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October 3, 1990

  These  minutes were  approved  as submitted  at  the ULC  meeting on

  November 7, 1990.



                             October 3, 1990



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Office     Kara Goldberg, SGA

  William Cox, for Engineering            Ken McCleary, Human Resources

  Norman Dodl, Education                  J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Holly Ferguson, CSAC                    Robert Sismour, for GSA

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences             J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate

  Paul Gherman, Library



  Charles Litchfield, Library             Frances Painter, Library

  Paul Metz, Library                      John Straw, Library

  Melissa Obenhaus, Library



  John Bowen, Vet Med                     Michael Vorster, Engineering

  Arthur Keown, Business                  Roderick Young, Agriculture




  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m., and the minutes of

  the September meeting were approved as submitted. Those new

  members who had not been able to attend the September meeting were

  welcomed to the committee.






          A.   Update: impact of budget reductions (P. Gherman):


               In the first round of budget cuts, the library lost 12

               positions, however, these were positions that had not

               been filled in some time with the salary savings being

               used to supplement the operations budget. The Provost

               gave the library $250,000 in new operations funds, so

               the library came out even. Also the new initiative of

               $404,000 for book funds did go through for the  first

               year of the biennium.


               In the second round the library lost $110,000 of

               operating money. The impact of this cut is that

               $30,000 has been cut from the wage budget (5% of the

               library wage money), $30,000 taken from the equipment

               fund, and $50,000 from the book budget. However, this

               $50,000 was carried in the operating budget to pay for

               ILL and electronic databases. Those funds have been

               shifted to the materials line of the budget, which

               reduced the operations budget by $110,000.  The shift

               makes it clear that these expenses for Ill and

               electronic information are still part of the

               acquisitions of information, just as buying a book

               would be.  The library has come through the cuts

               rather well, and owes a debt of gratitude to the

               President and the Provost for recognizing the

               library's situation and affording the library as much

               protection as possible.


               The library has lost the new initiative funding of

               $303,000 for books for the second year of the

               biennium. With the rate of inflation in serials the

               loss of this funding means that the library will have

               to undertake a cut of serials next year.


          B.   Strategic Planning (P. Gherman):


               Susan Jurow, Director of the Office of Management

               Services, Association of Research Libraries, who

               attended the last committee meeting will be sending a

               report to the Director on the issues identified in her

               meetings with campus groups, and it will be shared

               with the committee. The library will invite her to

               return (probably in January) for a second round of

               focus group meetings based on the findings from her

               first visit. After her meetings with the focus groups

               a task force will be appointed to write a first draft

               of a long-range plan for the library, which will be

               circulated for faculty reactions.


          C.   New books list (P. Gherman):


               The library will begin distributing a new books list

               to all departments on a monthly basis. The list will

               be in call number order. This service will be free to

               departments only for the first couple of months.

               After that it will be available electronically and

               available in paper form at a cost to departments which

               has not yet been determined. The program which

               produces this list cannot separate out the older books

               which have been recataloged, but the great majority

               the list will be new books.


          D.   Collection development (P. Metz):


               On the monographic side of the book budget it has been

               possible to move an additional $45,000 to firm orders

               (any orders not on a recurring basis). These funds

               will help make up for deficiencies in monographic

               purchases in the past.


          E.   Departmental Profiles Project (P. Metz):


               The bibliographers will be compiling departmental

               profiles in their areas of responsibility. Librarians

               buy on their own initiative many more books for their

               disciplines than just those requested by teaching

               faculty. The librarians need to have a very keen

               sense of the mission, plans, and scope of each

               department, so that purchase decisions are based on an

               intelligent and informed knowledge of departmental

               needs. The project will begin with a three-way

               interview among the librarian, the departmental

               library representative, and the department head.

               After that each faculty member will be asked to

               complete a brief, two-page questionnaire. The profile

               drawn from this information will be reviewed by each

               department to make sure the librarian has accurately

               reflected the departments needs. The library has not

               done a profile in a very long time. It is an

               extremely valuable tool and hopefully there will be a

               good response and cooperation from the faculty.






          Dean Hooper wrote to P. Gherman asking that graduate

          students be accorded the same library privileges as faculty

          and in a related matter asked that the privileges extended

          to state resident spouses be extended to those who are not

          Virginia residents.


          P. Gherman: These questions may be a non-issue. At present

          the length of loan to graduate students is the same as that

          to faculty, and the number of books allowed to be checked

          out is the same. The library does charge fines to graduate

          students and not to faculty.


          R. Sismour: Dr. Hooper expressly said he is not interested

          in having the fines removed.


          P. Gherman: According to the head of the User Services

          Department, if out-of-state student spouses can prove that

          they are currently resident in Blacksburg or close by, the

          library will lend them books at the same level as general

          library patrons. The current policy for both graduate

          students and faculty members is a 100-book limit for 90-day

          check out, with up to four renewals. General patrons may

          check out for two weeks with up to four renewals.


          N. Dodl: The matter seems to be resolved as one of

          information sharing. Unless the committee hears otherwise,

          the University Library Committee will assume the information

          has been sent back by the GSA representative.


     II.  Demonstration of enhancements to VTLS


          Charles Litchfield, Head of Database Administration, and

          Melissa Obenhaus joined the committee at this time to

          conduct a demonstration of some enhancements to VTLS.

          Committee members were shown how to use a command which

          gives access to the main database plus three test databases:

          one for government documents, a Wilson Database of Applied

          Sciences and Technology (being tested for VTLS), and the

          library's normal test database used for reviewing all new

          releases and updates to the VTLS database, where key word

          searching is now being tested. There are many related

          factors associated with this capability, and the library is

          moving ahead cautiously. Members were encouraged to use

          test databases and to contact Mr. Litchfield with any



  The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

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