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April 3, 1991

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on May 1.



                              April 3, 1991



  John Bowen, Vet Med                Kara Goldberg, SGA

  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off.  Francis  Kwansa, Human  Resources

  (for Norman Dodl, Education           K. McCleary)

  Holly Ferguson, CSAC                J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate

  Paul Gherman, Library               Rod Young, Ag. & Life Sciences



  Shirley Glazener, Library           Frances Painter, Library

  Paul Metz, Library                  John Straw, Library



  Arthur Keown, Business              Michael Vorster, Engineering

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources       Karen Watson, GSA




  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. The minutes of the

  March meeting were approved as submitted. The committee voted to

  create a Computer and Access Task Force.


  At the last meeting W. Winstead said that the University

  administration expected to receive an answer from Richmond by March

  15 on the budget submission for capital outlay projects. E. Fox

  asked that it be put on this agenda so that the information could

  be shared.






       Capital Outlay Projects: P. Gherman has not received any

       information on the Richmond response to the capital outlay

       proposals. The chair asked P. Gherman to pursue an answer and

       inform ULC members by PROFs note as soon as information was



       Library Computer Upgrade (S. Glazener): The library has placed

       an order for the upgrade of the HP computer. The order was for

       a field upgrade of the CPU from the HP 3000 series 950 to a

       series 960 (roughly twice the CPU power of the present

       machine), additional memory, and additional connections to

       expand the number of available ports.


       E. Fox distributed copies of a letter he prepared concerning

       the computer upgrade and addressed to members of the University

       Library Committee (see attached). The  purpose of the  letter

       was to encourage discussion so that committee members would

       clearly understand, and be able to explain, the reasons for a

       $200,000 computer purchase at this time. The experience of the

       library has been that $200,000 to $250,000 is needed each year

       to keep the computer capability at the necessary level to allow

       access to the collection. This upgrade will expand access,

       allow the library to initiate the electronic check-in of

       journals, bring up the reserve and acquisition subsystem

       modules, and give acceptable response time.


       Budget (P. Gherman): The administration will probably ask all

       university units for a plan to cut another 6.5% from the

       budget. That would be in the range of $550,000 for the library

       and would have a substantial impact on library services and

       mean a cut in the materials budget.


       Organization: F. Painter, Assistant Director of Libraries for

       Personnel and Public Services is appointing a task force to

       study establishing a separate science and technology reference

       department within the library. The library will have a draft

       report for the committee at the next meeting.


       Serials Review (P. Metz): The project is proceeding as

       scheduled. The original deadline may need to be put back a

       week. The academic departments are to be commended for their

       understanding of the problem and for their cooperation.






            This motion was tabled at the February and March meetings

            for further information. N. Dodl, P. Gherman, and E. Fox

            prepared and distributed a statement of what the task

            force would be expected to accomplish. The statement is

            divided into Purpose, Goals, and Scope (see attached).

            The task force would have about 8 members, would report to

            the University Library Committee, and would prepare a

            progress report by November of this year and a draft

            report by March 1992. The committee voted unanimously to

            create the Computer and Access Task Force. E. Fox will

            serve as chair. The people suggested as potential members

            have not been contacted and will be announced after

            appointments have been made. The deliberations of the

            task force will be central to the direction of the library

            and contribute to the university's overall planning process.




            "Information Systems in 1996: a Vision", a rough draft

            from the ad hoc drafting committee, was distributed to the

            committee to consider and critique. The document to some

            extent grows out of the university's larger planning

            document. It will be studied by the Computer Committee,

            the Communications Committee, and ULC, and it is expected

            and hoped that the three committees can reach agreement on

            the document and put it forward at the university level.

            ULC members were asked to study the document carefully,

            solicit comments from colleagues, and be prepared to

            discuss it at length at the next meeting.


  The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m. The last meeting of the

  year will be on Wednesday, May 1.

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