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September 7, 1989

  These minutes  were approved  as submitted  at the University  Library

  Committee Meeting on October 4, 1989.




                             September 7, 1989



  John Bowen, Veterinary Medicine         Paul Gherman, Library

  Sharon Brusic, GSA                      Scott Poole, Architecture

  Norman Dodl, Education                  Jane     Wentworth,      Human


  J. C. Duke, Faculty Senate              David West, Arts & Sciences



  Bela Foltin, Library                    Frances Painter, Library

  Shirley Glazener, Library               Linda Richardson, Library



  Coll. of Business Representative        Michael Vorster, Engineering

  Michael Kainer, SGA                     Roderick  Young,  Agr. &  Life


  Provost's Representative




  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.  Minutes of the May 1,

  1989 meeting were approved as submitted.  Meeting times for the

  current semester were agreed to, and procedures for the year adopted.

  The annual report for 1988-89 will be submitted for final approval at

  the next meeting. The policy on branch libraries will be voted on at

  the next meeting. The question of membership in CRL was tabled.






            1.   Date/time:


                 It was agreed that during the current semester the

                 committee will meet on the first Wednesday of each

                 month from 4:00  to 5:00 p.m.,  in the  Library



            2.   Procedures for 1989/90:


                 a.   Visitors: Guests to the University Library

                      Committee are welcome and should identify

                      themselves to the Chair. Guests will be allowed

                      to speak for three minutes when recognized by the

                      Chair. Visitors to the meeting may not place

                      items on the agenda, but their ULC college or

                      student organization representative may do so on

                      their behalf.


                 b.   Alternates: If a committee member must be absent

                      the Chair should be notified of the identity of

                      the alternate attending in his/her place. The

                      alternate will vote for the absent member.


                 c.   Agenda: Agenda items should be submitted to the

                      Chair, in writing if possible, or electronically,

                      by two weeks prior to the meeting for which it is

                      intended. In cases of emergency, exception to

                      the rule will be made so that late items are

                      considered. The secretary will mail the minutes

                      of the last meeting and the agenda at least one

                      week before the next meeting.


                 d.   Library Faculty Association President: The person

                      holding the office of President of the Library

                      Faculty Association will be listed with the

                      Assistant Directors of the Library as a

                      permanently invited guest to all meetings of the

                      ULC, and to receive all mailings of minutes and



        II. ANNUAL REPORT FOR 1988-89 (N. Dodl):


            N. Dodl distributed a draft to be used as a basis for the

            annual report for 1988-89.  The committee asked that the

            ending statements be rewritten as the forward, and that the

            membership list be included. The document will be submitted

            to the next meeting for committee approval.



            (N. Dodl):


            Due to lack of time, this agenda item was postponed until

            the next meeting.




         I. POLICY ON BRANCH LIBRARIES (P. Gherman):


            P. Gherman distributed the draft of a branch library policy,

            in the form of a resolution. J. Duke will determine whether

            or not the proper channel for establishing policy is to

            first submit a document in resolution form to the University

            Council.  After discussion the committee agreed that the

            resolution should also include a brief history of previous

            branch library policy. The statement will be rewritten and

            submitted to a vote at the next meeting.




            Because of the size of our library we are eligible for

            Voting Member status only. Membership fees in the Center

            for Research Libraries are based on a percentage of the

            member library's budget. Our annual fee would be $25,289,

            with an up-front, one-time-only additional fee of $6,152.

            The annual fee would increase as the budget increased.

            There was committee discussion of the cost benefit of

            membership. The more often membership is used the more cost

            effective it becomes; if under-utilized, then membership is

            not cost effective.  P. Gherman stated that although

            membership would be desirable, he could not support it at

            the expense of other unsatisfied needs of the library and

            that this year's library budget would not permit payment of

            the membership fee. The issue was tabled until such time as

            the library budget would make membership feasible.





            1.   Phyllis Johnson, the former Assistant Director of

                 Libraries for Technical Services has resigned to take

                 the position of Library Director at Michigan

                 Technological University.  The Director has

                 reorganized the administrative offices of the library.

                 Frances Painter has been promoted, and will be

                 Assistant Director for Administrative Services.

                 Shirley Glazener will assume the duties previously

                 done by Ms. Johnson and her title will become

                 Assistant Director of Libraries for Automation and

                 Technical Services.


            2.   Within several weeks it will be possible for the

                 faculty to use the University's electronic network to

                 place from their offices computers orders for books,

                 to place a hold or recall on a book, or a Cheds request.


            3.   Word searching of the VTLS database should be

                 available by the end of the semester.


            4.   The library is the third priority in the President's

                 budget request for the next biennium. The request is

                 for an additional $8,000,000 for the library's budget

                 over the next two years.


            5.   Secretary Finley has called a special hearing on

                 libraries for September 22, which P. Gherman will

                 attend. Dr. Carlisle, Dr. Heterick and Katye Johnston

                 will also attend.


            6.   There are plans to move some personnel from the

                 Computing Center's User Services Unit from their

                 present location in Burruss Hall to the library. They

                 will occupy a small room near the Reference Desk on

                 the second floor.


        II. REPORT ON THE VTLS TASK FORCE (S. Glazener):


            The committee has met several times and adopted a procedure

            for comparing VTLS to other online public catalogs. They

            will use Internet to access the library catalogs of

            institutions using other software. That will be the basis

            for comparison and will mean that the committee will not

            have to undertake onsite visits to other institutions. A

            list of the committee members is appended to these minutes.


       III. REPORT ON THE BUDGET (B. Foltin):


            The materials budget at the beginning of the current fiscal

            year is $3,325,653. A chart was distributed showing the

            percentage allocations among the large disciplinary areas

            since 1985/86. A chart also shows the continuations to

            monographs ratio is unsatisfactory, and must be brought

            nearer to a 60/40 ratio.


  The members were asked to submit suggestions for priority agenda items

  for this year, if possible before the next meeting. The meeting was

  adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

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