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December 11, 1991

  These minutes were approved with one correction at the ULC meeting

  on January 15, 1992.

  (The reference "while Dr. Roselle was Vice President" should be




                            December 11, 1991



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's OfficeJ. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Norm Dodl, Education                Martha Rose, CSAC

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Paul Gherman, Library               Cortney Vargo, GSA

  Megan Hilt, SGA                     James Yardley, Business

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering        Rodney Young, Ag. & Life


  Ken McCleary, Human Resources



  Joanne Eustis, Library              Bruce Obenhaus, Library

  Glenn McMullen, Library             Frances Painter, Library

  Paul Metz, Library



  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate




  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.  The November minutes

  were approved as submitted.  The proposed policy resolution on

  archiving University publications was tabled until the January

  meeting.  There was discussion about attachments to the minutes

  which are sent to University Council, and further discussion about

  the library's reporting structure within the university.




       Newspaper Index: In the Profs system, under University

       Information and then under the Library, there is a new

       newspaper database, which indexes over 37,000 articles from

       Spectrum, the Roanoke Times, and other local newspapers,

       dealing with Tech people and events.  Type in any keyword to

       use the system, which indexes words from headlines and titles.

       The system gives citations for articles.

       New Books List:  The New Books List, which contains the past

       month's cataloged titles, is currently being tested within the

       library.  It should be available in about a month.  You can

       enter on approximately 50 menu entries, or you can enter the

       call number stream at any point desired.







            The revised proposal, now written in standard university

            policy format, was distributed.  G. McMullen explained

            that the library currently receives approximately 75 to 80

            percent of all university publications; the problem for

            the library is the 20 to 25 percent we do not receive.  We

            are sent everything printed by the Tech Print Shop.  The

            policy requests departments to send to the library copies

            of official publications produced under their imprint, but

            which are printed somewhere other than the Print Shop.


            A committee member asked that time be allowed for him to

            solicit comments from his college's library committee.  A

            motion to table until the next meeting was passed.





            N. Dodl informed the committee that the University Council

            may place on their agenda the question of whether

            attachments to minutes should be included with the minutes

            sent to them.  In some instances, attachments have been

            included for informational purposes; more often, not.

            Consensus of the committee was again that we will continue

            as before until a policy change requires otherwise.  Some

            additional comments from members of the ULC: 1) if

            required, it should become a formal policy, and apply to

            all committees' minutes; 2) many items shared with

            committees are not ready for distribution. They are works

            in progress. Therefore, if required, only final documents

            should be submitted; 3) a suggestion that attachments be

            kept in a notebook available to anyone interested in

            seeing them.



            (N. Dodl):


            Dr. Carlisle has agreed to meet with N. Dodl and another

            committee member to discuss, on an informational basis,

            the library's reporting structure within the university;

            however, a meeting time has not yet been set.


            At the last meeting, a request was made for information on

            the position of the library faculty regarding the

            reporting and governance structure.  In response, the

            President of the Library Faculty Association distributed

            two 1989 memorandums (sent by the Library Faculty

            Association to the Task Force on University Council,

            Commissions, and Committees), and a current memorandum

            addressed to ULC.  A majority of library faculty, then and

            now, favor having the library report to the Provost.  This

            introduced further discussion about tenured, as opposed to

            continued appointment status.  Within the university, both

            contain similar protections and security. A greater

            emphasis is placed on service in the guidelines for

            continued appointment.  Library faculty promotion and

            continued appointment are considered by the Provost and a

            special committee as are other extra-collegiate faculty,

            such as those in extension.  This is a peripheral issue to

            the question of reporting structure.  The ULC is not at

            this time pursuing any change in the current reporting

            structure nor in the status of library faculty.


            It was suggested that future discussion of the reporting

            structure address five areas of concern: 1) the governance

            structure, 2) how a change in reporting structure would

            affect the search for, and the position of, Vice President

            for Information Systems, 3) how the library relates to the

            colleges, to the technical units on campus, and to

            administrative units, 4) does where the library fits in

            the organization of the university affect its funding, and

            5) to whom should the University Librarian report.  The

            first of these questions is already resolved; the library

            will report to the Commission on Research in the new

            governance structure.  Point 3 will be put on an early



            Further discussion reviewed recent history of the

            library's place in the reporting structure.  While Dr.

            Roselle was Vice President, the University Librarian

            participated in the Dean's Council, but that was not

            continued after Dr. Heterick became Vice President.

            Lacking that forum, some members question whether or not

            the library has a clear communication link with the

            academic units on campus, especially in the planning

            process, where library support is expected for academic

            programs.  This is perceived by some as a limitation of

            the current system.


            The ULC will continue its discussions and hopes to

            formulate a position and/or recommendations within the

            next two or three months.


  The meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m.  The January meeting will be on

  the third Wednesday, January 15, 1992.

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