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March 7, 1990

  These  minutes were  approved  as submitted  at  the ULC  meeting on

  April 4, 1990.



                              March 7, 1990



  Sharon Brusic, GSA                    Michael Vorster, Engineering

  Norman Dodl, Education                Jane Wentworth, Human Resources

  J. D. Duke, Faculty Senate            David West, Arts and Science

  Paul Gherman, Library                 Roderick Young, Agr. & Life Sci.

  Arthur Keown, Business



  Bela Foltin, Library                  Linda Richardson, Library

  Frances Painter, Library



  John Bowen, Vet Medicine              Michael Kainer, SGA

  E. Carson, Provost Representative     J. Scott Poole, Architecture




  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. Minutes of the

  February 7, 1990, meeting were approved as submitted.  Issues

  pertaining to library budget, the ULC resolution on branch

  libraries, GSA Resolution 90 - 1, and circulation policy to faculty

  were discussed. A motion to endorse GSA Resolution 90-1 was tabled

  until the April 4 meeting of the ULC.






          A.   Budget


               P. Gherman reported to the committee on the library's

               3, 5, and 7% reversion plans which were submitted to Dr.



          B.   Resolution on Branch Libraries


               The ULC Resolution on Branch Libraries was brought up

               for a vote in University Council on February 26.  It

               was not voted on, but returned to the University

               Library Committee for clarification. The Committee is

               to clarify whether the resolution supports additional

               branch libraries if funds were made available, or

               whether the philosophy is to have a centralized

               library system and additional branch libraries are not

               wanted. The request from the University Council will

               be on the agenda for the next meeting.




      I.  GSA RESOLUTION (S. Brusic):


          Resolution 90 - 1, approved by the Delegate Assembly of the

          Graduate Student Assembly, was presented to the University

          Library Committee, and the motion made and seconded that it

          be endorsed by the Committee. The resolution calls for an

          off-site book drop depository to be installed in the Perry

          Street commuter lot or near the curb by the library plaza,

          and for 3 or 4 ten-minute parking spaces to be designated

          next to the library plaza. P. Gherman responded that the

          library recognizes the problem and for the past year and a

          half has been asking the Parking Committee to create

          short-term term parking space. That was finally done during

          the past two weeks, and there are 10-minute spaces

          designated. The spaces are located at the end of the block

          in front of the bus stop area. On the issue of unmanned

          drop-off sites, the library staff members present expressed

          that these have been tried in the past and are very subject

          to vandalism. When full, books are left stacked outside the

          box and are thus subject to theft and damage due to weather.

          At present, books may be returned to any of the 3 campus

          branches, in Vet Med, Derring, and Cowgill Halls, even if

          the books were checked out at Newman. There was discussion

          of a possible alternative of manned book-drop sites. This

          would incur additional expense. The ULC can endorse or fail

          to endorse the request for off-site drop boxes. In either

          event, the Resolution will be passed on to the library

          administration. It is unlikely that the library will approve

          off-site drop boxes. However, the suggestion of additional

          manned drop-off sites deserves further study and cost

          analysis. The Committee consensus was that since the

          short-term parking has already been established most of the

          problem has been alleviated. The motion to endorse the

          resolution was tabled until the next meeting, when

          information will be provided by the library on the

          feasibility of manned drop-off sites.




          A straw poll was taken in the Faculty Senate to see how many

          favored a policy which would allow the library to release

          the name of the faculty member who had a needed book checked

          out. The poll was heavily in favor of the idea. It would

          work on the basis of written consent by a faculty member

          that his/her name could be released. The Senate asked that

          Dr. Duke present the idea to the Committee.  In the

          discussion which followed some committee members opposed the

          idea on the principles of confidentiality, civil liberties,

          and privacy rights, which libraries have traditionally

          upheld. If done on the suggested basis of an individual

          faculty member waiving privacy rights, several management

          problems remain. A new field would need to be added in the

          computer program to flag the patron record. Verification of

          the identity as a faculty member for persons seeking access

          to circulation records could also pose problems. A case in

          point occurred in Texas when the State's Bureau of

          Investigation asked for the circulation records showing all

          long-term delinquent faculty. The library there

          successfully denied access to these records.  Complete

          waivers to privacy by some faculty and no waivers from

          others poses major problems in such a case. Under present

          library policy, if a book is recalled, it is supposed to be

          returned within 14 days. There is no penalty for

          non-compliance. Two years ago, the committee discussed a

          similar issue. A study showed 10% of the faculty population

          had overdue books. The library felt there were actions that

          could be taken (such as notifying department heads about

          faculty who were uncooperative in honoring library policy),

          rather than imposing fines. P. Gherman stated that an

          impending new release of VTLS is going to precipitate a

          number of changes in the circulation and fines policy. The

          library requests that review of these changes be an agenda

          item for the next meeting, and perhaps the whole circulation

          system might be discussed at that time.  The Committee

          agreed to table the discussion until the next meeting.




          B. Foltin distributed handouts concerning: 1988-89 ARL

          Statistics showing median rankings of ARL libraries, VPI's

          rankings in ARL statistics, and a listing of one week's

          current periodicals reshelving statistics for a sample of

          three call-number categories. The library is tracking every

          use of current periodicals from now until the end of the

          semester to obtain better information on periodicals use.

          The handout represents only three pages from the lengthy

          report being generated each week until the end of the

          semester. Although the ULC acknowledged a lack of precision

          which is associated with the methodology being used, members

          of the committee were generally pleased that some information

          was now being collected.


  The meeting was adjourned at  5:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be on

  April 4.

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