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February 12, 1992

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the March 18, 1992, ULC




                            February 12, 1992



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off.   J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      Martha Rose, CSAC

  Norm Dodl, Education                Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Cortney Vargo, GSA

  Megan Hilt, SGA                     James Yardley, Business

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering        Rodney Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources



  Debbie Averhart, Library            Don Kenney, Library

  Earving Blythe, VP/Information Sys. Buddy Litchfiled, Library

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Bruce Obenhaus, Library



  Paul Gherman, Library




  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.  The January minutes

  were approved as submitted.






       N. Dodl and E. Fox met with Provost Carlisle on January 30.

       Dr. Carlisle was asked to share his perceptions of the most

       appropriate place for the library within the university

       administrative structure.  He expressed his support for the

       current reporting structure (the University Librarian reports

       to the Vice President for Information Systems).  However, Dr.

       Carlisle also expressed a willingness to consider other

       reporting structures.  He is also open to discussing alternate

       classifications for library faculty.  In general, Dr. Carlisle

       appeared to be very supportive of the University Libraries.  He

       believes that the library has fared well in this time of severe

       budget cutbacks.




       At the January meeting there was preliminary discussion about

       changing the fine rates/lost book charges based on a library

       task force report and recommendations.  Before discussing the

       four recommendations made in the report, J. Eustis first asked

       committee members about faculty response to the question of

       instituting fines for faculty and staff.  Some committee

       members reported that their colleagues had expressed a desire

       to continue the no-fine policy for faculty, staff, and proxy

       borrowers.  However, committee members strongly supported a

       fine for all borrowers who refuse to return recalled books.  It

       was felt that this behavior should carry a stringent penalty.


       Recommendation 1 was that the normal overdue book fine should

       be raised from 10 to 25 cents per day, with a ceiling of $10.

       The increase is sought primarily as additional incentive for

       the return of overdue books.  It would have the secondary

       effect of raising library revenue slightly.  Some members of

       college library committees had expressed concern about another

       student fee being raised.  A committee member pointed out that

       this is not an imposed fee and is entirely under the control of

       the student.


       Recommendation 3 outlined options for increasing the lost

       book/processing fee charges.  The discussion focused largely on

       fees for loss of out-of-print books.

       Concern was expressed about books in open stack areas which

       have become very valuable.  Committee members were asked to

       encourage their colleagues to report any valuable books found

       in the stacks to their subject area bibliographer so that

       measures may be taken for their protection, such as placing

       these books in special collections or reserve.  J. Eustis was

       asked to prepare an outline for the next meeting summarizing

       what she understood to be the consensus of this discussion so

       that the committee could decide whether or not to endorse the

       recommendations at the March meeting.






       E. Blythe announced that on March 1, Paul Gherman will assume a

       new position as Special Assistant to the Interim Vice President

       for Information Systems.  He will coordinate several projects

       to develop access to network information and electronic

       publications.  His work will include strategic planning for the

       development of the "electronic village" project.  If

       successful, this project will involve the creation of an

       institute or center to manage development of the "electronic

       village", with joint participation by the university, the town

       of Blacksburg, and companies interested in investing venture

       capital in the project.


       On March 1, 1992, Joanne D. Eustis will become Interim

       University Librarian.  J. Eustis is currently Chief of the

       Access Services Division of the library.  Mr. Blythe expressed

       confidence in Ms. Eustis's ability to do an outstanding job as

       Interim University Librarian.  There will be a national search

       conducted; however, it is probable that Ms. Eustis will be in

       the position for at least a year.


  The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

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