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September 11, 1991

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

  October 9, 1991.



                           September 11, 1991



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Office J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Norm Dodl, Education                Martha Rose, CSAC

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Paul Gherman, Library               Cortney Vargo, GSA

  Megan Hilt, SGA                     James Yardley, Business

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering        Rod Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources



  Debbie Averhart, Library            Paul Metz, Library

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Bruce Obenhaus, Library

  Shirley Glazener, Library           Frances Painter

  Don Kenney, Library                 Linda Richardson

  Buddy Litchfield, Library



  J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate




  The meeting was called to order at 4:05p.m. The May minutes were

  approved as submitted. New members were welcomed and the meeting

  time was set for the second Wednesday of each month during this







       Restructured Organization of Library: Two organizational charts

       were sent in advance of the meeting: a management chart showing

       heads of units within the library who serve on the University

       Library Executive Council and report directly to the University

       Librarian, and a functional chart showing their areas of

       responsibility. This is a flatter organization than the former

       structure and expands the number of people on the University

       Libraries Executive Council and brings the University Librarian

       into closer contact with those who manage library functions.

       The ULC invited all members of the Library Executive Council to

       attend the committee meetings, however, their attendance is not



       Mission and Goals Task Force Report: The University Libraries

       Mission and Goals statement was distributed in advance of the

       meeting. The statement has been reviewed by the Library

       Faculty Association and Library Staff Association.  The

       missions and goals document replaces an earlier one, and seeks

       to reflect the changing library world, where access to

       information will be an increasingly important part of library

       operations. It also places emphasis on service.


       Space Issues Update: The architectural firm of Glave Newman and

       Anderson is working on the pre-planning for a high-density

       storage facility. The plan is to be submitted to Richmond by

       early October. The building will probably be located on the

       airport site, will cost about 1.7 million, and house 1 million

       volumes and 10-20 thousand boxes of manuscripts. University

       Records may be a co-tenant of the building.  Temperature and

       humidity controls will assure that stored materials are housed

       at the highest standard of preservation. If the state approves

       construction, the library hopes to have the building within two

       years. The facility will serve storage needs for ten years,

       and will be designed for the addition of new modules.  It also

       appears likely that the library will get the bookstore building

       when a new bookstore is built. The space will probably be used

       for undergraduate services, to expand study space, and for

       operations such as the library business department.

       Report on the Serials Review Project (P. Metz):  The serials

       review project was completed this summer.  Dr. Metz reviewed

       the project methodology for new committee members. The project

       resulted in 1,255 serial cancellations which produced savings

       of $305,000.  About 15% of canceled titles were duplicates,

       representing 5% of the dollar savings. Many other cuts came in

       lightly used journals that were marginal to the university's

       programs, or from scientific journals that were extremely

       expensive. Canceled subscriptions included some key reference

       sets, documentary sources, or statistical files, as well as a

       number of respected but highly priced print journals or

       proceedings. This was a severe cut that damaged the library's

       standing as a research library. During the 80s the library's

       standing among research libraries had already fallen to the

       89th place in serials holdings. The decline will accelerate as

       a result of this year's cuts. The library will have about 70%

       of last year's funds for purchases this year. The library

       continues to work with the university on the library budget

       and, on the state level, is working with the Library Advisory

       Committee to SCHEV. Committee members were encouraged to talk

       to colleagues about the library budget, and to consider whether

       the committee should write to the university president to

       express the committee's concern.


       Report on upgrade of the HP and projected move to the Computing

       Center (B. Litchfield): The library is working with M.

       Williams, Director of the Computing Center, on a letter of

       agreement to delineate shared responsibilities when the HP

       computer is moved from the library to the center.  Remote

       access from campus offices will not be affected by the move.

       Two library positions may move to the center to  help run the

       system. The Computing Center will assume the expense for

       upgrades to the system, thereby freeing money in the library

       budget. The library will retain responsibility for all

       internal wiring and connections, the database and VTLS software

       applications. If all points in the letter of agreement are

       successfully negotiated in time, the move will occur over the

       Christmas break.


  The meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm. The next meeting will be on

  October 9, 1991.


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