherman distributed a collection of documents from the

            Library Archives on branch libraries. There was extensive

            debate in 1971 on branch versus departmental libraries. The

            issue was readdressed in 1982 with the consequent addition of

            the statement that creation of a new branch library must be

            approved by the Board of Visitors.

            N. Dodl suggested the committee read the papers and determine

            whether they answer the Committee's questions.  This issue

            will remain before the committee because of the changing

            character of distance education at Virginia Tech which is

            creating new requests for University resources at sites other

            than Blacksburg.  J. Duke suggested that, faced with possible

            requests which would place a drain on library resources, the

            Committee should define what policies need to exist concerning

            branch libraries. P. Gherman said the papers clearly define a

            branch library and probably do not need to be redefined.  N.

            Dodl recommended that P. Gherman be prepared at the next

            meeting to indicate what constitutes a reasonably

            comprehensive statement of what constitutes a branch library

            or other kind of organization, to become a part of this

            academic year's minutes of the University Library Committee.




            N. Dodl requested this agenda item in order to know what

            currently was available on CD-ROM and other sources through

            the library.  P. Gherman distributed a listing.  The list

            includes online cost recovery databases (Dialog, Knowledge

            Index, STN International/CAS, MEDLARS, NASA/RECON), and other

            end user, online databases, access to which has become

            feasible due to the pricing structure of certain vendors (Dow

            Jones, Westlaw).  Cost recovery databases are not generally

            available to students because they generally do not have

            the funds to pay for the searches.  The reason for making

            available end user and CD-ROM databases (ERIC, CIRR, InfoTrac,

            Sweet's Catalog) is to begin to make database search capability

            available to students. The Library also gets temporary access

            to some databases on a trial basis. The Library is trying to

            make as much of this material as possible available to campus

            offices. Easy-Net for instance will be available campus wide

            with charges appearing on the telephone bill. The Library has

            applied for a grant to partially fund BRS Onsite, which would

            make 8 or 9 databases available on LocalNet.  We will hear

            about the grant by May or June. Currently CD-ROM databases

            can only be accessed from the Library.  There are between

            25,000 and 30,000 searches on InfoTrac per year, 2,500 on

            Westlaw and 3,000 on Dow Jones, and about 1,500 mediated

            searches (full cost to the faculty member who requests the

            search to be conducted by a librarian).  ERIC on CD-ROM is

            new, but almost constantly in use. The Committee will be kept

            up-to-date on  the rapidly  increasing  database  search

            capabilities; this information will be on LIBINFO and will be

            continuously updated.






           1. P. Gherman and N. Dodl will work together to appoint a

              committee to study the library's long term commitment to

              VTLS. The committee will probably be composed of 8 to 10

              people drawn from Library staff, faculty and students;

              participation on the committee will likely require a

              significant commitment of time. This committee will draw

              up a report to answer self-study resolution 10-5. The

              report will evaluate the adequacy of VTLS and compare it

              with  other  vendors  of  library  online  systems.

              Recommendations for committee membership are welcomed.


           2. P. Gherman has invited Don Simpson, Executive Director of

              the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago, to visit

              the library on May 1, and make a presentation at lunch,

              and also a presentation to the Committee during its

              regular meeting.  Virginia Tech is one of the few ARL

              libraries who are not members.  Mr. Simpson will explain

              what  is available to  members.  CRL has extensive

              collections which are available to member libraries for

              research.  B. Foltin will send a memo to the library

              liaisons announcing Mr. Simpson's visit.




            This agenda item was postponed until the next regular meeting

            on April 3.


  The meeting was adjourned.

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