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May 1, 1991

        These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

  September 11, 1991.



                                 May 1, 1991



    John Bowen, Vet Med                 Arthur Keown, Business

    Norm Dodl, Education                Ken McCleary, Human Resources

    Holly Ferguson, CSAC                Michael Vorster, Engineering

    Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Karen Watson, GSA

    Paul Gherman, Library               Rod Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

    Len Hatfield (for J.D.Stahl)



    Paul Metz, Library                  John Straw, Library

    Frances Painter, Library



    Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's OfficeJ. Scott Poole, Architecture

    Kara Goldberg, SGA                  J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate




    The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.  Minutes of the April

    meeting were approved as submitted. No formal actions were taken at

    the meeting, which is the last meeting for this academic year.  The

    next meeting will be in September.




         LIBRARY ANNOUNCEMENTS (P. Gherman):


         Capital Outlay Projects: There is nothing to report at this

         time.  W. Winstead still has not heard anything from Richmond.


         Language Lab: In a meeting with the Provost, Dean Doswald, and

         C. Eustis, Head of the Foreign Language Department, it was

         decided to move the language lab to the library.  The move will

         free space and personnel in Foreign Languages, and allow

         increased utilization of library equipment without significant

         impact on the work load of Media Center personnel.  The

         equipment trust fund, which can only be used for instructional

         purposes, may provide some money for any additional equipment

         the library could use for the program.


         Scholarly Communications Project: P. Gherman, R. Heterick, E.

         Blythe, and L. Savage are holding ongoing discussions about

         moving the Scholarly Communications Project, currently under

         the auspices of the Print Plant, to the library.  The project

         is beginning a publishing effort on campus.  Currently, they

         publish and hold the copyright to the International Journal of

         Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis (a paper journal),

         and have also begun an electronic journal, The Journal of the

         International Academy of Hospitality Research.  Although no

         final decision has been made, it seems increasingly likely that

         the project will be moved to the library.  The paper journal is

         paid for by subscription, with a circulation of about 450.  The

         project is currently losing about $20,000 a year on the paper

         journal, but L. Savage believes improvements can be made within

         a year or so.  The library would not be responsible for past

         deficits, but would be responsible for any deficits in the

         future.  One method of dealing with the serials pricing problem

         is for libraries to support the development of the electronic

         journal, even if this is at a loss in the beginning.  The

         assumption is that, if all universities sponsor electronic

         journals, ultimately we would be receiving electronic journals

         from other institutions in a free sharing of information.  The

         current project losses represent 2/100 of 1% of the current

         library budget; the library should be risk takers for the

         future for at least that much.  The library also plans to apply

         for grant funding to help support the project.  By fall the

         library will develop a policy statement, which includes some

         parameters and projections for the future of the project.


         P. Gherman briefly informed committee members about an

         experimental program sponsored by Elsevier Publishers.  For a

         period of three years, fifteen libraries will receive scanned

         images of the journals published by Elsevier in the field of

         materials science.  It would amount to about 50,000 pages over

         the three years.  There are many problems to be resolved before

         the library will reach a decision about participating in the

         program.  However, if the library does participate, some of the

         technology used in this program will be useful in developing

         the electronic journal.





         REFERENCE DESK (F. Painter):


         A task force was formed to consider the advantages and

         disadvantages of establishing a separate science reference

         department.  The separate department structure would be for

         supervision of public services; science librarians' collection

         development responsibilities would continue to be supervised by

         P. Metz.  The task force found that the major advantage of a

         separate department centers around having a visible head for

         science reference within the library, and would be largely

         invisible outside the library.  The disadvantages centered on

         loss of the benefits of a centralized group of support staff

         and on the duplication of some basic reference services, such

         as bibliographic instruction and electronic reference.  The

         task force concentrated on administrative and budgetary

         concerns.  In a time of budget constraints there would be two

         departments competing within the library for the same money.

         F. Painter asked committee members for feedback from the

         patrons point of view.  The decision needs to be made rather

         quickly, as the library has lost two science librarians, and by

         fall must recruit for either an entry level librarian or for a

         department head.  Committee members expressed very little

         strong opinion one way or another.


         F. Painter also informed the committee that the shelfload was

         near capacity on the third floor.  The library will consider

         options for reducing third floor shelfload by either shifting

         some current periodicals or splitting the literature

         collection.  One option is to move the science periodicals to

         the fourth floor.  The committee felt this impending materials

         shift more directly affected patrons, and asked that the

         library develop a method for outlining the options and asking

         for feedback from faculty.






         N. Dodl asked committee members if they could report any

         feedback on the document from their colleagues.  Some comments

         the members reported were: the document should refer to

         undergraduate and graduate students, it is difficult to

         consider the statement without considering costs, it should be

         more clearly defined as a vision statement, not a directive or

         policy statement.  There was general agreement among ULC

         members that the greatest concern about the document was in the

         portion dealing with future methods of instruction.  The

         document seems to de-emphasize personal contact between student

         and professor to a degree which many faculty found

         objectionable.  In the fall, representatives from ULC, the

         Computer Committee, and the Communications Committee plan to

         rewrite the report as a statement which will be presented to

         the faculty senate.


    Before adjournment, N. Dodl, ULC Chair, thanked the members for

    their attendance and participation, especially those at the end of

    their three-year term on the committee.  The next meeting will be

    in September and the meeting time will be announced early in the


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