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September 6, 1990


                            September 6, 1990



  John Bowen, Vet Medicine                Arthur Keown, Business

  Norman Dodl, Education                  J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Holly Ferguson, CSAC                    J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate

  Paul Gherman, Library                   Roderick Young,  Agr. & Life




  Shirley Glazener, Library               Frances Painter, Library

  Paul Metz, Library                      John Straw, Library

  Susan Jurow, ARL



  Sharon Brusic, GSA                      Kara Goldberg, SGA

  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost Rep.         Ken McCleary, Human Resources

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences             Michael Vorster, Engineering




  The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m.  New committee  members

  were introduced  and the meeting  time and frequency  were agreed on

  for  this semester.   The remainder of the  meeting time was devoted

  to Susan Jurow.








          The committee members  agreed to  meet at 4:00  p.m. on  the

          first  Wednesday of  each month in  the Library's  6th floor

          board room.






          A.   Budget


               The library has not had any final word on the budget.

               The $404,000 additional allocation for books may be

               safe for this year, but there is some indication that

               it is in danger for next year. If so, it would mean

               substantial cuts in serials next year. There is no

               confirmation of this as yet.


          B.   Space


               Library space needs are receiving attention.  P.

               Gherman and a number of others met with the Provost

               about a new storage building.  Also, the university is

               considering remodeling the North Quad for office

               facilities. There is a possibility that under that

               plan the library will have Shultz Dining Hall for

               additional library space. There will be a feasibility

               meeting next week with architects who must first

               determine whether the building can carry the weight of

               the books. This would be very advantageous for the

               library, but even if it were to work out it is years





          P. Gherman introduced Susan Jurow, Director of the Office of

          Management Services of the Association of Research

          Libraries. She was invited to be a consultant to the

          library in preparing for the strategic planning effort the

          library will undertake during this academic year. The last

          strategic plan for the library was prepared in 1985/86, and

          the new planning endeavor will set library goals for the

          next five years. The planning effort will look at issues

          such as: where the library is going, is it offering the

          correct services, what could it do better, how could it be

          done better, is it organized in the right way to do it, how

          should it deal with the problems of inflation and serials,

          collection size and space, etc.


          Ms. Jurow's purpose in a day-long series of meetings with

          various groups was to hear what issues the library's

          constituent groups feel are most important. Her report to

          the library will synthesize what she heard.


          Ms. Jurow first asked members how they see themselves as

          library users, and how long the members had served on the

          University Library Committee. Ms. Jurow next asked what the

          members felt was a major library issue that the committee

          had dealt with in the past. Some of the issues mentioned by

          the members were: branch libraries and whether there should

          be branches at other university centers; what provision

          should be made for library support for distance learners and

          what impact that would have on the main campus library; the

          last reorganization and the controversy surrounding some of

          the changes.  Ms. Jurow then asked what is important to

          members now, and what do they see as issues for the future.

          Members mentioned a desire for more automation to allow use

          of the library from the office; the need for more databases

          on magnetic tapes for use in Business and other fields; the

          possibility of serials cancellation given the current budget

          situation and how those choices would be made, especially

          the concern of faculty about the procedure and equity among

          disciplines when making cuts; the status of VTLS and the

          need for a mainframe engine to access CD-ROMs.  This last

          issue involves serious problems of licensing and

          simultaneous access, as well as the great cost involved.


          If budget permits Ms. Jurow will return to meet with focus

          groups from the faculty to discuss identified issues. She

          will then report to the library on the results of the focus

          groups, and those reports will be turned into a draft of a

          strategic plan that will be disseminated for faculty

          reaction.  Hopefully, by the late next spring the library

          will have some consensus of where it should be headed over

          the next five years.


  The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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