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April 8, 1992

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the September 16 ULC meeting.



                              April 8, 1992



  Earving Blythe, (Provost's Office)  J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      Martha Rose, CSAC

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Cortney Vargo, GSA

  Megan Hilt, SGA                     James Yardley, Business

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering        Rodney Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources (Chaired for N. Dodl)



  Debbie Averhart, Library            Bruce Obenhaus, Library

  Paul Metz, Library                  Frances Painter, Library



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off.   Norm Dodl, Education




  The committee first met in the Media Center for a tour of the

  facility.  The regular meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m.

  The March minutes were approved as submitted.  The committee agreed

  to cancel the May meeting unless there were important agenda items.

  If a meeting is necessary, it will be on the first Wednesday, May

  6, rather than on the second.  A motion was adopted that a letter

  be written in support of the library's budget request.




       LIBRARY BUDGET PRESENTATION (J. Eustis and P. Metz)


       J. Eustis and P. Metz presented the overview of the library

       needs that they had previously presented to the Council of

       Deans and the Budget Advisory Committee.

       J. Eustis began with general remarks about the role of the

       library within the university and the current state of several

       critical library services.  Major changes taking place in

       research libraries, such as escalating serials costs and the

       shift from print to electronic format, will impact the

       libraries' ability to provide adequate support for the

       university's academic programs.  Although the library has lost

       8 faculty positions (a 15% reduction) and is holding 3 more

       faculty positions and 10 classified positions, it has managed

       to remain open the same number of hours and maintain the same

       level of services as in the past.  However, library services

       must inevitably begin to suffer as demand continues to increase

       without commensurate growth in staff.  For instance,

       circulation of media materials increased almost 20% and use of

       reserve media increased 30% during 1990/91.  Requests for

       interlibrary loan service totaled 11,000 in 1990/91, an

       increase of 7% over the previous year, and ILL filled 18,000

       requests--a 10% increase.  Technical service areas such as the

       Cataloging Department, have been affected as well.  All of this

       is occurring at a time when the library will be expected to

       expand access to new technology and  collections will still

       need to be maintained.


       P. Metz talked about the library materials budget and presented

       overheads to illustrate the University Libraries decline in ARL

       rankings, relative to other research libraries.  The statistical

       indicators of this decline were presented in relationship to three

       different domains.  First, in relationship to the publishing

       universe; in 1985/86 our monographs were the equivalent of 40% of

       US academic books published that year and serials were 19% of all

       serials; in 89/90, our monographs matched 22% of US academic

       books, and we had 16% of serials.  Second, in relationship to

       university growth, especially in research; in the past five years

       graduate enrollment has grown 21%, sponsored research projects

       increased 11%, and faculty positions increased 12%, while volumes

       added have declined 15%.  Third, in relationship to our peers; in

       1980 we were 42nd in the ARL in volumes added, 41st in serials;

       we are now 75th in volumes added, 74th in serials. Among the 20

       institutions in our SCHEV-designated peer group, we are 17th in

       materials expenditures and volumes added, and 18th in serials.

       The presentation outlined the libraries' needs in serials,

       monographs, miscellaneous costs, advanced technology and document

       delivery, and supported the case made to the Budget Advisory

       Committee for a $5,300,000 library materials budget request for







       The discussion began by referring to the preceding budget

       presentation, in particular how committee members might help

       the process of securing a greater level of funding for the

       library.  The response was that members communicate to their

       colleagues the idea that the library should be perceived not as

       in competition with the colleges, but as equally deserving of

       consideration in the budgeting process.  The University

       Librarian intends to meet individually with ULC members during

       the summer, and will try to develop more specific ideas about

       possible committee outreach to the campus community in support

       of library goals.  The committee role will continue to be an

       agenda item in the fall.


       A motion was passed to have N. Dodl write to the Provost, on

       behalf of the University Library Committee, endorsing the

       library's budget request.


  The committee will meet in May if there are any agenda items.  The

  meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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